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"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be." -- Thomas Jefferson, 1816.

Albert Einstein once said "Small is the number of people who see with their eyes and think with their minds."

Bertrand Russell 1953; "Education should aim at destroying free will, so that, after pupils have left school, they shall be incapable, throughout the rest of their lives, of thinking or acting otherwise than as their schoolmasters would have wished."

What is the Best and Safest Investment? FOOD

Pope Benedict XVI Slams Eugenics & the NWO & says it is your DUTY to PROTEST

Exclusive: Government Activating FEMA Camps Across U.S.

Leaked U.S. Army Document Outlines Plan For Re-Education        2012

Document: Army Preparing to Use Lethal Force Against “Unarmed Civilians” During “Full Scale Riots” in U.S.     8-2014

The First Global Revolution : Club Of Rome : Free Download            read page 75

World War 3 A Foregone Conclusion?

Campaign to clean up Seattle & Washington's Water supply   1/13


Debt, defaults, devaluations: This crash like nothing seen before

The Chart Of Doom: When Private Credit Stops Expanding

Chicago Exchange Being Sold to Chinese

…Half a Million Fewer Native-Born Americans Had Jobs in January

Bye-bye Internet bubble 2.0

Citi: World trapped in 'death spiral'

Confirmed: Iowa Democratic Party Flipped Delegates to Clinton               2/8

22 Signs That The Global Economic Turmoil We Have Seen So Far In 2016 Is Just The Beginning

World's Biggest Containership "Hard Aground" As Baltic Dry Crashes Below 300 For First Time Ever

The War On Savers And The 200 Rulers Of World Finance

Have Stocks Priced In A Recession? (Spolier Alert: Not Even Close)                   2/5

The Continuing Demonization Of Cash

Global Deflation Alert—Exxon Faces First Ratings Downgrade In 86 Years

"It's Probably Nothing": January Truck Orders Collapse 48%

Is It Time To Panic About Deutsche Bank?


Help take down Monsanto by boycotting these food products

Meet The World Leader Who Stole His Citizens' Gold          

German Journalist: News Agenda Set By Govt


So It Begins: Bloomberg Op-Ed Calls For An End Of Cash

Bring On the Cashless Future

What A Cashless Society Would Look Like

USA Falls From 6th Freest Economy to 11th

Secret Fed Docs Show Obama Misled Congress, Public During Debt Limit Crises

"This Is Much Larger Than Subprime" - Here Are The Legendary Hedge Funds Fighting The Chinese Central Bank

When Amazon warehouse workers complained of sore feet from walking too much, the company simply replaced them with 30,000 robots (and counting)

Global Trade Collapsed In January: Bellwether South Korea Exports Crash "Most Since Lehman" Under Obama               2/2

The Chinese Economy Is Sinking, Not Transitioning

Death Throes Of The Bull

Helicopter Money Arrives: Switzerland To Hand Out $2500 Monthly To All Citizens

PHOTO: American Tech Workers Defiant as GOP Lawmakers Push to Expand Foreign Labor Programs

REVEALED: The Big Brussels Cheques That Keep Britain’s Academics AND Newspaper Columnists Propagandising For EU Membership

The Bank Of Japan - Ringing In The Keynesian Endgame                     1/31

How The Rothschilds Made America Into Their Private Tax Fraud Backyard

Big investors are bailing out of stocks

25 Years Of Fed Fueled M&A - The Enabling Of A Banking Oligopoly

The Federal Reserve Just Made Another Huge Mistake

Robots will obliterate America's middle class and unleash mass unemployment, social chaos and global populist revolts

How The Current Sell-Off Stacks Up To All Previous Bear Markets


Capital Controls Are Coming             1/28

Norway's Biggest Bank Demands Cash Ban

Economic Activity Is Slowing Down Much Faster Than The Experts Anticipated

As of June 2008 no Wall Street banking house was predicting a recession, yet by then the Great Recession—–the worst economic downturn since the 1930s

Not "Off The Lows" - World Trade & Industrial Production Growth Near Post-Crisis Lows

Puerto Rico Is Greece, & These 5 States Are Next To Go

Don't Say You Weren't Warned (Again)

Sprint Fires 2500: 8% Of Its Entire Workforce

The American Dream (Of Institutionalized Serfdom)

Another $58 Mil for Failed “Green” Car Program                         1/26

Thousands of Americans Losing Jobs as Factories Shutter, Move to Mexico

Banking Cartel: JPMorgan CEO gets 35% pay raise to $27M amid cutbacks

The Market Is Bracing for a Global Recession

12 trigger events that could unleash economic collapse in the U.S

Davos Insider: World Economy Doomed, Central Banks ‘Out of Ammo’

World beware a global UN tax

Migrants bringing infectious diseases back to Europe: tuberculosis, diptheria and more

WashPost goes full retard, claims kale isn't healthy and there's no such thing as healthy food at all                            1/24

Collapse: Current Global Trade Slowdown Predicted 1987, 2008 Crashes

War On Cash Escalates: China Readies Digital Currency, IMF Says "Extremely Beneficial"

Global Stocks Enter Bear Market: One-Fifth Of All Worldwide Stock Market Wealth Is Already Gone

World Faces ‘Avalanche of Bankruptcies’

2016 Market Meltdown: We Have Never Seen A Year Start Quite Like This…

How a Further Fall in China's Yuan Could Shake the World

Gaddafi Was Killed To Stop Pan-African Currency                        1/22

Crash Risk & The Imminent Likelihood Of Recession

World faces 'wave of epic debt defaults'

Soon Comes The Deluge

And You Thought QE Was Over: The Fed Will Monetize Half Of This Year's U.S. Treasury Issuance

The Last 16 Times This Happened There Was A Recession

Italian Banks Collapse, Short Sales Banned As Loan Loss Fears Mount

Federal Reserve Manufactures Greater Recession End game: outlawing cash and total banker control

Francois Hollande Admits Socialist Policies Failed, Declares "Economic State Of Emergency"

Davos: Five Million Jobs Lost to AI/ Robots by 2020

China's Housing Is Recovering, Just Ignore The 10 Billion Square Feet Of Vacant Housing

Silicon Valley Tech Stocks: Worst Start in History                            1/20

The Financial Apocalypse Accelerates As Middle East Stocks Crash To Begin The Week

The Warmongers’ Brawl——How The GOP Is Deserting Free Markets, Sound Money And Fiscal Rectitude

Foreign Central Banks Furiously Dump US Treasuries: Record $47 Billion Sold In First Two Weeks Of 2016

Welcome To The New Normal: The Dow Crashes Another 390 Points And Wal-Mart Closes 269 Stores

Nomi Prins My Financial Road Map For 2016

Oil, War, & Drastic Global Change

Afghan Migrant Rapes Austrian Girl In Public Park, Sends Teen to Hospital          1/18

Lowest Ever: The Baltic Dry Index Plunges To 394 As Global Trade Grinds To A Standstill

Top U.S. banks have pledged customers' deposits as collateral for derivative gambling debts

Is This The Start: Regional Bank Tumbles After Admitting To Previously Underreserved Energy Loss

EXCLUSIVE: Massive Food Stamp Increase for Able-Bodied Adults Without Dependents

The Dow Falls Another 364 Points And We Are Now Down 2200 Points From The Peak Of The Market           

Before passing vaccine mandate, pro-eugenics California forcibly sterilized 20,000 Latina women ... Is that a microaggression?

Is Audit The Fed Dead?                    1/15

Royal Bank of Scotland cries 'sell everything' as deflationary crisis nears

The Financial Crisis Of 2016 Rolls On – China, Oil, Copper And Junk Bonds All Continue To Crash

The International War On Cash

The China Syndrome: The Coming Global Financial Meltdown

"Nothing Is Moving," Baltic Dry Crashes As Insiders Warn "Commerce Has Come To A Halt"

Pigs at the Trough: Rating Agencies as Corrupt as Ever

Record Numbers Of Retired Americans Are Working Part-Time Jobs

SHOPPING: China's Richest Man Eyes Bigger Deals After Hollywood Studio Purchase    1/13

Expert: 2016 As Bad As The Great Depression

In Q4 When 282,000 Average Jobs Were Supposedly Added, The Atlanta Fed Sees GDP At A Paltry 0.8%

Bear Market: The Average U.S. Stock Is Already Down More Than 20 Percent

China Contagion Spills Over To Hong Kong Banks As HIBOR Explodes To Record High, Stocks Tumble

Newsflash From The December ‘Jobs’ Report—–The US Economy Is Dead In The Water

China's Plunge Protection Team Bought Ą1.8 Trillion In Stocks In 2015              1/11

Stock Market Crash 2016: This Is The Worst Start To A Year For Stocks Ever

Are Central Banks Causing Market Volatility?

China Crash Goes Global

Chart Of The Day: Canadian Heavy Crude Falls To $19.81—–Down From $100 In 2011

"Nowhere To Hide" As Baltic 'Fried' Index Careens To Fresh Record Low

7 Percent Crash Causes Emergency Shutdown Of Stock Markets In China For The 2nd Time In 4 Days

Obama calls for $215 million to fund 'precision medicine' scam that will harvest and share Americans' private medical information with government

Trader Who Made 6,400% Since 1995 Throws In The Towel

It's Official: Bitcoin Was The Top Performing Currency Of 2015                  1/8

Asia stocks fall on China yuan, economy worries

Central Bank Money Printing - The Rotten Philosophy That Lies Beneath

The Shale Defaults Begin Here: Banks Quietly Shrink These 25 Companies' Credit Facilities

Nomi Prins; Financial Road Map For 2016

Nations of the world are drowning in debt, and a massive global avalanche of debt default is now imminent

China Crash: $28 Trillion Debt Load Forces Credit Crunch

Stock Markets All Over The World Crash As We Begin 2016      

BOMBSHELL: Leading climate scientist admits geoengineering 'experiment' is going on right now                       1/6

What Really Happened In 2015, And What Is Coming In 2016

Carmen Reinhart Warns "Serious Sovereign Debt Defaults" Are Looming

2015 Was The Worst Year For The Stock Market Since 2008

More Ominous Charts For 2016

HTTP Error 451 now adopted as global standard for web pages that are censored by governments

Meet The Secretive Group That Runs The World                               1/4

Financial Armageddon Approaches: U.S. Banks Have 247 Trillion Dollars Of Exposure To Derivatives

The Rise Of The Temp Economy: More U.S. Employers Than Ever Want A "Disposable Workforce"

Now Comes The Great Unwind—-How Evaporating Commodity Wealth Will Slam The Casino

The Bail-Ins Are Back! Portugal Slaps Senior Bank Bondholders With €2 Billion Loss

China Fires a Warning Shot at Yuan Speculators With Bank Bans

How the Government Held Back a Real Housing Market Recovery in 2015

FT: Why The Globalists Still Retain Upper Hand                         12/31

January 1, 2016: The New Bank Bail-In System Goes Into Effect In Europe

Dallas Fed Survey Crashes To June 2009 Lows, Warns "It Is Getting Ugly"

The Fed’s Rate Hike Hoax——There Is No Short Term Money Market

Debt distress level at highest since recession

The Cashless Society Cometh: European Nations Such As Sweden And Denmark Are ‘Eradicating Cash’ 

Amid Serious Crises Across the Globe, Ban Ki-moon Says He’s Spent Most ‘Time and Energy’ on Climate Change

Chicago Police Shoot, Kill Teen and 55-Year-Old Woman                             12/29

58 Facts About The U.S. Economy From 2015 That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe

In Sweden, Cash-Free Future Nears

'Betrayal': U.S. economy reeling from 2 disasters

Chinese State Firms' Debt Hits New All Time High, As Profits Tumble

Obama Outed As ISIS Architect By Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist              12/26

It’s Official: Over A Trillion Dollars A Year Will Be Added To The Debt During Obama’s Presidency


"Canadians Should Be Concerned" As Energy Sector Job Losses Spike To 100,000 This Year

‘I Hate Omnibus Bill’ But I Did It Anyway

Existing Home Sales Collapse - Worst November In History

CISA Is Now The Law: How Congress Quietly Passed The Second Patriot Act             12/23

Global Trade Snapshot - "The Pain Is Getting Worse"

GOP just committed financial suicide for America... $1.1 trillion spending bill is final blowout of a fiscally insane empire built on debt

Secrecy: Trillion-Dollar, 2000+ Page Spending Bill Written by Four Lawmakers, Many Lobbyists

Don't Hold Your Breath Waiting for a Wave of Defaults by American Commodity Companies

China Now Has So Much Bad Debt, It's Selling Soured Loans On Alibaba

The Global Economic Reset Has Begun

CISA Is Now The Law: How Congress Quietly Passed The Second Patriot Act          12/20

Freight Shipments Plummet as Inventory Glut Bites

How the U.S. auditing watchdog was defanged

Industrial Production Declines Most in 3.5 Years, Down Eighth Time in Ten Months

US Manufacturing PMI Plunges To Lowest Since 2012 As Factory Orders Collapse To 2009 Lows

2,009-Page, $1,205,146,000,000 Republican Spending Deal Allows Funding of Planned Parenthood

Google chairman calls on tech industry to regulate internet speech

Secret deal quadruples foreign workers in America                                   12/17

Foreigners Sell A Record $55.2 Billion In US Treasuries In October

Big Banks Caught Using Credit Default Swaps To Destroy Nations

Common Sense Declares "Something Far Worse Is At Work In The Economy"

Which Corporations Own The White House

China's Xi Defends Web Controls in Call for 'Cybersovereignty'

Chinese residents buying fresh air from Canada amid suffocating pollution      12/16

Sayonara Middle Class: 22 Stunning Pieces Of Evidence That Show The Middle Class In America Is Dying

China's Currency Continues To Tumble As AsiaPac Credit Markets Plunge, EM Stocks Lowest Since 2009

Report: Govt. Wastes Billions as National Debt. Approaches $19 Trillion

December 14th To 18th: A Week Of Reckoning For Global Stocks If The Fed Hikes Interest Rates?    

Syngenta mixed GMOs into US crops to force the world to accept untested biotechnology, lawsuit claims

Zuckerberg-Backed Immigration Bill Would Allow Unlimited Muslim Immigration     12/14

The Global Commodity Crash Tells Us That A Major Deflationary Financial Crisis Is Imminent

Retail Sales Growth Tumbles To Weakest In 6 Years As Auto Sales Drop

Sayonara Middle Class: 22 Stunning Pieces Of Evidence That Show The Middle Class In America Is Dying

China Has Officially Joined the Currency Wars

The Least Surprising Stat Of The Week: Corporate Insiders Are Dumping Their Stock

Warning: Half of Oil Junk Bonds Could Default

Insurance Giants Get Rich On ObamaCare

3 Wealthiest U.S. Counties Are Virginia Suburbs of D.C.

Dow, DuPont set $130 billion megamerger, could spark more deals      

Another 'gift' from Big Pharma: Drug-resistant stomach bug spreads across America    12/12

Guess What Happened The Last Time Junk Bonds Started Crashing Like This? Hint: Think 2008

Canada Just Warned That Negative Interest Rates Are Coming

Guess What Happened The Last Time The Price Of Oil Plunged Below 38 Dollars A Barrel?

China Fixes Yuan At Weakest Since August 2011 After 45th Consecutive Month Of Deflation                    12/9

JP Morgan And Citigroup Agree That The U.S. Economy Is Steamrolling Toward A Recession

Bloomberg Commodity Index Crashes To 16-Year Low - 22% Below 2009 Trough

Mind The Credit Markets: EM Debt Issuance Down 98% In Q3

More Chinese investment bankers go missing

Marine Le Pen Leads National Front To Stunning Poll Result

Thirteen Years at Guantanamo Over a Mistaken Identity

Trump Calls for ‘Complete Shutdown’ of Muslim Entry into U.S.A.             12/8

27 Major Global Stocks Markets That Have Already Crashed By Double Digit Percentages In 2015

These Ain’t Your Grandfather’s “Jobs”—–Why Friday’s Rip Should Be Sold

Running on financial fumes, the Obama Administration now planning on confiscating retirement accounts and pensions across the nation

GOP Legislators Push Plan That Could Replace Americans, Import 264,000 Foreign Workers

Largest health insurance company in America financially devastated by Obamacare ... May pull out completely in 2016, collapsing the failed scheme                     12/6

It's Official (Again): The Current "Recovery" Is Worse Than The Great Depression's

Alarm Bells Go Off As 11 Critical Indicators Scream The Global Economic Crisis Is Getting Deeper

The Lull Before The Storm—–It’s Getting Narrow At The Top, Part 2

"The Most Extreme Point Of Stock Market Overvaluation In History"

China’s Role as Reserve Currency to Raise Interest Rates

Global Crisis: Goldman Sachs Says That Brazil Has Plunged Into ‘An Outright Depression’

Greeks Told To Declare Cash "Under The Mattress", Jewelry And Precious Stones

Manufacturing Index Plunges, But only 1 in 12 Work Blue Colla                                12/3

The IMF Confirms Yuan Inclusion In SDR Basket At 10.92% Weight, Above JPY And GBP

Eliminating Cash Makes it Easier to Silence Critics

Number Of Millennials Living In Parents' Basement Climbs (Again); Weddings Blamed (Again)

The Lull Before The Storm—–An Ideal Chance To Exit the Casino, Part 1

Unlabeled GMO salmon coming to a store or restaurant near you: FDA approves Frankenfish despite lack of safety studies

Russia Bans Soros Foundation As A "Threat To National Security And Constitutional Order"

Border Patrol Agent: Traffic On Border ‘Unseasonably’ High, ‘It’s a Smuggler’s Paradise’                                12/1

Black Friday Total Sales Crash 10% (Despite Rise In Online Spend)

Unholy Alliance: Christian Charities Profit from $1 Billion Fed Program to Resettle Refugees, 40 Percent Muslim

NASA-funded study: Over 32 advanced civilizations have collapsed before us, and we're next in line

"It Is All Rather Scary" - Chinese Debt Snowball Gaining Momentum

Paying to be invaded: Over 90 percent of Middle Eastern refugees are on food stamps; 70 percent receive cash assistance from government

Can The Oil Industry Really Handle This Much Debt?

Black Friday Hype Can’t Overcome Economy

Trade Experts: Trans-Pacific Partnership ‘Vehicle to Pass Obama’s Climate Change Treaty’                           11/30

Meet The Man Who Funds ISIS: Bilal Erdogan, The Son Of Turkey's President

Russia targets Turkish economy

Durable Goods Orders Signal Recession With 7th Consecutive Drop

The Slowdown In China Is Clobbering Manufacturers In Germany And The US

CEO Of Brazil's "Goldman Sachs" Is Arrested

Federal government argues that merely ACCUSING you of a crime allows them to seize all your financial assets, denying you funds to afford a defense lawyer

Here Comes The Next Bailout——The Obamacare ‘Risk Corridor’ Subsidy To Insurers                            11/27

NATO Is Harboring ISIS, And Here's The Evidence

US Planes Left ISIS Fuel Tankers Unharmed Because ‘They Ran Out of Ammunition’

Distressed-Debt Losses Worst Since 2008 - "It's Not Just Energy, It's Everything"

Bank of America Warns of ‘Great Divorce’ Between U.S. and China

Goldman Finally Looks At The Freight Charts, Raises Alarm About The "Broader Health Of The US Economy"

Genetically modified eggplant a massive failure in Bangladesh as crops fail for second year in a row

Former Disney Workers Prepare To Sue After Losing Jobs to Foreigners On Visas

Proof that the vaccine industry never wants a cure for the flu to be made public         11/25

The U.S. Dollar Has Already Caused A Global Recession And Now The Fed Is Going To Make It Worse

Reflections On The Great Monetary Fiasco

Swiss bank breaks negative rates taboo

Brazil's new middle class faces plunge back to poverty

Austrian finmin: EU to take some migrant costs out of budget deficit calculations 

Genetically modified eggplant a massive failure in Bangladesh as crops fail for second year in a row         11/23

Global Trade Just Snapped: Container Freight Rates Plummet 70% In 3 Weeks

Monetary policy risks becoming ineffective in low growth world: ECB Coeure

No Cash: Banks Refusing to Release Funds

El-Erian Says "The Market Believes Central Banks Are Our Best Friends Forever", Just Don't Show It "Figure 4"

Euro zone agrees Greece can get next loan tranche, cash for bank recap

Sen. Inhofe: Americans Won’t Agree to Pay $3B to UN’s Climate Change Fund

New bug brings 'antibiotic apocalypse' nearer

Obesity now striking 8-year-olds as parents allow processed, toxic foods to wreak health havoc on children across the globe      11/22

Is This How The Next Global Financial Meltdown Will Unfold?

BUST: Poll Shows Half of New Yorkers Are Barely Getting By

The S&P 500 is as expensive now on a cash-flow basis as it was at the peak of the dot-com bubble

The Baltic Dry Shipping Index Just Collapsed To An All-Time Record Low

Average Annual Cost Of Specialty Drugs Now Exceeds US Median Household Income

Obama Presses Canada for Quick TPP Approval

Even The 1% Is Hurting: Swiss Watch Exports Plunge Most Since Financial Crisis

One Week Later: What We Know About Paris Attacks


World Gold Council Continues To Hide Insatiable Chinese Gold Demand

If The Economy Is Fine, Why Are So Many Hedge Funds, Energy Companies And Large Retailers Imploding?

The World's First Cashless Society Is Here - A Totalitarian's Dream Come True

Crude Tumbles To $40 Handle After DOE Confirms Significant Cushing Inventory Build

US Postal Service Loses $5.1B in FY2015

France Shock: We Will Take 30,000 Refugees… Hollande: ‘Life Must Go On’

Soccer Fans at Second Stadium Boo Moment of Silence for Paris

Geoengineering now becoming a global business, while mainstream media and government continue to deny the truth

ISIS Magazine Posts Alleged Photo of Bomb That Destroyed Russian Plane         11/19

Nomi Prins: Crony Capitalism & Corruption - An Entirely Rigged Political-Financial System

Empire State Manufacturing Index Drops Again—-November Far Worse Than Expected

Monetary Madness Over Tokyo——Because Nothing Says Success Like 5 Recessions In 5 Years

"Nothing Makes Sense Anymore" Traders Fear Debt Market Distortions Signal "Something Big Is Brewing"                      11/17

The Fed Gave Wall Street The Lowest Rates In 5000 Years & All Main Street Got Was This

China welcomes IMF backing to make yuan world reserve currency

Global Trade (Still) In Freefall: Imports Collapse At Largest Three US Ports

The Bubble Finance Cycle—What Our Keynesian School Marm Doesn’t Get

Something Strange Is Happening to the World's Debt Markets

Japan Back in Recession                   11/16

World's Largest Hedge Fund Dumped 31% Of Its US Equity Holdings In The Third Quarter

The Bitter, Crushing Poverty Of Appalachia Is A Preview Of What Is Coming To The Rest Of The Country

The Stench Of Freddie Mac Is Back - An $18 Billion Spree Of Crony Capitalist Thievery

Billionaire warns AI could put workers 'out to pasture'  

Ted Talk by robot named Bob is world first

China’s great railway dream: Traversing South America

Another Bubble Bursts: Ultra Luxury London Home Prices Tumble 12%                  11/14

4 Harbingers Of Stock Market Doom That Foreshadowed The 2008 Crash Are Flashing Red Again

Energy Default Alarms Get Louder as Pain Seen Lasting Into 2016

Economist Warns Worldwide Business Tax Next Step in Globalization

The World's Biggest Bond Bubble Continues To Burst As China Suffers More Defaults

A Record Share of Young American Women Are Living With Family  

Security: The Long Slow Default           11/12

Secrets of the Federal Reserve: American Wealth Destroyed by Currency Coup From Within

About That Surge In Retail & Construction Jobs

We Have Never Seen Global Trade Collapse This Dramatically Outside Of A Major Recession

'Too big to fail' banks need $1.2 trillion

China Exports Slump as Global Demand Shrinks

Wages: Fed Itself Just Admitted "Household Income Expectations Are Falling Sharply"


EM Exodus: Emerging Economies See Half Trillion In Capital Flight

What Happens If Hyperlinks Get Copyright Protection In Europe?                  11/10

Another Phony Payroll Jobs Number — Paul Craig Roberts

Stockman On Bloomberg–The Fed Did Not Save Us

Biderman: "Welcome To The First Global Recession Created By Central Bankers"

Peter Schiff: It’s going to be a ‘horrible Christmas’

U.S. companies 'bow' to Obama's UN 'global treaty'

The Looming Death Of Small Business In America (In 1 Simple Chart)     

China’s Credit Crumble Continues  

US Taxpayer Set To Bank-Roll Biggest Billionaire Builders


Obamatrade's Preamble Backs Government Ownership of Business

ObamaTrade Details Unveiled, Officials Warn "It's Worse Than We Thought"

How China Broke The World's "Bubble Machine"

First-Time Homebuyers Now at 28-Year Low


MELTDOWN MYTH: Antarctic ice growing is just the first EVIDENCE global warming is NOT REAL              11/6

21 Facts About The Explosive Growth Of Poverty In America That Will Blow Your Mind

Peter Schiff On QE's Creeping Communism: Washington Joins Tokyo On The Road To Leningrad

How Beijing & The West Work Together To Manipulate The Global Currency War


"Shocking And Incredible": IG Slams DOD For "Having No Knowledge" About $800 Million Program

Big Pharma price monopoly to go global as Obama forfeits America's economic future to globalist corporations

U.S. oligarchy banishes science; ruling elite destroys anyone questioning GMOs or vaccines                  11/4

STEALTH AGENDA: New UN Tribunal to Judge US for “Climate Debt”

Stocks, Symmetry, & A Significant Threat To The Global Economy

$20 Trillion In Government Bonds Yield Under 1%: The Stunning Facts How We Got There

China Steps Up Market Reforms Amid Record Capital Outflows

China's Manufacturing Misses; Nonmanufacturing Worst Since 2008 Despite Unprecedented $1 Trillion "Debt Injection"

The Military-Industrial Complex's Latest Best Friend - Barack Obama                11/2

Offshoring The Economy: Why The US Is On The Road To The Third World

Beijing’s Red Bosses Get Desperate——Even Ban Too Much Drinking And Golf

First They Jailed The Bankers, Now Every Icelander To Get Paid Back In Bank Sale

Now Is The Time For A Carbon Tax, IMF Chief Says

How We Got Here: The Fed Warned Itself In 1979, Then Spent Four Decades Intentionally Avoiding The Topic

Oil Giant Chevron Announces Big Job Cuts Amid Slump In Global Prices

The Ghost Cities Finally Died: For China's Steel Industry "The Outlook Is The Worst Ever Amid Unprecedented Losses"              10/31

The Calm Before The Storm

US Automakers' Worst Nightmare (In 2 Charts)

Scary: Ryan/Boehner Budget ‘Meets the President’s Vision’

Why A Russian Default Is A Very Real Scenario In 2016

Inside the Secretive Circle That Rules a $14 Trillion Market

S&P Set For Biggest Ever Monthly Point Gain As Central Banks Go All In

The Federal Reserve: Illusion Of Understanding, Illusion Of Control

The Death Of Monetary Policy (In 1 Dismal Chart)

Low-wage workers will soon be obsolete as Samsung announces plan to build robots cheaper than near-slave labor

Feds REFUSE to hand over internal docs on 'climate change' research

China's growing military built from stolen weapon designs                    10/29

Schadenfreude - How the US Is Helping China Create a New Financial Order

Greek Creditors Refuse To Make Next Loan Payment - German Press

A China twist: why are malls closing if consumption is rising?

In Latest Obamacare Fiasco, Most Low-Income Workers Can't Afford "Affordable Care Act"

Population control has begun - TPP agreement makes generic drugs too expensive for the sick and already dying

What Recovery—–September New Home Sales Plunge By 11.5%            10/27

US Economic Data Has Never Been This Weak For This Long

IMF Seen Approving Yuan As "Reserve Currency"

Iceland Has Now Sent 26 Corrupt Bankers To Prison

The Central Bankers' Death Wish

Just When You Thought Wall Street's Heist Couldn't Get Any Crazier

Putting China's "6.9% GDP Growth" In Context

Senior healthcare costs skyrocket to $245,000 per year despite Obama's empty promises

The Decline of Obamacare                  10/26 

Why Europe Is About To Plunge Further Into The NIRP Twilight Zone, And What It Means For Depositors

Oil's Big Slump Looks Like the 1980s 'Lost Decade'

Presenting America's New Debt Ceiling: $19,600,000,000,000

Three States Sue Federal Government Over ‘Unconstitutional’ Obamacare Tax

Auto Loan Market "Reminds Me Of What Happened Right Before The Crisis", Top Regulator Warns

Local and National Media Ignore RPG Attack Just Miles from Texas Border                10/23

Expert That Correctly Predicted Market Moves In July, August And September Says Stocks Will Crash In November

The September Jobs Report Was Even Worse: U.S. States Lost A Total Of 22,000 Jobs

20 Reasons Why All The People That Quit Prepping After September Are Dead Wrong

Number of London’s ‘working poor’ surges 70% in 10 years

Capital Is Still Flowing Out Of China, Here's How Beijing Is Hiding It


Saudi Arabia Will Be Broke In 5 Years, IMF Predicts                    10/22

Collapse Of The Western Financial System Looms As A "Strategic" Russian Default Is Possible

Global Trade Is Collapsing As The Worldwide Economic Recession Deepens

Senate GOP to Surrender Debt Control to Obama

China economy logs weakest growth since 2009

Secret 28-Page 9/11 Report Could Destroy Bush Family

Peter Schiff’s Father Dies In Prison, Shackled To A Hospital Bed                  10/20

The World Hits Its Credit Limit, And The Debt Market Is Starting To Realize That

China's Selling Tons of U.S. Debt. Americans Couldn't Care Less.

War on Cash: Megabanks Refusing Corporate Deposits

Wal-Mart’s Worst Stock Crash In 27 Years Is Another Sign That The Economy Is Rapidly Falling Apart

Scandal-Plagued Deutsche Bank Terminates Head Of I-Banking As Part Of Sweeping Restructuring                   10/19

Central banks are a "doomsday machine" sitting on a $100 trillion market implosion, Stockman warns

Industrial Production For Oil And Gas Well Drilling Drops To Lowest This Century

Davi: Putin and the Petrodollar

Bernanke’s Balderdash     

Why 6 Government-Funded Insurance Companies Created Under Obamacare Collapsed          

7 co-ops closed, others in deep financial trouble

Yellen's "Favorite" Labor Indicator Tumbles: Job Openings Drop Most Since 2009    10/17

CLSA Just Stumbled On The Neutron Bomb In China's Banking System

The Numbers Say That A Major Global Recession Has Already Begun

Bond Market Breaking Bad - Credit Downgrades Highest Since 2009

Half of World’s Wealth Now in Hands of 1% of Population – Report

Illinois To Delay Pension Payments Amid Budget Woes: "For All Intents And Purposes, We Are Out Of Money Now"

Fastenal CEO: “The Industrial Environment Is In A Recession – I Don’t Care What Anybody Says!”

Gold Jumps As China Devalues Yuan By Most In 2 Months, "Boosts Reforms" Of Corporate Bond Bubble

It Begins - Managed High Yield Bond Fund Liquidates After 17 Years                10/15

Berlin anti-TTIP trade deal protest attracts hundreds of thousands

"We've Never Seen Anything Like This" - Dumbfounded Central Bankers Brace For "Rolling Series Of Crises"

Mind The Bond Market Fractures — Credit Downgrades Highest Since 2009

Interest Rate Hike 2015: China Warns Against Federal Reserve Increase Because Of Critical Dollar

Thousands Of Angry Unpaid Chinese Workers Protest Shocking Bankruptcy Of Major Telecom Supplier

Donald Trump to make offshore corporations pay tax under new plan that eliminates taxes on millions of working Americans

Greek Cash Ban Escalates: 'Permanent' Stricter "Capital Controls" On 3 Million Pensioners, Civil Servants Imposed       10/13

The Dollar & China's "Financial War"

Report: Central Banks Seen as Risk Factor to Global Economy

Fed Quietly Revises Total US Debt From 330% To 350% Of GDP, After "Discovering" Another $2.7 Trillion In Debt

Banks build defenses against downturn

Top Irish banker faces extradition nine years after financial crash

Ben Carson Shuts Down Hostile Interviewer: An Armed Citizenry Keeps Government Constrained

Biotech industry emails reveal academic GMO prostitutes acknowledging their roles as paid shills while lying to the public          10/12

Why This Feels Like A Depression For Most People

Why Are The IMF, The UN, The BIS And Citibank All Warning That An Economic Crisis Could Be Imminent?

Chart Of The Day: Bernanke’s Bogus Case For QE

The Dow Is Up 1000 Points From Post-Payrolls Lows

Despite Surging Job Cuts, Initial Jobless Claims Tumble Back Near 42 Year Lows

$3 Trillion Corporate Credit Crunch Looms as Debtors Face Day of Reckoning, Says IMF

Billionaire investor issues dire warning of the coming global crash

Central Banks Selling U.S. Treasuries As Fight Over Debt Looms                        10/10

Global Financial Meltdown Coming? Clear Signs That The Great Derivatives Crisis Has Now Begun

As A Shocking $100 Billion In Glencore Debt Emerges, The Next Lehman Has Arrived

…Pacific Trade Deal ‘Most Progressive’ Deal Ever

China Dumps Another $45B of Reserves in September, Actual Outflows Could Be far Higher

The First Crack: Deutsche Bank Preannounces Massive Loss, May Cut Dividend

Today’s Payroll Jobs Report — Paul Craig Roberts

Treasury Sells 3-Month Bills At 0% Yield For First Time Ever

Chart Of The Day: China Containerized Freight Index Down 30% From Early 2013           10/8

The American 'Recovery' In 1 Chart

Right Now There Are 102.6 Million Working Age Americans That Do Not Have A Job

And Scene: Ben Bernanke Says More People Should Have Gone To Jail For Causing The Great Recession

Globalist agriculture cartel pillages Ukraine as IMF and World Bank wage war to expand Monsanto's GMO empire        

The Fed is Out of Ammo… and Options   10/6

Yes, This Is A Financial Crisis – 11 TRILLION Dollars In Stock Market Wealth Was Wiped Out In The 3rd Quarter

Record 56,647,000 Women Not Working

Will The Failure Of Central Banking Lead To Global Bloodshed: The French Revolution Case Study         

Children of the Yuan Percent: Everyone Hates China’s Rich Kids

It's Official: China Confirms It Has Begun Liquidating Treasuries, Warns Washington

Russian propaganda newspaper declares World War III on America, promises to topple the U.S. by early 2016               10/4

199 Days: Treasury Says Debt Has Been Frozen at $18,112,975,000,000

This Is For The ‘Nothing Is Happening’ Crowd…

A Desperate China Caps Card Withdrawals In Frantic Attempt To Stem Outflows

IMF warns world set for emerging economy mass default

Is This The Scariest Chart In America This Week?                           10/1

Is Glencore The Next Lehman? The World’s Largest Commodities Trading Company Is Toast

This Is The Real "Systemic Risk" Among The Commodity Traders

Governments Turn to the UN to Avoid Paying Their Debts

UBS Is About To Blow The Cover On A Massive Gold-Rigging Scandal

Average American Worker Earns Less Today Than 40 Years Ago

Illegal Aliens Accused of Gruesome Executions, Burning Corpses in Texas

Iraq Agreement to Share Intelligence With Russia, Iran, Assad Regime Not Coordinated With US                 9/29

The "Hard-Landing" Has Arrived: Chinese Coal Company Fires 100,000

The More Yellen Talks Up Inflation, the Less Traders Believe Her

Smoke and Mirrors: Numerous Facts Prove US is Sinking in Poverty

Fake economic recovery: New Yorkers with full time jobs are living in homeless shelters

Stocks Tumble as Glencore, VW Roil Global Markets

Pending Home Sales Miss Fourth Month In A Row, As Northeast Weighs On Index

Liberal professors urge Obama to target climate change skeptics with RICO act while ignoring mafia tactics of Monsanto, Big Pharma                          9/28

Global Markets: It's Getting Ugly Out There

The Stock Markets Of The 10 Largest Global Economies Are All Crashing  

This Bubble’s Days Are Numbered—–Market Tops Are Sprouting Up Everywhere

Junk-Debt Investors Fight for Scraps as U.S. Shale Rout Deepens

“Doomsday” Arctic Seed Vault Tapped for First Time in History as Syrian Civil War Threatens Biodiversity                   9/25

Recession Imminent - Kansas Becomes 6th Regional Fed Survey Flashing Red

The criminalization of cash has now begun in America

Recession Countdown: Durable Goods Orders Drop Most Since March, Shipments Tumble

Q2 Earnings Decline Exposes The Illusion Of Profitability


French Joblessness Surges To Record High

Big Food corporations, Wall Street buying up natural brands to silence support for GMO labeling                                 9/24

There Are Indications That A Major Financial Event In Germany Could Be Imminent

The Mystery Of The "Missing Inflation" Solved, And Why The US Housing Crisis Is About To Get Much Worse

China May Have to Sell $1.2 Trillion in Reserves Every Year

Drug Goes From $13.50 to $750 Overnight

Broke U.S. government needs millions of new Obamacare enrollees to prevent program from collapsing

Barclays: These Advanced Economies Need More Currency Depreciation to Offset the Commodities Crash

Iran Deal: White House Lauds Iranian Self-Inspection                                9/22

Bank Of England Economist Calls For Cash Ban, Urges Negative Rates

$600 Mil in Obamacare Deals Plagued With Fraud, Negligence

Martin Armstrong Warns: The Fed Just Made The Same Mistake As It Did In 1927

Census Data Confirms: There Was No Economic Recovery Unless You Were Already Rich

The truth comes out about immigrants: More than 50% are on welfare


Alibaba's Wipeout Leaves Investors Asking What Comes Next


Chinese Propaganda Full Retard: Burst Stock Bubble Declared A Good Thing              9/18

The Template for the Next Crisis: Bank Accounts Frozen, Capital Controls, and Bail-Ins

Hewlett-Packard to Cut Up to 30,000 More Jobs in Restructuring

More Signs Our Economy is Collapsing

No Escape for China Hedge Funds Overwhelmed by Stocks Collapse

GE to Move 500 U.S. Jobs Overseas Following Ex-Im Bank's Lapse  

More Bad News For Climate Alarmists: Another Study Confirms Africa’s Deserts Are Getting Greener                 9/16

Oculus, the Closed All-Seeing Eye at Ground Zero, to “Open” Each Year on 9/11

Barclays Slashes China GDP Projections After Weak Data

175 Days: Treasury Says Debt Has Been Frozen at $18,112,975,000,000

Five Years After the Recession, Only 21% of Small Businesses Say They’ve Recovered

USA drops to 16th on 'economic freedom' list

Paul Ryan Wrong, Jeff Sessions Right on Immigration in Trade Deal

Meet Allen Dulles: Fascist Spymaster, CIA Operative and Elite Powerbroker            9/15

100% Of US Economists Think China Is Lying About GDP Growth, WSJ Finds

China in freefall: Currency war coming

A Major Bank Just Made Global Financial "Meltdown" Its Base Case: "The Worst The World Has Ever Seen"

Oil boom a loser for North Dakota cities, counties, study finds

India, China and US governments all censor the internet when they don't want citizens to learn the truth

Refugee Crisis: Germany Closes Border with Austria                9/14

This Is EXACTLY What The Early Phases Of A Market Meltdown Look Like

Economists brace for market crash: "Building up to catastrophe of historic proportions"

Record Gap Between US Inventories And Sales Screams Recession

Brazil downgraded to junk rating by S&P, deepening woes

Russia Is Going To Pass A Law Formally Dumping The U.S. Dollar

Government Employees Outnumber Manufacturing Employees 1.8 to 1

U.K. North Sea Oil Industry Warns Investment May Fall 80% to 2017

Shock: Half of Legal Immigrant Households on Welfare

Chipotle sees meteoric rise in revenue and stocks after banning GMOs from menu; McDonald's dies as we reject junk food    9/10  

Chart Of The Day: $4 Trillion Of Fed Money Pumping since 2000 Has Done Nothing For Main Street

ISM Manufacturing Slumps To 3-Month Lows Led By Plunge In Employment

The Tide has Turned and These Charts Predict the Next Stop

Greek Stocks, Economy Collapse, Suffer Worst Declines In History

What’s Next for TPP as Talks End With No Deal

Asia-Europe container freight rates fell 22.8% last week

LIBOR Scapegoat Found Guilty, Sentenced To 14 Years

Former teenage soldier hatches millions from Chinese egg futures                     8/4

11 Red Flags As We Enter The Pivotal Month Of August 2015

Spot the Vested Interest: The $1.5 Trillion Climate Change Industry

Obama’s Climate Fascism Is Another Nail In The Coffin For The U.S. Economy

Fed Keeps Interest Rate at Zero for 2,417 Days and Counting

Gravity Payments CEO Suffers Massive Backlash After Raising Minimum Salary to $70,000            

Monsters Of Ukraine: Made In The US         8/3

One in five Americans now on welfare as country collapses into economic desperation

Bankers Are The True Criminals


An Expert That Correctly Called The Last Two Stock Market Crashes Is Now Predicting Another One

IMF Cannot Join Greek Rescue, Board Told


IMF warns of gloomy eurozone outlook

The South American Financial Crisis Of 2015

Special Report: Spain Has Fallen to EU Tyranny                              7/31

US Middle Class Stays Dead: Homeownership Drops To 48 Year Low; Median Asking Rent Soars To All Time High

Now Is The Time – Fear Rises As Financial Markets All Over The Planet Start To Crash

The $1.5 Quadrillion Global Derivatives Time Bomb

The dark side of China’s heavy-handed response to its plunging stock markets

The Rise Of The Yuan Continues: LME To Accept Renminbi As Collateral

Who Needs a Billboard? New Ads of the Future Will Be Beamed Directly into Your Head


IRS Documents: Renegade Tax Agency Used Donor Lists to Steer Audits              7/29

Commodities Collapsed Just Before The Last Stock Market Crash – So Guess What Is Happening Right Now?

Emerging Market Currencies Tumble to Record Low in ‘Violent’ Selloff

Deflation Is Winning - Beware!

The Stock Market Will Start To Fall In July? The Dow Plummeted More Than 500 Points Last Week

Abenomics End Game: Thousands Protest In Downtown Tokyo, Demand Abe's Resignation As PM Disapproval Soars

Copper, China And World Trade Are All Screaming That The Next Economic Crisis Is Here

Greek Capital Controls To Remain For Months As Germany Pushes For Bail-In Of Large Greek Depositors                       7/27

Fed "Accidentally" Released Dovish Confidential Market-Moving Forecasts, Blames "Glitch"

Will China become the next Greece? Collapse contagion spreading globally as financial fairy tales unravel

Greece’s Parliament Cannot Override the NO Vote. The Agreement with the Creditors is Illegal

The BRICS countries just launched a rival to the IMF and the World Bank

Fed "Accidentally" Released Dovish Confidential Market-Moving Forecasts, Blames "Glitch"                             7/25

China's Record Dumping Of US Treasuries Leaves Goldman Speechless

12 Ways The Economy Is Already In Worse Shape Than It Was During The Depths Of The Last Recession

Day of Reckoning for American Pensions Is Fast Approaching

Greek Prime Minister Asked Putin For $10 Billion To "Print Drachmas", Greek Media Reports

U.S. Retail Sales Fall, Again - The Next Crash Is Near                 

Medicare Paid Out ‘Improperly’ $60Bln in 2014

Thousands Of Violent Felons To Be Released Under New Sentencing Guidelines         7/23

4 Things That Are Happening Today That Indicate That A Deflationary Financial Collapse Is Imminent

Bankers Begin Looting Greece! IMF Negotiates the Destruction!

Charting The Slow, 30-Year Death Of The US Middle Class In A Global Context

Your government hates you: IRS deliberately cut its own customer service budget to punish citizens, legislators; rogue agency should be disbanded

Chinese Stocks Tumble As Labor Market Starts To Crack

“Governments Worldwide Will Crash the First Week of October … According to 2 Financial Forecasters.”             7/21

The Bankruptcy Of The Planet Accelerates – 24 Nations Are Currently Facing A Debt Crisis

Food Stamp Recipients Exceed 45 Million for Four Years

Pension Funds Burn Cities as $1 Trillion Shortfall Set to Grow

Texas Launches Gold-backed Bank, Challenging Federal Reserve

Everything goes! Greek government mortgages the country's airports, banks and infrastructure to EU debt collectors

China Dumps Record $143 Billion In US Treasurys In Three Months Via Belgium

James O'Keefe Goes Undercover In Greece During Financial Crisis                      7/18

China Increases Gold Holdings By 57% "In One Month" In First Official Update Since 2009

Fed ignores Congressional subpoena

Presenting The "Greek Terms Of Surrender" As Annotated By Yanis Varoufakis

The ‘Greek Debt Deal’ Is Already Starting To Fall Apart

Rand Paul Suit Blasts Foreign Banking Rules

China Stocks Slump Over 10% Post-Intervention: Derivatives Dealers Reveal $150 Billion In "Questionable" Exposure 

License to launder


Varoufakis' Stunning Accusation: Schauble Wants A Grexit "To Put The Fear Of God" Into The French

China Nationalizes $6 Trillion of Stock Losses

BRICS/SCO summits at a glance: New Development Bank, Greece crisis, Iran oil — RT Business

World Engaged in Same Lie as Greece-Karl Denninger

CBO: Debt Headed to 103% of GDP; Level Seen Only in WWII; 'No Way to Predict Whether or When' Fiscal Crisis Might Occur Here                         7/11

Japanese Investors Lose Faith In Draghi - Dump The Most Foreign Bonds In History

Obama administration revives plan once criticized as 'death panels'

Pentagon Recruits 60 “Moderate” Syrian Rebels, Pays $9 Million to Train Each One

European Stocks, Chinese Stocks And Commodities Are All Crashing – Are U.S. Stocks Next?                       7/9

The Troika Swindle: Greeks Owe Nothing

Record 93,626,000 Americans Not in Labor Force; Participation Rate Declines to 62.6%

Obamacare Sticker Shock Arrives: Insurance Premiums To Soar 20-40%

Bloomberg: "No place to hide" as global markets begin to crumble

It Begins: ECB Hikes Greek ELA Haircuts; Full "Depositor Bail-In" Sensitivity Analysis

The German Siege Of Greece Begins (No, This Is Not A Repeat From 1941)

Greek Minister Compares Actions of International Creditors to Terrorism

Chinese Stocks Open Down Hard, "VIX" Hits Record High, "Nasdaq" Down 40% From Highs                            7/7

Iceland, the land of freedom and true democracy, grows booming economy after jailing bankster criminals

Guess What Happened The Last Time The Chinese Stock Market Crashed Like This?

Greek Banks Considering 30% Haircut On Deposits Over €8,000: FT

Barack Obama Tells Another Whopper—–He Did Not Create 12.8 Million Jobs

Walmart secretly hides $76 billion in overseas tax havens after pillaging American businesses

Caught on Hidden Camera: Politicians Cash In On Export Import Bank    7/4

The "Smartest Money" Is Liquidating Stocks At A Record Pace: "Selling Everything That’s Not Bolted Down"

U.S. on Same Debt Path as Greece

Desperate Greeks Resort To Scavenging Through Garbage To Find Food

Another fine debt crisis Puerto Rico's finances


The 75 Trillion Dollar Shadow Banking System Is In Danger Of Collapsing

The Care And Feeding Of A Financial Black Hole


16 Facts About The Tremendous Financial Devastation That We Are Seeing All Over The World

For Greeks The Nightmare Is Just Beginning: Here Come The Depositor Haircuts         7/1

TPP Passes: Obama Now A Dictator

Why We're Headed Toward A "Cashless Society"

Global Financial Crisis Update: Greece, China, Puerto Rico Teetering on the Brink


China Jumps On PBOC Hail Mary, Then Crashes: China 'Nasdaq' Down 33% From Highs                        6/29

The Mystery Of The "Missing" Inflation Solved: Record Number Of US Renters Can't Afford Housing

POLL: 72% fear economic crash, concern 'highest ever'

China's stock market plunges of 20 percent in the last two weeks.

ECONOMIC SLAVERY FOR ALL: While we were distracted with the Confederate flag flap, Congress quietly forfeited our entire economic future via fast-track trade authority

Bank of America Trolls The Middle Class, Or How Wall Street Destroyed Main Street

Greek Prime Minister Calls for Referendum on Bailout Terms                   6/27

The "Smart Money" Just Sold The Most Stocks In History

Durable Goods Order Bounce Dead; Biggest Drop Since 2009

Marco Rubio Casts Deciding Vote For Obamatrade Without Even Reading It

Corporations Win Again: Senate Passes Obamatrade Fast-Track Bill

$140 Billion Bond Fund Goes To Cash As It "Braces For Bond-Market Collapse"

Does The IMF Actually Want To Cause A Greek Debt Default?

The Ultimate Moral Hazard: 70% of Greek Mortgages Are In Default                 6/24

Warren Buffett: Derivatives Are Still Weapons Of Mass Destruction And ‘Are Likely To Cause Big Trouble’

Foreigners buy up $100 billion in real estate

New JAMA Study Confirms Nurse Whistleblower: Routine Hospital Vaccine Damage Happening to Infants         6/23

Rand Paul: "Americans See The Rot In The System...And Want It To End!"

Treasury Secretary: $18T Debt Is Not 'The Most Pressing Concern Today'

Signs Of Financial Turmoil In Europe, China And The United States

Angry Russia Will "Respond In Kind" To Europe's Asset Seizures


The IMF “Trained” Greek Journalists In Washington To Spin Stories In Favor Of Troika

EU calls crisis summit after failure of Greece bailout talks 

Cashless Society Needed for Negative Rates-Gordon Long

As US Soars, Chinese Stocks Crash 13% - Worst Week Since Lehman                 6/20

The Next Great European Financial Crisis Has Begun

Greeks Refuse to Pay Debt, Declare It “Illegal, Illegitimate, and Odious”

Report: ObamaTrade Likely to Kill Jobs

The Economic Depression In Greece Deepens As Tsipras Prepares To Deliver ‘The Great No’

Wal-Mart Has $76 Billion in Undisclosed Overseas Tax Havens                          6/18

The War On Cash: Officially Sanctioned Theft

Our Phantom Economy

90 Days: Treasury Says Debt Has Been Frozen at $18,112,975,000,000

We Might As Well Face It – America Is Addicted To Debt

China Dumps Record $120 Billion In US Treasurys In Two Month Via Belgium

QE Begins to Screw Investors 

Mexican Cartels Launder $10 Billion into US Every Year

7 Key Events That Are Going To Happen By The End Of September

$2.1T: Tax Revenue for FY15 Hit Record Through May; Gov't Runs $365B Deficit

EU Prepares for Worst as Greece Drives Finances to Brink

‘You’re Fired – Now Train Your Much Cheaper Foreign Replacement’

The Collapse Is Now-Gregory Mannarino

Girls Busted for Selling Unregulated Lemonade

Monsanto seeks merger with Syngenta to control more than 35% of the world's seed supply                      6/13

Guess How Many Nations In The World Do Not Have A Central Bank?

Violent monetary shock is coming: Your ATM literally won't work

The PetroYuan Is Born: Gazprom Now Settling All Crude Sales To China In Renminbi


Blurred Lines: Where Finance Ends And The Real Economy Begins

Student Debt Cancellations Begin: Government To "Forgive" $3.6 Billion After Corinthian Closure

Jack Ma: World War III is coming, but in a good way

The End Of The Monetary System As We Know It Is Here: No More Retail Gold In Europe                           6/10                    

Since the start of the Second Great Depression, the US has added 2.3 million "foreign-born" workers, offset by just 727K "native-born"

Why Is The EU Forcing European Nations To Adopt ‘Bail-In’ Legislation By The End Of The Summer?

A hard core look at the numbers, since January, 594,000 more Americans are employed, an average of 149k per month. Considering the working age population has gone up by 732,000 since January, why is anyone crowing?

Organic Takeover: Toxic Food Makers Lose $4 Billion in Sales in One Year

Cash-strapped Kansas moves to limit ATM withdrawals for residents on welfare

Greek Banks On Verge Of Total Collapse: Bank Run Surges "Massively" As Depositors Yank €700 Million Today Alone

Social Security Overpaid Nearly Half the People Getting Disability          6/7

The "Better Than Cash Alliance" Has An Orwellian Plan

The Central Banks Are Losing Control Of The Financial Markets

Who's Next? China Finally Starts Snapping Up Gold Miners

Thanks Obama: Health Premiums to Soar

40 Million People Will Be Out Of Work Next Year, OECD Warns


Looking For The Next Big One: Part 1, Orderly Or Not?               6/5

More and More Countries Join the War on Cash

Economist: There’s Definitely a War on Cash

Manufacturing Coming Back -- With Robots

California Senate Approves Healthcare for Illegal Immigrants

Economist: Financial Elites Fear Provoking Bank Runs

Secret TPP trade deal will force deadly pharma drugs on the whole world

Investors Start To Panic As A Global Bond Market Crash Begins 

2016: Rubio, Graham Refuse to Answer Whether They Read Obamatrade Before Voting on It              6/4

2 Things That Are Happening Right Now That Have Never Happened Outside Of A Recession

Auto Sales Reach 10 Year Highs On Record Credit, Record Loan Terms, & Record Ignorance

Europe Was First, Now a US State Wants Control Over Its Gold

More older Americans are being buried by housing debt

California Senate Approves Healthcare for Illegal Immigrants

Teachers complain, chaos reigns as schools spend millions on 'white privilege' training

This Is What Market Mania Looks Like    6/3

"The Fed Has Been Horribly Wrong" Deutsche Bank Admits, Dares To Ask If Yellen Is Planning A Housing Market Crash

Is The Stock Market Overvalued?

Greenspan: U.S. 'Way Underestimating' the National Debt

COULTER: With amnesty, elites conspire against middle class

U.S. economy shrank at 0.7% rate in first quarter  

Venezuela Hits 510% Inflation                 6/1

A Recession Within A Recession

TPP Hands The Keys To Corporate Foreign Powers

Russian Pivot: Greece Will "Probably" Join BRICS Bank, Official Says

Another Housing Collapse Looms Over Horizon

Europe Has A Solution For The Unemployment Problem: Fake Jobs

Obama has lowest Q1 GDP growth of ANY president on record                 5/31

Secret Meeting in London to “End Cash”

Chinese Stocks Are Crashing

The ECB and the Negative-Interest-Rate Game

Crony Capitalism At Work - Boeing Threatens To Leave US If Ex-Im Subsidy Yanked

Europe’s Trafficking Shame: 11-Year-Old Girl Sold for Ł11,000 into Life of Rape and Slavery

Global Youth Unemployment Hits 35 Million As Recent Grads Lean On Parents        5/29

Is The 505 Trillion Dollar Interest Rate Derivatives Bubble In Imminent Jeopardy?

Free Financial Markets Are A Hoax

Futures Flat After News Greek Deal Distant As Ever, Dollar Surge Continues

"Graccident" Will Trigger The Demise Of The ECB And The World's Toxic Regime Of Keynesian Central Banking

Stocks Began Falling Right At This Time Of The Year Just Prior To The Last Financial Crisis

Martin Armstrong Warns "Kiss Your Pension Fund Goodbye"

It Is Mathematically Impossible To Pay Off All Of Our Debt                    5/27

"It's A Coup D'Etat," David Stockman Warns "Central Banks Are Out Of Control"

Obama Deal Seeks to ‘Eliminate’ Trade Barriers With Communist Regime Now Running $24.9B Trade Deficit With U.S.

BRICS Trample US in South America

Premier Li attends Davos Forum

Profits Galore: ‘Global Cancer Drug Spending Hits $100 Billion in 2014’

National Geographic is now the propaganda arm of Monsanto, Big Pharma

212,000 Greeks appeal for humanitarian crisis relief as collapsing economy leads to bank bail-ins

Another Decapitator-in-Chief Of America's Working Class                     5/25

Public Confused Why World's Biggest Banks Admitting Criminal Fraud, Leads To Public Yawns

In it together? The 10 most unequal developed countries who are leaving their poor behind

Trade bill clears Senate hurdle  The measure would hand the President six years' worth of "trade promotion authority"

Chinese 'Virus' Spreads To Germany: Meet The Company That Went From Record High To Zero In 1 Week

Crash Contagion: Second Chinese Billionaire Wiped Out In Seconds After Stock Instacrash

PAPER: Teamsters prepare to cut retirees' pensions, but still spend big on politics and lobbying

Scientists develop advanced solar cells with record-breaking efficiency, even on cloudy days

Rise of $50,000 rental apartment in NYC                           5/22

Push to criminalize cash so that banks can manipulate digital money accelerates

Why Europe Will Lead the Charge to Eliminate Cash – The Next Step in Global Meltdown

Greece Says That It Will Default On June 5th, And Moody’s Warns Of A ‘Deposit Freeze’

In FX rigging: 'If you ain't cheating, you ain't trying'

For First Time Ever, The Fed Blames HFTs For Reduced Liquidity 

Feds Spent $100 Billion on Food Assistance Last Year  109,930,090 Americans participated in overlapping programs

BANK OF AMERICA: Markets in 'Twilight Zone'

Abolishing Cash – The New Age Of Economic Totalitarianism

The War on Cash is Here!

The Debt To GDP Ratio For The Entire World: 286 Percent

The Last Two Times This Happened, Stocks Crashed


Are They About To Confiscate Money From Bank Accounts In Greece Just Like They Did In Cyprus?                       5/19

Why are governments rushing to eliminate cash? Simply put, the central banks have lost control of the ability to stimulate anything.

Five Major Banks to Plead Guilty to Rigging Currency Markets

Leading German Keynesian Economist Calls For Cash Ban

David Stockman - We Are Now Entering The Terminal Phase Of The Global Financial System That Will End In Total Collapse

JC Penney loses another $167 million – Wall Street cheers

Greece to Privatize Port, Airports in Concession to Creditors

Senate Reverses Course and Advances TPP Fast Track Bill

Ca$h Money: Clintons Raked in $25M+ in Speaking Fees Since 2014 

Chinese Government Inc. has Invested $81 Billion in U.S. in Last 10 Years             5/17

The US Is In Recession According To These 7 Charts

Economist: Ban Cash and Force Everyone to Have a Government-Controlled Bank Account

Why Are Exchange-Traded Funds Preparing For A ‘Liquidity Crisis’ And A ‘Market Meltdown’?

HSBC WARNS: Economy faces 'titanic problem'  

TIMELINE: How Hillary Transferred Half of U.S. Uranium Output to Russia as Foundation Bagged $145M                5/14

7,231,000 Lost Jobs: Manufacturing Employment Down 37% From 1979 Peak

A Tale Of Two Graphs - Why Bubble Finance Will Fail

Why China Is Taking Control of Physical Gold Pricing

Continued Weak Consumer Spending "Puzzles" BofA

Hawaii's $205 Million Obamacare Exchange Implodes

In September, The UN Launches A Major Sustainable Development Agenda For The Entire Planet

Moody's downgrades Chicago debt to 'junk' with negative outlook                    5/13

The Average Age Of A Minimum Wage Worker In America Is 36

Chart Of The Day: Record Stock Buybacks Hit Escape Velocity


Bipartisan proposal to stop 'backdoor bailouts'

Fed faces limits on crisis lending powers

IMF Works on Contingency Plans for Greek Default

The Age Of Cryptocurrency              5/11

Smile, Nod, Lie, & Prepare For The Reset

Financial Warfare and the Declining Dollar 

In April There Were 26 Waiters And Bartenders For Every Manufacturing Job Added

Record 93,194,000 Americans Not In Labor Force

Record 56,167,000 Women Not Working

…All Net Employment Gains Among Women Went to Foreign-Born Since Recession

Corporations pay American Council on Science and Health big money to push toxic products - Science for sale            5/9

US Macro Data Has Never Collapsed This Fast

Bank Reserves and Loans: The Fed is Pushing On a String

The Great Disconnect - Central-Bank-Driven "Markets" Have Nothing To Do With Economics

Wealth gap widens as more forced to rent

Central Planning and Crony Capitalism Have Bankrupted the Financial System

Feds collect record $472 billion in taxes in just one month

Congress Tells Court that Congress Can’t Be Investigated for Insider Trading

What The US Government Spends Its Money On, Besides Hookers And Gambling

The 90,000 Square Foot, 100 Million Dollar Home That Is A Metaphor For America

EPA Commits $100K to 'Addressing Bed Bugs in Rural Alaska'                         5/8

Experts Are Warning That The 76 Trillion Dollar Global Bond Bubble Is About To Explode

Government Using Subprime Mortgages To Pump Housing Recovery - Taxpayers Will Pay Again

Senator Warns TPP/TTIP Will Be “Living Agreements”

Ultra-Secrecy Surrounds Barack Obama’s New Global Economic Treaty


The War On Cash: Australia Leads The New Age Of Economic Totalitarianism

Experts Are Warning That The 76 Trillion Dollar Global Bond Bubble Is About To Explode

US Factory Orders Drop YoY For 5th Consecutive Month

20.7% of Jobs in Baltimore Are Government Jobs

IMF Splinters From Rest Of Troika, Threatens To Cut Off Greek Funding

France Restricts Cash, Movement of Gold & Crypto-Currencies

VIDEO: DARPA Military Robots Get Ready For Battle

We Just Broke 2008's Record For The Fastest Economic Unraveling!

Major U.S. Retailers Are Closing More Than 6,000 Stores

The cash crisis begins as Chase to start charging 1% fee on bank deposits starting May 1

Greece braced for unrest as cash crunch nears

Venezuela Raises Minimum Wage 30% Amid Raging Inflation      

Porn-Watching EPA Employees Earning $120,000 A Year Put on Paid Administrative Leave

Almost one-fifth of Americans now take psychotropic drugs to cope with everyday life       

Three Hurricanes Are Headed Our Way (And There's Nowhere To Hide)

Noting slower economy, Fed appears no closer to a rate hike

Growth, what growth? First-quarter disappoints

The Financial Markets Now Control Everything

Majority of Financial Pros Now Say Greece Is Headed for Euro Exit

In 1 in 5 Families in U.S., No One Works

11 Signs That We Are Entering The Next Phase Of The Global Economic Crisis

U.S. Defense Industry Outperforms S&P by 100 Percent

How Will Greece Default? Let Us Count The Ways

Why Is JP Morgan Accumulating The Biggest Stockpile Of Physical Silver In History?

A Half-Right Monetary Reform for Iceland

Big Pharma will never solve the world's health problems because it makes too much money off disease

MUST WATCH: MOM SMACKS UP SON FOR RIOTING!                          

Banksters Once More Too Big To Jail

Gold, The SDR, & BRICS

Dollar on defensive after more weak U.S. economic data

The "War On Cash" Migrates To Switzerland

More central banks meet, but ability to pilot economies in doubt

Capital Controls Arrive: Greece Begins Confiscating Deposits Of "Small Debtors"

US Companies Investing in Mexico Regularly Harassed by Drug Cartels

Boston Fed Admits There Is No Exit, Suggests QE Become "Normal Monetary Policy"                          4/27

Largest Bank In America Joins War On Cash

Eurabia: '50 million Muslims In Europe and 80% are living on welfare'

Foreign-Born Population Tripled over 45 Years as Incomes Declined

102 Years of Taxation: Chart Shows How out of Control the IRS Has Gotten

Deutsche Bank hit with largest Libor fine in history

California's SB277 mandatory vaccination bill passes Senate committee after votes rigged, public testimony silenced

Hillary Approved!: …Clinton Foundation Megadonor$$$ Sold Half of U.S. Uranium Output to Russian Gov’t…

…20% of All Uranium Deposits in U.S.A.

Monsanto mafia attack failing to unseat Doctor Oz                 4/24

Greece orders raid on govt coffers as cash dwindles

China Floats QE Trial Balloon, PBoC May Launch LTROs

Did Greece Just Launch Capital Controls: "Mandatory Cash Transfer" Decreed Due To "Extremely Urgent Need"

Years After GSA Las Vegas Conf. Scandal, Agencies Still Hold Lavish Events

The Truth Behind The OKC Bombing

Monsanto CEO claims GMOs are the only way to feed the world - Ever heard of permaculture?            

NYT: USA Fading as Economic Leader

2007 All Over Again? Let Us Count The Ways (And Remember What Happened Then)

The Global Liquidity Squeeze Has Begun

Finance officials see rising risks to economic recovery

Western nations begin criminalizing cash purchases to track citizens in manufactured 'war on terror'

Greece begins selling assets, could nationalize banks, as government scrambles to find cash - "Grexit" crisis heats up

The Greek "White Knight" Emerges: Putin To Give Athens €5 Billion For Advance Gas Pipeline Fees

Threat from Russia 'real' as USA moves missiles to Warsaw                 4/19


Huge Trouble Is Percolating Just Under The Surface Of The Global Economy

Oil Layoffs Hit 100,000 and Counting

One-third of 'high earners' live paycheck to paycheck?

Greece May Pay Wages And Pensions In IOUs

San Antonio Woman Fined $2000 For Feeding The Homeless

How banks, corporations and governments use mainstream media to brainwash us

Signs That 'The Elites' Are Feverishly Preparing For Something Big

Vaccine pusher Paul Offit says aluminum supports a healthy fetus - have vaccine fanatics been brain damaged by toxic metals?

SEC Reaches "Appropriate" Settlement With Freddie Mac Execs Who Will Pay Nothing And Receive No Punishment

Japan Bumps China as Top Holder of US Treasury Debt

US Industrial Production Plunges By Most Since Aug 2012, Utility Output Drops Most In 9 Years

China's massive housing bubble now imploding; economic collapse likely to spread globally

"Staggering" Student Loan Defaults On Deck: 27% Of Students Are A Month Behind On Their Payments

FEMA says no federal funds for disaster preparedness will go to states that deny official "climate change" narrative

NY Fed's "Plunge Protection Team" Starts Chicago Trading Floor "In Case Of Disaster Or Other Eventuality"

Financial Crisis #2 – The economy is currently worse than in 2008, Greece default could cause a domino effect

Obamacare Adds 3,322 Pages of Regs to $234 Billion Tax Complexity Burden

China GDP Tumbles To Lowest In 6 Years Amid Quadruple Whammy Of Dismal Data

Low-wage workers plan walkouts, protests to gain $15 hourly pay

Americans Spent $374 Billion on Big Pharma Drugs Last Year

"Biggest Worry" Is "Dramatic Decline" In Bond Market Liquidity, Prudential Says

CBS4 Investigation: TSA Screeners At DIA Manipulated System To Grope Men’s Genitals                     4/15

The Six Too Big To Fail Banks In The U.S. Have 278 TRILLION Dollars Of Exposure To Derivatives

"There Are Big, Big Problems" - The Shocker Crushing The Economy Revealed

Stock market rigging is no longer a ‘conspiracy theory’

CBO: Feds Taxing More, Spending More, Running Bigger Deficit in 2015

Facebook will now track users' finances in addition to social contacts, employment, health status, political affiliation

Greece prepares debt default options    4/14

19 Signs That American Families Are Being Economically Destroyed

Female Unemployment Worse Under President Obama

IMF: China One of the World’s Most Unequal Countries

FCC's net neutrality rules open door to new fee on Internet service

JAMIE DIMON: 'There will be another crisis' which he has helped to create

How Easy Money Drives the Stock Market

"Saudi Arabia Is Going For it" - Why The Saudis Just Boosted Oil Production To A Record High

Big Pharma generates $77.5 billion in revenue for every $1 million they give to corrupt politicians

Gov’t Tampers with Data, Reverses Decline in TX Temperatures

Gov. Experts: “Astounding” levels of radiation measured in U.S. from Fukushima

Rate of hair loss, lesions in Alaskan polar bears skyrocketed almost 1,000% after Fukushima               4/10

Washington state capitol flies CHINESE flag higher than U.S. flag

Neofeudalism 101: Strip-Mining The Upper Middle Class

Chicago Credit May Be Cut to Junk

Guest Post: Russia's Central Bank Governor Is Way Smarter Than Ours

How America Became an Oligarchy

The Secret Republicans of Silicon Valley

Swiss First Ever To Issue 10Y Debt At Negative Yield  

Kremlin Spokesman: Russia Didn’t Carry Out White House Computer Hack            4/8

Global Financial Reset Is Coming: 'A Deal Is Being Made Between All The Central Banks'

China’s SWIFT Alternative and the (Engineered) Death of the Dollar

Even The Fed Admits Bureau Of Labor Statistics Data Is Now Meaningless

Treasury Department refuses to answer Congress on $3 billion unauthorized Obamacare payments 

$1 Billion Lawsuit: Government Funded Studies Intentionally Infected People with STDs

Warren Buffett, Slumlord – Predatory Loans, Kickbacks & Preying On The Poor

Americans Not In The Labor Force Soar To Record 93.2 Million As Participation Rate Drops To February 1978 Levels

January, February jobs numbers revised down dramatically

Economy rains on Obama's parade

Except for rich, Americans' incomes fell last year


Tsipras Heads To Moscow As IMF Withdraws Athens Staff; Greek Default Risk Hits Post-Crisis High

New Executive Order: Obama Takes Total Control of Internet: Declares ‘National Cyber Security Emergency’           4/3

Iceland Stuns Banks: Plans To Take Back The Power To Create Money

How The Fed Has Failed The Nation (In One Chart)

If Anyone Doubts That We Are In A Stock Market Bubble, Show Them This Article

"Repeal, Don't Reform The IMF" Ron Paul Rages

European Jobless Rates By Country: Youth Unemployment In Greece, Spain Remains Over 50%

The Stock Market In 2015 Is Starting To Look Remarkably Similar To The Stock Market In 2008                               4/2         

5 Charts Which Show That The Next Economic Crash Is Dead Ahead

GERALD CELENTE: The Republicans & Democrats Are Thieves & Murderers

The Fed's Startling Student Debt Numbers That Every Young Person Should See

Rising gas prices push up inflation for first time in four months

Pro-terrorist Cornell University takes money from globalist Bill Gates to push GMOs destroying America

Armed Trannies Attack The NSA      3/31

US Hegemony, Dollar Dominance Are Officially Dead As China Scores Overwhelming Victory In Bank Battle

Paper: Stock market rigging no longer ‘conspiracy theory’

The $160 Billion Cost: Why Ukraine’s Viktor Yanukovych Spurned EU’s Offer

Greece now raiding healthcare and metro services to pay interest on predatory central bank loans

Wall Street Insider: 70% Of Retirement Savings StolenNewsmax

China’s yuan may join elite money club this year

US Government raids self-sufficient Constitution advocates while turning a blind eye to Islamist terrorist training camps on US soil                     3/28

Blood Money: These Companies and People Make Billions of Dollars From War

Was Germanwings pilot on antidepressant drugs?

Negative interest begins: U.S. banks begin charging customers to hold their deposits

Family receives $2 million in damages from vaccine court; mainstream media ignores case

Another Oligarch Preaches To The Peasants: Charlie Munger Says "Prepare For Harder World"

The Price Of Ground Beef Has DOUBLED Since The Last Financial Crisis

Why Is Russia Building Massive Underground Bomb Shelters?

Top gov’t scientists say no to vaccines for their kids                                      3/27

IMF, World Bank throw weight behind China-led bank

Will China’s new infrastructure bank help or hurt the environment?

SURVEY: Employees working fewer hours due to Obanacare law

Baton Rouge emergency room closing shows cost of Obamacare fight

Wells Fargo to cut 1,000 jobs, shut Milwaukee home-lending office      3/27

Did De-Dollarization Just Reach Escape Velocity? China's New Silk Road & Putin's Eurasian Trade Network

Governments are now criminalizing cash because it is "anonymous" currency

Orwell and Kafka Do America: How the Government Steals Your Money–”Legally,” Of Course

An unprecedented monetary experiment is coming to an end: 2008 will look like a "hiccup" in comparison

"Belief That European QE Will Work Is Far-Fetched," Bill White Warns This Will "End Very Badly"

Why Greece is the lynchpin that could unleash economic collapse, domestic martial law and global war

Athens raids public health coffers to pay bills                                3/25

How Europe and U.S. stumbled into spat over China-led bank

Chinese Economy Dangles on a Cliff

RadioShack's future rides on bankruptcy auction

Across American oilfields, layoffs and auctions

REPORT: Feds Urge Banks to Call Cops on Customers Who Withdraw $5,000 or More

Machines could replace half of jobs over next 20 years              3/24

More cash-strapped Americans turn to tax refund advances

The New Order Emerges

Big banks have become huge criminal enterprises waging war against the people

After The Fed Crushed The Middle Class, It Is Targeting The American Family

Giving $12 billion to Iran is treason

The Next Move For The Fed: “Trial Ballooning” QE4

Drowning In Liquidity But None In The Bond Market: The Spark Of The Next Financial Crisis?

Concerns mount Athens could run out of cash in April

Bread rationing and smartcards: Egypt takes radical steps to tackle food waste

Humans to be recycled into plant food?  3/23

Unemployment claims soar as U.S. industry collapses; MSM touts growth in lowest-paying jobs instead

De-Dollarization Accelerates As More Of Washington's "Allies" Defect To China-Led Bank

Putin calls for 'Eurasia' currency union

Defying US Warning, Australia Close to Joining China’s Alternative to IMF

China’s Holdings of U.S. Government Debt Have Declined Since 2013

Billionaire investor warns that the app bubble is the new dot com bubble

The Farce That Is The "Market" In One Chart

Iran’s Ayatollah: Introduce Youth of America, Europe to ‘the Islam of Jihad’CNS

McDonald’s Sick Mutant Baby Art Psyop Exposed  

10 Charts Which Show We Are Much Worse Off Than Just Before The Last Economic Crisis

Expert: Massively Increasing H-1B Guest-Worker Visas Sends Message to Americans: ‘Your Job Is Up for Grabs by Foreigners!’

Dollar Demand = Global Economy Has Skidded Over The Cliff

IMF Considers Greece Its Most Unhelpful Client Ever

ECB Prepares For Grexit, Anticipates 95% Loss On Greek Debt

Scenes from the Shadowy World of Swiss Banking

Surprise: Tech Company Valuations Are Completely Made Up

Central Bank Autonomy Is Under Attack  and we need to keep it up        3/19

Central Bankers Move To Protect Themselves Ahead Of Historic Global Crash

World's greatest pyramid scheme: How banks plot to seize your property and life

China cuts back on US debt for 5th month in a row

When Artificial Debt Buying Stops Things Will Come Apart-Nomi Prins

FDA To Let Drug Companies Undermine Safety Warnings

REPORT: Illegals eligible for $1.3 trillion in retirement benefits? 

Improper Medicare-Medicaid Payments Up 20%; $77.4B in FY14

USA now ranked 49th in press freedom 

Bundled Cable Deathwatch: Apple Plans Web TV Fall Launch                3/18

David Stockman: The Economy Is Falling Apart

The Transparent Truthlessness Of The Fed

Weak U.S. factory data suggest softer economic growth

What Saudi Arabia Told The Bank Of England About Why Oil Crashed And Where It Is Headed Next

How to Build a $400 Billion F-35 That Doesn’t Fly

Guess What Happened The Last Two Times The S&P 500 Was Up More Than 200% In Six Years?

Bye bye Dollar: China-IMF talks underway to endorse yuan as global reserve currency

China in Talks to Include Yuan in IMF Basket, PBOC Official Says

Democrats panic as Obamacare fines begin hammering Americans

Ukraine not out of the woods yet after 17 billion from IMF

McDonald's in global profit free fall as people everywhere increasingly reject chemically-altered toxic fast food        3/14

The Last, Great Run For The U.S. Dollar, The Death Of The Euro And 74 Trillion In Currency Derivatives At Risk

Looming financial collapse of Greece spells beginning of the end of global debt Ponzi scheme

Big Business Gets Bigger, Thanks to Dodd-Frank

Food truck company overvalued at $25 MILLION foreshadows coming market crash

"Monetarism Hasn't Worked Anywhere" - Reality On China, Finally

Looming financial collapse of Greece spells beginning of the end of global debt Ponzi scheme

The European Union's (Other) Deflationary Driver - Job Computerisation           3/12

Here’s What The Unemployment Rate Looks Like If You Add Back Labor Force Dropouts

The De-Dollarization Axis: China Completes SWIFT Alternative, May Launch As Soon As September

7 Signs That A Stock Market Peak Is Happening Right Now

Private Enterprise versus Free Enterprise

Repeat Foreclosures Triple Since Crisis

European Central Bank Launches Trillion-Euro Stimulus                       3/10

Nearly At ‘Full Employment’? 10 Reasons Why The Unemployment Numbers Are A Massive Lie

Prepare for the coming global depression with these 11 tips   

Why It Matters If the Dollar Is the Reserve Currency

Bio-Weapon Escapes Tulane Lab

NY's homeless population hits record high as poverty explodes in America             3/9

Another Dubious Jobs Report

Federal Reserve launches "OMG" monetary policy

Did The BLS Again Forget To Count The Tens Of Thousands Of Energy Job Losses?

Washington Strips New York Fed’s Power


China Has Announced Plans For A ‘World Currency’

Warren: Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch Received $6 Trillion Backdoor Bailout from Fed

Lord Rothschild Warns Investors: "Geopolitical Situation Most Dangerous Since WWII"

US Factory Orders Drop For 6th Month In A Row – Worst Since Lehman

Japan Now Spends 43% Of Tax Revenue To Fund Interest On Debt

CUBAN: Tech bubble even bigger than 2000

Gold Mine: Hillary Clinton’s Brother Granted Super-Rare Mining Permit from Haiti After State Dept. Sent Country Billions          3/6


Financial Collapse Leads To War

Stock Market Bubble: Wall Street Is Ecstatic As The NASDAQ Closes Above 5000

Crude Parallels: A River Of Denials

Great Lakes ice cover over 88%, more than last year

Mainstream media wages war on REAL science by blindly pushing dangerous vaccines                        3/4

California imports foreign guest workers to process unemployment claims

US economy slows in fourth quarter of 2014 with GDP rising by just 2.2%

"Spectacular Developments" In Austria: Bail-In Arrives After €7.6 Billion Bad Bank Capital Hole "Discovered"

BOOM: $49M High-Rise Penthouse Shatters San Fran Records

30,000 marchers in Moscow mourn slain Putin foe

Report: Vaccine Propaganda Exposed    3/2

Chicago nears fiscal free fall with latest downgrade

US economic growth in Q4 revised down to 2.2 percent

Treasury Inspector General: ‘Potential Criminal Activity’ Surrounding Lerner Emails

Same government that says unvaccinated children can spread disease insists genetically altered open-air crops cannot spread genetic pollution

Canadian Finance Minister: US economy 'simply not sustainable'

Greenspan: "The Stock Market Is Great", But The Economy Feels Like In "The Late Stages Of The Great Depression"

Survey: China factory activity up but export orders drop

$26 trillion in global derivatives about to implode if Greece bankruptcy unfolds

2 Years Of Abenomics Later: Joblessness Jumps As Retail & Household Spending Slump                    2/27


Homeownership Hits 20-Year Low

Case-Shiller Says “Housing Recovery Is Faltering” Despite December Home Prices Jumping Most Since March

Greece clears key hurdle to extend bailout but doubts remain

Greek exit could open door for Russia, China: Faber

17,000 federal employees made more than $200,000 last year     

Record US Farmers Switching to Non-GMO Crops in 2015

75% of Air and Rain Samples Contain Monsanto’s Round Up            2/25

14 Signs That Most Americans Are Flat Broke And Totally Unprepared For The Coming Economic Crisis

Obama’s ‘Shadow Work Permit System': Over 90% of Border Crossers Approved!

Greek Leaders Face Revolt at Home as They Try to Appease Creditors

Every central bank in the world now bankrupt; financial guru warns of coming chaos

Existing Home Sales Plunge (and Don’t Blame The Weather)

Where’s the Money? Vermont Auditor Reports Jonathan Gruber Overbilled State by At Least $48,000, Calls in Attorney General                      2/24

Number of Corporations in USA Lowest in 40 Years

Dollar Dump Begins: Russia Unloads 20% Of Its Total U.S. Holdings In ONE Month

Russia cut to 'junk' by Moody's

The world's new tastemaker: China

Why The “1%” Hates The Gold Standard

Swiss currency shockwave a picnic compared to what's in store for the U.S. dollar - Peter Schiff

Fossil fuel divestment effort comes to energy-rich Colorado

Different views in Greece, Germany drive Europe’s latest financial crisis

These are the 2 classic ways Mexican cartels launder money

OBAMACARE MESS: Feds Botch 800,000 Tax Forms                        2/21

L.A. Times: ‘Serious Diseases’ Coming in from Mexico, Central America

Is Washington Fabricating the Economic Data?

Third banker mysteriously dies this year, joining 36 banker deaths from 2014

Germany stuns market by rejecting Greek bailout extension

Thousands rally in Buenos Aires over prosecutor death

Decades of scientific data prove that vaccines did not halt measles


Kurds Repel Major ISIS Offensive in Northern Iraq           

Obama Legacy: Massive growth in IRS staffing and spending

JPMorgan tops list of risky banks

Global Oil Layoffs Exceed 100,000

Greece Rejects Bailout Deal – Deadline To Avoid Financial Chaos In Europe Is March 1st

Global economy continues to wither as West Coast ports remain shut down

Euro plummets as EU edges toward collapse

Robots to make chefs obsolete?

Two More Harbingers Of Financial Doom That Mirror The Crisis Of 2008


Battle lines drawn as euro zone starts Greek debt talks

Homeless encampments grow in L.A. as America's economic decline accelerates

Hackers steal up to $1 billion from banks

Why The Price Of Oil Is More Likely To Fall To 20 Rather Than Rise To 80

Senator Elizabeth Warren proposes new law to let Big Pharma buy its way out of criminal convictions

Guess What Happened The Last Time The U.S. Dollar Skyrocketed In Value Like This?

Economist warns world revisiting 'ghosts of 1930s' as currency wars spread

IRS apologizes for seizing bank accounts of small businesses

Government spending up 8.3% over last year

IRS to give illegals refunds for prior years -- when they didn't pay taxes?

Foreign businesses in China say Beijing is targeting them

China’s Unmassaged Growth Rate Plummets to 1.7%                                  2/13

We’ve Pissed Away $1.7 Trillion Fighting Wars That Created More Terrorists than Existed in 2001 in Countries That Didn’t Have Terrorists

Two Immigrants For Every New Job Since 2000

Gallup CEO warns that he may 'suddenly disappear' for telling truth about unemployment rate

Greece, euro zone: No deal

The Brian Williams mainstream media lesson: Lie and get six months' suspension; tell the truth and get blackballed for life  2/12

Ecuador becomes the first country to roll out its own digital

Sen. Rand Paul: Audit the Fed     2/11

If You Listen Carefully, The Bankers Are Actually Telling Us What Is Going To Happen Next

HSBC Whistleblower Leak: How the 1% Are Hiding Their Money From the Taxman

A Day Of Reckoning For The Euro Has Arrived – 26 TRILLION In Currency Derivatives At Risk

School quiz: Conservatives believe helping poor ‘is a waste of money’

University of California Students Vote to Divest from America          

Why does Big Food put harmful chemicals in cereal in America but not Europe?         2/10

Gallup CEO: I might 'disappear' for exposing jobs data Defiantly called Obama's 5.6 unemployment 'The Big Lie'

Here are the 1,784 RadioShack stores that will close by March 31

More businesses in America now dying than starting up

Should We Worry About China's Sharp Trade Decline In January?


HSBC bank 'helped clients dodge millions in tax'                                     2/9

Only 44 Percent Of U.S. Adults Are Employed For 30 Or More Hours Per Week

As Economy Slows, Fewer New Jobs

Net Gains Since Recession Gone To Foreign-Born Workers

Global Debt Nears $200 TRILLION

U.N. Climate Chief Figueres: We're 'Intentionally' Transforming The World Economy on a Set Timeline

JPMorgan profits from the food stamp scam while Americans are fed disease-promoting junk food

The workplace of 2040: Mind control, holograms and biohacking are the future of business               

It Is About To Get Ugly: Oil Is Crashing And So Is Greece

GALLUP CEO: Number of Full-Time Jobs as Percent of Population Lowest It's Ever Been

The Fed Lashes Out at Rand Paul

Report: Silicon Valley tech economy booming

Intel CFO: Obama Repatriation Tax Proposal 'Lipstick on a Pig'

China emerges as Latin America's lender of last resort

China debt party nears the end of road

World’s swelling debt calls for radical surgery                         2/6


Fewer US-Born Americans Have Jobs Now Than In 2007

American tech employees forced to train immigrants hired to replace them

Number of billionaires surges to record high

How Uber’s Autonomous Cars Will Destroy 10 Million Jobs And Reshape The Economy by 2025                              2/5

Interest on Debt to Surpass Defense, Nondefense Discretionary Spending

Barack Obama Says That What America Really Needs Is Lots More Debt


U.S. factory orders fall sharply, order books shrinking    

Why the Government Hasn’t Yet Managed to Destroy the Economy

Seattle plans to regulate three tent cities as homelessness becomes commonplace in America

Russian banks are set to lose 1 trillion rubles in 2015     

In Russia, creeping awareness that economic crisis will last              2/4

This Housing Chart Destroys The Arguments Of The Economic Optimists

Prices for electricity, meats and eggs reach record highs

Oil price will average less in 2015 than during financial crisis, survey finds

Deflation the danger as China's factories struggle               

U.S. companies face billions in Venezuela currency losses, analysis shows          2/3

Birth Pangs Of The Coming Great Depression

U.S. Homeownership Rate Falls to a 20-Year Low

Squatters Disrupt Detroit’s Plans to Bulldoze Its Way to Prosperity

Germany to Greece: Don't mess with us over debt, austerity

U.S. economy cools in fourth quarter, but consumer spending shines

EU government votes to allow GMO bans across Europe

1,000 Criminal Immigrants Released in 2013 Committed New Crimes                1/31

Nearly 100,000,000 Americans no longer work as real unemployment reaches new records

Why the Elite Are Buying Secret Hideaways

'Two Percent Inflation' and The Fed's Current Mandate

A U.S. Economist's Book Turns Into a Hit in China

IRS Admits 3-6 Million Will Pay ObamaCare Fine 

Turkey's Vanishing $8 Billion

West Coast orcas experiencing 100% infant mortality rate as radiation from Fukushima drifts across ocean              1/30

THIS CHART Tells a Story… America’s Middle Class Thrived After WWII and Died Under Obama

Why The Damage To The Economy Caused By The Oil Crash Is Going To Get Progressively Worse

Re-introduces 'Audit the Fed' bill

'Unexplained' banker deaths continu

Air passengers' bank details to be handed to police under EU anti-terror plan

STUDY: America NOT Among Top Nations for Economic Freedom

The real-life Matrix: MIT researchers reveal interface that can allow a computer to plug into the brain 

Independents now outnumber Republicans, Democrats; Americans awaken to the two-party system scam                                  1/28

A Billionaire Lectures Serfs in Davos – Claims “America’s Lifestyle Expectations are Far Too High”

Oil Slides to Near 6-Year Low as U.S. Supply Seen Worsening Glut

This Is The Beginning Of The End For The Euro

Ruble tumbles after S&P cuts Russia's credit rating to junk

Falling Gas Tax Revenue Has CA Considering 'Mileage Tax'          1/26

Bill Gates Pushes Cashless Society

Nothing Is Going to Save the Housing Market

Deere to cut more than 900 U.S. workers as farm economy weakens

Fast food meal remains unchanged after two years sitting on counter; bugs and fungi avoid toxic, junk food

Harvard Prof: Government Mosquito Drones Will Extract Your DNA

KIRCHNER: Argentine prosecutor killed to discredit me!                           1/23

Middle Class Hits 50 Year Low on Obama’s Watch

Russia and China ‘Furiously’ Buying Up Gold As “a Global Currency Crisis – Albeit Unstated – is Underway”

Global economy squeezed by worsening slowdown in China

China and Switzerland to launch yuan trading in Zurich

As central banks surprise, Fed may have to throw in the towel

Hungry Venezuelans sleep in endless grocery lines as food shortage crisis worsens                     1/22

27 Facts That Show How The Middle Class Has Fared Under 6 Years Of Barack Obama

Central bank prophet warns QE pushing financial system out of control

UN: Global Unemployment Will Rise

Venezuela's economic collapse owes a debt to China

Halliburton, Baker Hughes to lay off thousands as oil slumps

Longshoreman Union Could Cost USA Economy $2 billion A Day

BOOM: 1-bedroom apartment going for $15 MILLION in London

New Study: Monsanto’s Herbicide Chemical Damages DNA

Common Core Tests to Cost Millions More than Expected in Wisconsin                    1/21

Anti-Establishment Movie Director Found Dead

Europe's €500bn plan to save itself from economic ruin

27 Facts That Show How The Middle Class Has Fared Under 6 Years Of Barack Obama


World Economic Forum publishes 14-point plan to tackle global inequality

11 top economists agree: our world of debt is on the edge of collapse                    1/19

White House Claims Power to Regulate, Tax Internet Without Congress

WNW-173 Swiss Franc & Euro Decouple, Russia Cuts Gas, Road to WWIII

Factory Production in U.S. Cools as Global Markets Weaken  

Jamie Dimon Is Completely Delusional About What Is Fair and American

Putin Sacks U.S. Trained Economist In Charge Of Ruble At Central Bank

Russia May Resort to Currency Restrictions If Outflows Continue to Mount

‘Boom-bust economy’: IMF praise of UK economic growth dismissed as inaccurate by experts

New credit rating agencies to balance 'Big Three', China says                            1/17

Economic Death Spiral: More American Businesses Dying Than Starting


Obama Said to Seek 7% Budget Boost, Setting Up Fight With Congress

Target is giving up on its money-losing foray into Canada after just two years, closing 133 stores and cutting loose more than 17,000 employees.

Report: RadioShack may file for bankruptcy next month

Russia throws down the gauntlet: energy supply to Europe cut off; petrodollar abandoned as currency war escalates

Coalition blasts idea of giving Obama more power                           1/16

Beneficiaries Exceed 46,000,000 for 38 Straight Months

Retail Earthquake: All These Big-Name Stores Closing

Senate votes to begin lengthy debate on Keystone XL bill     

FCC Chairman Joins Obama to Control Internet

GMOs contaminate Europe despite national bans; dangerous biotechnology can't be contained                         1/14

2015 Will Be All About Iran, China and Russia

Obama defends lower mortgage premiums, HUD chief called to testify

How Sen. Warren accumulated a net worth of $8.75M

The rise of robot waiter

Kerry: Climate Change 'Enormous Cloud Hanging Over All of Us'           Propaganda

Obama Declares War On ‘Extremism’ – Are You An ‘Extremist’ According To His Definition?

IRS allows vaccine companies to claim revenue on vaccines they never even produce                          1/12

Mandatory chickenpox vaccination increases disease rates, study shows

Record 92,898,000 Americans Not In The Workforce

Job growth jumps but wages fall

Record 55,807,000 Women Not In Labor Force; Participation Rate Matches 26-Year Low 

Russia prepares to bail out its banks as economy collapses

China Bails Out Maduro's Venezuelan Economy With $20 billion

Whooping cough explodes in California as researchers admit vaccines are failing

Moments After Killing Tamir Rice, Police Shoved, Cuffed Consoling Sister      1/10

10 Key Events That Preceded The Last Financial Crisis That Are Happening Again RIGHT NOW

Obama unleashes 300 Regulations In First WEEK Of Year

Goldman Sachs says JPMorgan Chase should be broken up

Bankrupt government slashing payments to doctors by 43%; medicare patients to be rejected nationwide

On The Verge Of The Next Economic Crisis, 62 Percent Of Americans Are Living Paycheck To Paycheck

Healthcare costs eating up ever-larger chunk of your income

Federal Reserve is doctoring statistics; financial expert predicts US economic bubble to collapse soon

IRS issues 21 pages of Obamacare tax instructions                      1/9

Oil Falls Below 50 As Global Financial Markets Begin To Unravel

Oil Tycoon Says Price Will Rise In 2015: “Could Shoot Right Back To $100 Per Barrel”

Studies find flu shots can harm your heart, infant and fetus

In Joyless Nanny State Called America, Government Prohibits Sledding     1/6

65% of American children are now dependent on government welfare

New Hope and Old Woes as Detroit Exits Bankruptcy

Infographic: This Chart is Keeping the White House Up at Night

Euro drops to 54-month low as ECB splits from Fed

Ten warning signs of a market crash in 2015     London Telegraph         1/5

Who Is Behind The Oil War, And How Low Will The Price Of Crude Go In 2015?

History Lesson: America Is the Same ‘Ol Oligarchy It Was over a Century Ago

Draghi: Risk of ECB failing its mandate higher than 6 mths ago - paper

Costs of Detroit’s bankruptcy reach about $178M

China December factory PMIs suggest economy cooling further, more stimulus expected

ObamaCare fines rising in 2015, IRS prepares to collect              1/2

The American People Are Utterly Clueless About What Is Going To Happen As We Enter 2015        by Michael Synder

2015 Forecast-Manipulation, Depression and War-Gerald Celente

BOOM: World's 400 Wealthiest Add $92 Billion in '14

UK banks ‘too weak’ to survive another recession

GRUBER: Obamacare WON'T Be Affordable

Ukraine in ‘full-blown financial crisis’ – National Bank head

Special Report: The mainland's colonization of the Hong Kong economy

The 2.6 Billion Dollar Welfare Payment That The U.S. Government Gives To Wal-Mart                      12/31

Magic Growth Numbers From The Government

Former US Treasury official warns about Russian economic crisis causing global financial collapse

China To Launch Yuan Swap Trading With Russian Rubles On Monday

A new public security law in Spain is taking away people’s right to speak out about the financial crisis                  12/28

It’s Official: The Worldwide Bail-ins Are Coming

Paul Craig Roberts – Russia To Unleash Ultimate Black Swan Against The West

A Cyber War With North Korea And An Economic War With Russia

Oil prices push Venezuela to brink of economic collapse

November saw new home sales well below market expectations

Foreign Bankers Rape Ukraine     12/24


Junk Bonds Are Going To Tell Us Where The Stock Market Is Heading In 2015

11 million fewer Americans in labor force

Govt Data: 1 in every 5 jobs now held by foreign workers

Risk council declares MetLife too big to fail

Is Ruble Collapse Act of War-Paul Craig Roberts

A Full-Blown Economic Crisis Has Erupted In Russia                  12/20

The mass looting of pension plans begins as federal law altered to reduce pension payouts

The Engineered Fall of the Russian Rubl

Banks Flunked Regulatory Assessments Before Congress Restored Derivatives

Top Democrat says regional banks key to Wall Street win on derivatives

46,000,000 Americans on Food Stamps

65% of Children Live in Households on Federal Aid Programs

We Just Witnessed The Worst Week For Global Financial Markets In 3 Years

Kansas Governor Proposes Using Pension Money to Cover Budget Gaps Created By His Tax Cuts

Exploding China Trade Surplus Sends Stocks to Worst Week in 3 Years

China Dumps Treasuries

Russia Defends Ruble With Biggest Rate Rise Since 1998                          12/16

On the Brink of War and Economic Collapse

The dollar is headed for collapse - 599 failed paper currencies in world history prove it

BoehnerObama Deals Have Increased Debt $3.8 TRILLION                12/13

Banks Get OK to Use Taxpayer Money for Derivative Speculation

MERRY CHRISTMAS: House approves $1.1 trillion bill financing government

14 Facts That Prove That The Number Of Children Living In Poverty This Christmas Is At A Record High

Central Banks’ 2% Plan to Impoverish You

LIKE CLOCKWORK: Pension plans to be looted nationwide as Congress okays institutional theft of funds

More families going cashless

OIL BELOW $60                      12/12

Boehner Drops 1,603-Page, $1.1 Trillion Omnibus Spending Bill

...Website Fails, Bill Text Disappears Behind 'Server Error' Message...

Five Facts About Who Is Really Behind the Food Stamp Program                    12/11

Not Just Oil: Guess What Happened The Last Time Commodity Prices Crashed Like This?

Somebody Is Manipulating the Numbers: ‘In The Realm Of Economics A Change Of This Magnitude Is A Collapse’

New Law Would Make Taxpayers Potentially Liable For TRILLIONS In Derivatives Losses

China turning away from dollar

WE HAVE A DEAL: Lawmakers Agree on $1.1 Trillion Spending Bill               12/10

‘Near Perfect’ Indicator That Precedes Almost Every Stock Market Correction Is Flashing A Warning Signal

Bankster Lobbyists Try to Sneak Derivatives Bailout in Budget Legislation

Plummeting Oil Prices Could Destroy The Banks That Are Holding Trillions In Commodity Derivatives

US Government Study Predicts TPP Trade Agreement Will Produce Practically No Extra Growth For Anyone

Jobs Report Reveals Just 4,000 More Working Americans

Huge Win: Monsanto Stock Downgraded After Worst Growth in 7 Years

IMF to visit Kiev for bailout talks       12/6


Factory activity growth slows in Asia, Europe and U.S. in November

Feds Take Record $341,591,000,000.00 in Tax Revenue

Missing from the vaccine debate - What the CDC is not telling us

'Privileged People Deserve to Get Robbed at Gunpoint' College Student Spells Trouble for US                12/2

Guess What Happened The Last Time The Price Of Oil Crashed Like This?

Flashback: How JPMorgan Chase Wrecked the Economy

Student Robbed at Gunpoint, Says He Deserved It Due to His 'Privilege'

Supreme Court to Consider Limiting Internet First Amendment

GOP May Increase Government Surveillance in Lame Duck Session     12/1

PONZI: Treasury Issues $1T in New Debt in 8 Weeks -- To Pay Old Debt

Central Banks Absolutely Desperate-Dollar Terminal-Gregory Mannarino

CNN Says Economy Has Recovered, So Go Out and Shop


Bankers dishonest by training, not by nature, Swiss study finds

Global Economy on Unquestionable Decline Leading to War- Celente      11/29

1 in 5 Households Will Celebrate on Food Stamps

Terrorists Funded by UK Welfare Benefits


Surprise in Delaware: Bloom Energy's 'Green' Fuel Cells Need Sulfur Filters

Key provincial capital in Iraq may be about to fall to Islamic State

'Time' Magazine Columnist Claims Violent Riots 'Necessary'                       11/27

The Federal Reserve Is At The Heart Of The Debt Enslavement System That Dominates Our Lives

Falling inflation a worry for Europe but also the world

German bank begins charging customers negative interest as economic collapse approaches

How the EU Plans to Turn $26 Billion Into $390 Billion

Qualifying for reverse mortgages will become harder

Property, manufacturing woes help trim China's shadow banking

OPEC's Easy Days Setting Oil Production Are Over, Veteran Says; You Need Russia, Norway, Mexico

With guns drawn, police stage surprise raid on school as part of psychological drill to 'protect the children'

Former Vermont Governor Blasts State's $450k Contract with Gruber       11/25

The Economic Death Spiral

AP FACT CHECK: Obama's Claims on Illegal Immigration

3-Star General Who Helped Lead War On Terror: We’ve Lost the Wars In Iraq and Afghanistan

A Gun to the Head: Obamacare Medicaid Expansion and the Federal Takeover of State Governments

The medical shadow government       11/22

3 Of The 10 Largest Economies In The World Have Already Fallen Into Recession – Is The U.S. Next?

U.S. Economy Extremely Vulnerable After Fed QE  

Gruber Earned $5.2 Million from Obamacare Deception

Fed focused on sunny side, downplayed global woes in October

Ben & Jerry's co-founder says GMO labeling costs food companies 'essentially nothing'

U.N.: Cuts in carbon emissions not enough to prevent ‘global warming’  11/20

The G20 Just Stole Your Bank Account

Obama’s Secret Treaty Would Be The Most Important Step Toward A One World Economic System

Flashback: Obama Argued Illegal Immigration Hurts Wages of Blue-Collar Americans

Nearly half of Florida households are struggling financially, United Way reports

Obamacare = A Death Panel For The U.S. Economy

Obamacare causes health premiums to nearly double among America's young adults

NYT PAGE ONE TUESDAY: Obama admin and health insurance companies have 'powerful, mutually beneficial partnership'        11/18

Third World Plunge: Nearly 40 percent of Americans now make less than $20,000 a year

China offers ASEAN friendship, loans as South China Sea tension bubbles

CLAIM: State budgets fudging numbers to hide massive debt                      11/14

Obama’s Secret Treaty Would Be The Most Important Step Toward A One World Economic System

Obama's Climate Deal: We Cut Emissions Now, China Cuts Later... Maybe

24 Reasons Why Millennials Are Screaming Mad About Our Unfair Economy                         11/13

If Everything Is Just Fine, Why Are So Many Really Smart People Forecasting Economic Disaster?

Food costs offsetting savings at pump

UN representatives meet in Detroit to discuss water shutoffs as residents demand income-based water pricing

Obamacare, Year One: 78 Percent Premium Hikes                11/11

Australia Strives to Keep Climate Change Out of G20 Economic Summit

US Consumer Borrowing up $15.9 Billion

Genetically Modified Potato Approved by USDA

Judge orders Obama to explain rejection of Chinese bid to buy Oregon wind farms on national security grounds

Tetanus vaccines found spiked with sterilization chemical to carry out race-based genocide against Africans

Bill Gates comes under fire for criminally negligient vaccine experiments on poor Indian children                       11/8

The Economy Of The Largest Superpower On The Planet Is Collapsing Right Now

Kremlin may ban circulation of US dollar  

Fed’s Fisher Tells Congress Don’t Mess With Central Bank               11/6

National Economic Suicide: The U.S. Trade Deficit With China Just Hit A New Record High

“Nobody can predict how long governments can get away with fake growth, fake money, fake jobs, fake financial stability, fake inflation numbers and fake income growth,”

German Bank 'Charging' Negative Interest To Retail Customers                     

It’s Currency War! – And Japan Has Fired The First Shot

Video: Touch Screen Forces Voter to Choose Democrat                  11/5

Chinese media: “We are the Gold Consumption Super-Power.” Chinese citizens now holding over 6,000 tons

Environmentally conscious investment firm warns against investing in GMO companies

Federal Govt Made $20 Billion in SecretPurchases in Recent

Court Protects IRS Tyranny

Disorderly Reset Coming-Dollar Goes to Zero-Egon von Greyerz

Months Expectations high for record spending at art auctions

Record Lows Across East             11/1

TTIP: The science of the US-European trade megadeal

The Wrath of Draghi: First German Bank Hits Savers with Negative Interest Rate   

From This Day Forward, We Will Watch How The Stock Market Performs Without The Fed’s Monetary Heroin

Careful What You Wish For: Plunging Yen Leads To 140% Surge In Bankruptcies

Mortgage Purchase Applications Plunge To 19-Year Lows             10/31

As Fed Printing Pauses Total World Debt Tops $100 Trillion

From This Day Forward, We Will Watch How The Stock Market Performs Without The Fed’s Monetary Heroin

Alan Greenspan: QE Failed To Help The Economy, The Unwind Will Be Painful, "Buy Gold"

Hillary Blames 'Shorthand' for 'Businesses Don't Create Jobs' Gaffe               10/30

Global Economy Has Collapsed-Andy Hoffman

Can’t Find Any Inflation? Here’s A Place To Start

How well did the Fed's stimulus work?

Does This Look Like A Housing Recovery To You?

QE scorecard: Gauging the Fed's monetary experiment

African farmers fight against Gates Foundation's attempts to implement ecologically destructive industrial agriculture

FACEBOOK Shares Collapse           10/29

Silicon Valley Company Caught Paying Foreign Workers $1.21/Hr After $200M Quarter

50 Percent Of American Workers Make Less Than 28,031 Dollars A Year


Low Inflation? The Price Of Ground Beef Has Risen 17 Percent Over The Past Year

MI5 spied on leading British historians for decades, secret files reveal            10/25

19 Very Surprising Facts About The Messed Up State Of The U.S. Economy

Whistleblower secret audio: the Fed secretly serves the interests of big banks

Dollar is The Weak Spot for US-Paul Craig Roberts

PAPER: 'Plunge protection' behind market's sudden recovery

$200 billion needed per quarter to avoid crash

Afghan opium poppy yield hits all-time high                           10/22


State of Europe's Banks Could Send New Jolts

It’s Starting: Russians and Chinese Are Ditching the Dollar and Europeans Are Using Renminbi in Their Reserves

Cash Is King No More As Mobile Payments Soar                10/18

Census: Over 48 Million Americans Live in Poverty

Virginia Files Billion Dollar Suit Against Banksters - See more at:

Virginia Files Billion Dollar Suit Against Banksters - See more at:

Virginia Files Billion Dollar Suit Against Banksters - See more at:

Virginia files lawsuit against plutocrats who conned state with toxic mortgages. - See more at:

Virginia files lawsuit against plutocrats who conned state with toxic mortgages. - See more at:

Virgina files lawsuit against plutocrats who conned state with toxic assets

If A Few Ebola Cases Can Make The Stock Market Crash This Much, What Would A Full-Blown Pandemic Mean?

Massachusetts unemployment rises despite job gains               10/17

9 Ominous Signals Coming From The Financial Markets That We Have Not Seen In Years

Reality of No Economic Recovery Means Collapse-John Williams

12 Charts That Show The Permanent Damage That Has Been Done To The U.S. Economy                    10/16

Nobel Prize winner Malala told Obama U.S. drone attacks fuel terrorism

#NoTTIP: Mass protests slam US-EU trade deal as 'corporate power grab'

IMF warns global economy at risk, calls for bold action

Rand Paul Urges Poor Americans To Give Up On Dems

Iraq pleads for US ground troops as militants threaten Baghdad

28,476 Pages Relating to Obamacare in the Federal Register So Far

Flu shot facts for those considering the vaccinations                          10/11

Fear of Ebola could have “catastrophic” economic costs, World Bank predicts

Serious Financial Trouble Is Erupting In Germany And Japan

New world: China overtakes U.S. as largest economy

No Disney Fun for Orlando Workers as Poverty Nears 20%

Spain Monitoring over 50 People for Ebola

Fear of Enterovirus D68 Growing as Kids Become Paralyzed, Die from Illness   10/9

Food Stamp Recipients Top 46 Million for 35th Straight Month

75% of Americans Don't Trust Obama on Economy

Stocks plunge: Dow drops 273 points, S&P sinks 1.5%

IMF Cuts Global Outlook as Risk of ‘Frothy’ Stocks Raised 

Mike Adams warns Ebola may severely damage U.S. economy in eye-opening interview with Dave Hodges

More Bad News for the Climate alarmists: 'Missing Heat'             10/8

University scientist openly advocated Ebola release to kill off 90 percent of world population

One in three jobs will be taken by software or robots by 2025

Manipulated Unemployment Rate Drops As The Economic Collapse Accelerates

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Food fight

PA Seniors Express 'Shock' over Premium Jumps Due to Obamacare

Hewlett-Packard to split into two public companies, lay off 5,000               10/6

Five Indicators the Economy Is Still Stagnating


Record 55,553,000 Women Out         10/4

The U.S. Government Is Borrowing About 8 Trillion Dollars A Year

Northeast loses 40% of House seats as people flee high-tax states

Smoking Gun Evidence That The New York Fed Serves The Interests Of Goldman Sachs

Massive vaccine cover-up confirmed: Secret documents prove vaccines cause autism              10/1

Public Pensions $2 Trillion Short of What They Owe Retirees

5 U.S. Banks Each Have More Than 40 Trillion Dollars In Exposure To Derivatives

CHART: 1 in 4 Americans 25-54 Not Working

No, Virginia, There is No Economic Recovery

Public Pensions $2 Trillion Short of What They Owe Retirees

City Officials, Developers Recommend “Coffin Apartments” For Middle Class

EPA head: No need to fear hurting economy in battle against climate change

Sierra Leone announces indefinite citizen lockdown: two million people forced into endless quarantine as food prices skyrocket                      9/27

5 U.S. Banks Each Have More Than 40 Trillion Dollars In Exposure To Derivatives

PR Firm Pulls ‘Emma Watson Naked Pics’ False Flag to Push For Internet Censorship

Every Wi-Fi User in US May Have $10,000 Wiretapping Claim Against Google     9/23

This Is About As Good As Things Are Going To Get For The Middle Class – And It’s Not That Good

Over 46 million Americans now on food stamps as nation descends into poverty Is A Security Disaster... And Those Working On It Knew It, And Tried To Stop Independent Security Review To Hide It

Scam Alert: Hospitals All Over America Are Wildly Inflating Medical Bills

Mysterious Georgia Guidestones Get Strange ’2014′ Update             9/23

The Dow And S&P 500 Soar To Irrational Heights – Meanwhile The Ultra-Wealthy Rush To Buy Gold Bars

Federal Reserve Achievement: Rich Getting Richer, Poor Getting Poorer, Middle Class Being Squeezed

Banksters Align Behind Globalist Climate Change Agenda

U.S. government threatened Yahoo with daily $250,000 fines to force handover of user data

Faber: Economic Bubbles Are Everywhere

STUDY: Antidepressants rapidly alter brain architecture                 9/20

IMF warns of risks from 'excessive' financial market bets

House approves Ron Paul’s ‘Audit the Fed’ bill

MasterCard tests Orwellian national ID card on Nigeria

Treasury Dept. Ignores Fraud Charges and Awards Comerica 5 more Years of Providing Benefit Cards to Elderly and Disabled

Number of billionaires hits record high in 2014 

Actual Headline: “Global warming likely to cause colder and snowier winters, scientists say”                        9/18

The U.S. National Debt Has Grown By More Than A Trillion Dollars In The Last 12 Months

Ron Paul’s ‘Audit the Fed’ bill returns to Congress

Show us the money: EU seeks billions of euros to revive economy

Half of Index Mired in Bear Market

Professor: 2/3rds of all new IT jobs going to foreign workers

US Ranks 32 in Business Index – Tax Burden Worst in Industrialized World

Extent of Antarctic sea ice reaches record levels, scientists say               9/16

Investors pull money at fastest pace since financial crisis

CHINA RISE: 40,000 new millionaires created last year

L.A. 'Epicenter of Narco-Dollar Money Laundering'

Feds Run $589 Billion Deficit

U.S. Inspector: Billions in failed programs wasted in Afghanistan

1.8 Million Protest in Spain Demanding Separation Like Scotland           9/13

Long-term unemployed at record levels

World Bank warns of global jobs crisis

Argentina says U.N. vote vindicates its debt fight against 'vultures'

Professional Investors Preparing For Stock Market Crash 

Massive radiation plume from Fukushima heading toward U.S. West Coast according to a scientific report       9/11

Small Business Ownership In America Is At An All-Time Low

Mystery virus EV-D68 exploding among vaccinated children; U.S. medical system clueless without a vaccine               9/9

If The Economy Is Recovering, Why Is The Labor Force Participation Rate At A 36 Year Low?

Financial system looking for a crisis to take the blame for global debt defaults

Alabama: The New Hub of Chinese Manufacturing

Boeing Poised to Win $11 Billion Ryanair Sale for 737 Max

Japan says economy contracts 7.1%

How Monsanto, the World Bank and the IMF are working to force GMOs into a destabilized Ukraine

PAPER: More unemployed becoming street vendors amid weak economy

Fed: Rich got richer, most everyone else tread water                  9/8

Job growth disappoints

Most People Don’t Believe It, But We Are Right On Schedule For The Next Financial Crash

U.S. employment growth smallest in eight months, labor force shrinks

One in five businesses report having to reduce employment due to Obamacare

Billionaires Quietly Preparing For Market Plunge

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Endorses Dems in Key House Races

Tesla offered $1.3B for plant

Hollywood Wins $330M In Corporate Welfare, Warner Bros. Axes Staff       9/5

Report: Philadelphia Police Confiscating Thousands of Families Homes

Not just Argentina: Other nations in debt doldrums

Generous Teacher Pensions Continue as Illinois’ Financial Crisis Worsens

Report: Temp jobs at all-time high in U.S.

If Germany, France and Italy cannot find a way to refloat Europe’s economy, the euro may yet be doomed   

Mathematician Warns Common Core Will Destroy America's Standing in Technology

Scientists Discover Evidence of Huge Tsunamis Hitting Malta – And They Could Hit Again               9/3

US manufacturing has been lost

Factory activity in Europe, Asia cools

Banks have been a reliable source of campaign cash for Sen. Hagan

LABOR DAY: Governor Marches with Robot                                9/2

Federal Reserve-A Stunning Failure-James Corbett

China’s Economic Index Takes a Plunge

Debt, Vaccines and Food as a Weapon: When International Aid is Used for Population Control

The Department of Justice is giving liberal activist groups money from a $16.6 billion settlement with Bank of America, Judicial Watch reports

BRIC WALL: Brazil's Economy Slips Into Recession                 8/30

5 companies that control the world's food

The criminalisation of American business

The criminalisation of American business

WHO runs the world’s most lucrative shakedown operation?

Wall Street Admits That A Cyberattack Could Crash Our Banking System At Any Time

EU slowly sinking again actually never stopped taking on water

GM mosquitoes increase spread of dengue fever in Brazilian town, causing state of emergency to be renewed

Housing Stumbling in Slowest Season for U.S.: Mortgages                   8/29

It Begins: Council On Foreign Relations Proposes That “Central Banks Should Hand Consumers Cash Directly”

IMF's Lagarde put under investigation in French fraud case: source

Flashback: Buffett Blasted Burger King-Style Tax Inversions Before Orchestrating Deal

SWAT team lobby asks Congress not to cut military gear pipeline

U.S., Chinese officials to meet after jet intercept                    8/27

Widening Wealth Gap: 'Bottom 20%' Worse Off Than in 2000

MIAMI BROKE: More Than 1,000 Stand In Heat For Hours For Box Of Free Food

American company dropping U.S. dollar

Yellen: Fed Sees 'Significant' Under-Use of Labor Resources

Not Restricted by Borders: Obama Admin. Announces Plan to Attack ISIS in Syria


Central Bankers Wrestle With Easy Money

Specter of 'lost decade' haunting Europe

California Crushed by Texas in Job Creation

Computers reshaping global job market, for better and worse: paper

DuPont asks government to ignore cleanup standards after profiting off munitions plant and contaminating environment with carcinogens

China Pulls Plug on Genetically Modified Rice and Corn                      8/22

109,631,000 Americans on Welfare

Fed Minutes: Rate-Hike Debate Heating Up

BofA in $16.5 billion settlement with U.S.

China, Japan August factory surveys signal economic softness

Whistleblower goes public: CDC buried data showing vaccines increase risk of autism by 340%

DREAMer Who Killed Two Girls In Hit And Run Won't Be Deported

GOP Rep: ISIS, Mexican Drug Cartels Are 'Talking to Each Other'       8/21

Why so much anger in Ferguson? 10 facts about the massive economic gap between white America and black America

Credit Swaps Polished in $19 Trillion Derivative Overhaul

Solar Boom Driving First Global Panel Shortage Since 2006

Goldman Sachs Drops Bid to End Libyan Wealth Fund Suit

Liberal Billionaire: 99.5% of Americans Are Not 'Super Sophisticated'              8/19

Forbidden History: Rothschild and Global Financial Enslavement

Soros Bets $2 Billion on Market Collapse

5 signs Americans are flat-out broke

Second contractor protests FBI’s no-bid, $500 million deal with Motorola  

Why is U.S. military supporting Iraq's kleptocrats?

Michael Brown Allegedly Attacked Officer Before Fatal Shooting

Inside Ebola hell: Reporter witnesses horror

Top UK Department Store to Sell Hijabs as School Uniforms      8/18

77 Million Americans Have Debt in Collections

Medicare scam targets motorized wheelchairs; Billions lost

FEDEX indicted on new criminal money laundering charges

Rand Paul Heads To Guatemala To Conduct Charity Eye Surgeries

Germans Ban Sandcastles                8/17

NAFTA Is 20 Years Old – Here Are 20 Facts That Show How It Is Destroying The Economy

China Faces Credit Crunch as Lending Falls 86%

Soros Bet on Market Crash Biggest Yet

Ranking of the 10 biggest banks in 2014

14 Reasons Why The U.S. Economy’s Bubble Of False Prosperity May Be About To Burst

Border Patrol Says They’re Told 'Let as Many People Go as Possible'

Suspected Australian militant holding severed heads offers $1,000 bounty    8/15

Weak retail sales point to slowdown in U.S. consumer spending

U.S. jobless claims up, but trend still points to firming jobs market

Financial Cold War Accelerates Dollar Demise-Peter Schiff

Euro zone economy grinds to halt even before Russia sanctions bite

Europe’s Green Energy Rules Cost U.K. $156 Billion

Falling Wages in Europe Hit Youth Hardest

Abenomics bites the bullet as growth stumbles  

U.S. Postal Service Lost Another $1.96 Billion in Q3      

6 Years, $1.7 Bil Later DHS Visa System Deemed Failure                         8/14

U.S. jobs rose since '08 crisis, but pay is 23 pct less: report

The De-industrialization of America

Here’s The Burger-Flipping Robot That Could Put Fast-Food Workers Out Of A Job

Bank Profits Near Record Levels

Banks push U.S. Fed to delay Volcker rule : WSJ

Wall Street is starting to return to the financial innovation that helped extend the debt rally seven years ago before exacerbating the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.

Economists fear eurozone recovery may be derailed after German ZEW indicator plunges to 20-month low                    8/13

Middle class collapses in America as 35% of households face debt collectors

Europe's fragile economy put to test as Ukraine, Iraq sour mood

London Banks Award New Hires 20% More Pay in July

'China's Second Continent' tells the fascinating yet alarming story of China's economic colonization of Africa

Leaked document of secret trade globalization meetings reveals lack of concern for food safety and public health

FAA, TSA, CDC All Fail to Provide Info on Ebola Airport Screenings               8/11

The United States’ Biggest “Allies” Are Funding ISIS    

Horrors of ISIS: Children Buried Alive, Crucified Corpses

Samaritan's Purse Chief Admits Ebola 'Out of Control,' Slams Drudge for Reporting It

Dollar slips after geopolitical tensions spur profit-taking 

Feds 'missing court receipts' for more than half of unaccompanied children            8/9

Russia Sanctions Accelerate Risk to Dollar Dominance

Federal debt up $7 trillion under Obama

House GOP passes bills adding $1 billion to debt, breaking pay-as-you go promise

IRS Quietly Abolishes Mandatory Expiration Dates For Illegal Immigrants’ Taxpayer Status

U.S. Treasury looks to hold more cash to deal with future crises

More than a billion Internet passwords stolen

Intersex Fish From Gender-Bending Rivers

Ebola vaccine pioneer joked about use of genetically engineered virus to cull human population               8/7

Genetic scientists call for government regulation of genome editing before it's too late

25 Critical Facts About This Ebola Outbreak That Every American Needs To Know

Without government handouts, 70 million Americans would be starving in the streets right now

UK taxpayers still paying off loans to secret bankers from WW 1  100 years ago        8/4

U.S. job growth cools, unemployment rate rises

92,001,000 Americans Not Working

Real Unemployment Hangs at 18%

Obamacare Website's Cost to Taxpayers $840 Million

Eleven countries near bankruptcy

School Plans To Tag Students With Microchip Bracelets To Encourage ‘Good Behaviour’

Raising children on TV disrupts their ability to pay attention and learn        8/2

21 Ways To End The Phrase ‘Americans Are So Broke…’

GDP Revisions: Q2 Worse Than First Estimated

IMF warns of potential risks to global growth

REPORT: 'Billionaire's Club' Using Environmentalism to Control Economy

Bank of America ordered to pay $1.27 billion for 'Hustle' fraud


'Vulture' funds reject last-minute offer

US plans largest ever sale of Hellfire missiles to Iraq

Exclusive: Illegal Alien Crime Victims Invite Boehner to Border, Plead for Enforcement

The Gulf of Mexico Is Still Dying: Pathogenic Micro-organisms Proliferate Due To Polluted And Poisoned ‘Bioterrain’

Ebola outbreak may already be uncontrollable; Monsanto invests in Ebola treatment drug company as pandemic spreads                           7/31

The Nuclear Option: The Shocking Cost of ‘Free’ Water in Detroit

Putin blamed for MH17 to launch attack on BRICS

STUDY: 35% of Americans facing debt collectors!

The Truth About the Fed’s Relationship With Bubbles

Box Office: Weekend Down 13%; Summer Down 20%

85 Super Wealthy People Have More Money Than The Poorest 3.5 Billion Combined

Whistleblower: L.A. Planning to Forcibly House Homeless Citizens in Camps

Group of Illegal Aliens from Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka Caught Entering Texas from Mexico

MSNBC Host Compares Illegal Immigration Opponents to Race Segregation Advocates

Poll: 64% of Hispanics Back Deportations

Cuts to benefits 'put Britain first'        7/29

Typical Household Wealth Has Plunged 36% Since 2003

Is Fed fueling giant stock market bubble?

Facial recognition software tests near perfect

Argentine Default Looms as Time Runs out for Debt Deal

Doors for rich & poor increasingly common                         7/28

Pilots Heard Ukrainian Air Traffic Control Order MH17 to Change Route

UN-Backed Conference Calls For Ending Capitalism To Save World From Global Warming

Millennial homeownership rate hits bottom

The Rot Within, Part I: Our Ponzi Economy

Don’t Ignore Janet Yellen’s Stock Market Warnings

Journalists and Anti-Vax Campaigners Could Be Considered Terrorists Under UK Law

Scientist tries to sue journal for planning to retract discredited Golden Rice study that experimented on unsuspecting children


Billionaire Warns: Yellen Collapse 'Will Be Unlike Any Other'

U.S. judge dismisses Republican lawsuit over Obamacare subsidy for Congress

China's bad housing numbers

Budget to Transport Illegals Across USA Approaches $100M

Detroit retirees back pension cuts by a landslide

Biotech genocide, Monsanto collaborators and the Nazi legacy of 'science' as justification for murder

True Size of Adult Immigration Wave Revealed

11-year-old girl among 40 shot, 4 killed in Chicago weekend violence               7/22

Yellen’s Denials About Inflation Will Curb Fed’s Independence

Edward Snowden: ‘If I End Up in Chains in Guantanamo, I Can Live With That’

65% of Asylum Requests 'Immediately Approved' in FY2014

Tea Party Groups’ Suit Against IRS Moves Forward            7/20

REPORT: 'Third biggest stock bubble in history'

Passenger Flight Shot Down over Ukraine: False Flag to Make 'Cold War' Go Hot?

Here Is The Source Of “More Than 95% Of The Market Rally In Q2″

Microsoft to Slash 18,000 Jobs After Bill Gates' Push for Guest-Worker Visas

IMF sees decision on $1.4 billion tranche to Ukraine in weeks

Record Number of Americans in Multigenerational Households

Millennials living with parents rises sharply

George Soros and the Shadow Party Behind Crises to Take Down America

BRICS set up bank to counter Western hold

The biggest challenge for BRICS success? Big brother China

Yellen: Fed will continue economic intervention

The Final Warning: Individual Investors Piling Into Stocks, Market Leverage Hits All Time Highs

Indoor vegetable farm produces nutrient-dense produce 250 percent faster than outdoor farms, with less waste

Big Corporations Have An OVERWHELMING Amount Of Power Over Our Food Supply                7/16

World economy 'more fragile than before 2007 crash'


Ron Paul: The Collapse Is Close

Congressman secretly forced EPA to lift ban on deadly weedkillers made with heavy metal arsenic

Britian; Muslim Father 'Warned Prime Minister About Islamist School Takeover'

Student Data Tied to Common Core Off-Limits to Parents         7/14

Fed's Fischer sees little benefit in breaking up too-big banks

Cashless Society Results in Less Liberty

Europe Tumbles As Banks Lose All 2014 Gains

UK MPs ‘Horrified’ by HMRC Overriding Magna Carta by Raiding Bank Accounts

Fed pencils in October exit

Woman recieves $1 million settlement after Border Patrol agents illegally cavity-searched her repeatedly for six hours

White House faces Senate opposition over $3.7bn for child migrant crisis

Migrant children used as human pawns to spread infectious disease across America, warn netizens                 7/11

Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere

Is The Fed Going To Attempt A Controlled Collapse?

HHS Report: Percentage of Americans on Welfare Hits Recorded High

Citi may pay $7 billion to resolve mortgage case

China's yuan global ambition faces payments hurdle

WH Requests $3.7 Billion in Emergency Funding to Care for Illegals

Costco, NYT, Google all systematically suppressing Dinesh D'Souza's bestselling book 'America'                7/9

The Almighty Dollar Is In Peril As The Global ‘De-Dollarization’ Trend Accelerates

Economics analyst warns economic, civil unrest is rising: 'This won't end pretty'

14 Million More on Food Stamps Under Obama

Big Food lobbyists attempting to control organic agriculture, spreading propaganda using robotic cold calls

WAR ZONE: 11 Killed, At Least 60 Wounded In Chicago Shootings Over Holiday Weekend         7/7

Official 2014 IMF Forecast Based on ‘Magic Number Seven’-Steve Quayle

DOLLAR FADE: SKorea, China to trade in national currencies             7/5

Record 92,120,000 Americans Not Working, Not Looking

War on Women: Record Number Not in Labor Force in June

Establishment Pushing “Cashless Society” to Control Humanity

BRICs Morphing Into Anti-Dollar Alliance

Young People Hit Especially Hard by Obama Economy

10.7%: Black Unemployment More Than Double That of Whites

Is IMF Chief Christine Lagarde Delivering an Occult Message in this Speech?

The UK’s Internet Filters Block Almost 1 in 5 Websites                    7/4

18 Signs That The Global Economic Crisis Is Accelerating As We Enter The Last Half Of 2014

17 Facts That Prove That The Quality Of Jobs In America Is Going Down The Drain

China halts GMO grain imports from the U.S

Trump Tells Americans to Prepare For 'Financial Ruin'

Interest On New Student Loans Rises By 20%

UN to intervene in Detroit water shutoffs?

‘Smart’ Street Lights to “Track Everything We Do All the Time”

True The Vote Sues MS Secretary of State, GOP over Cochran's Alleged Voter Fraud

Team McDaniel: We Have Found 3,300+ Ineligible Votes, Half of Number Needed for Challenge         

Controversial scientist recreates H1N1 flu virus that killed 500,000 people          7/2

Bankers Issue Strong Warning on Asset Bubbles

The Global Meltdown Has Begun

Global bank profits hit $920 billion

Spain To Create Tax On Bank Deposits

U.S. government to unveil record fine for France's BNP: sources     

Detroit collapses into third-world ruin as nearly HALF the residents can no longer afford to pay for running water

How the U.S. Gov’t Uses Foreign “Aid” to Force Countries to Buy GMO Seeds

Modi eyes first labor overhaul in decades

In peril under India's new PM, a vestige of Soviet-style planning        6/30

BUST: GDP Shrinks By Most in Five Years      -2.9%

Stone Cold Proof That Government Economic Numbers Are Being Highly Manipulated

The Obama administration’s latest financial issue: climate change

Obamacare Customer Complaints to Health Insurance Companies Growing

Court pulls plug on Internet streaming startup

MICROSOFT: Future 'Bleak' If Feds Continue Unlawful Data Collection

Jordan Is Next Target of ISIS

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters: US Needs to Realize ‘Iraq Is Done’                6/26

Corporate Empire Created Failed Global Economic System-John Perkins

US Said to Demand $10 Billion From Citi Over Mortgage Bonds (Fraud everywhere and no jail time.)

Central Banks in Other Countries to Require Biometrics to Bank       6/25

Dictators Worldwide Demand Aid, Empowered UN, Global Socialism

Autism now costs U.S. over $236 billion per year

Hillary Clinton Has Got To Be Joking – This Is What ‘Dead Broke’ Actually Looks Like…

Border Totally Wide Open To Drug Cartels As Planned

Obamacare subsidies to reach $11 billion; healthcare system running entirely on unsustainable debt spending

Border Gates Left Wide Open By Border Patrol                     6/24

Secret trade agreement covering 68% of world services published

Bankster Says Only Gun to Head Will Oblige TARP Repayment

Court renews order allowing NSA to collect phone records

Dinesh D'Souza's 'AMERICA' banished from NYT bestsellers list              6/21

Inflation? Only If You Look At Food, Water, Gas, Electricity And Everything Else

Video of the Day – “End the Fed” Rallies are Exploding Throughout Germany

Truly fuel-efficient cars currently available in Europe banned from US market; Americans getting ripped off

Dollar Ready to Die, We are Losing our Country-Jim Willie

Fortune 500 company discriminates against homeschoolers, refuses to hire smartest kids in America

Isis jihadists 'seize Saddam's chemical weapons stockpile'                   6/20

The Death Of The Rust Belt

Subsidies bust Obamacare spending projections 

Fed seen holding steady policy course but could hint on exit

Central American Media Promote, Give Tips

Web Filtering Company Launches Purge of Libertarian, Conservative Media

9 Ways House GOP Using Budget to Screw the IRS

IRS 'Loses' Emails From 6 More Involved in Targeting                  6/18

The United States Of Debt: Total Debt In America Hits A New Record High Of Nearly 60 Trillion Dollars

Foreign Holding of U.S. Debt Hits New Record    

IMF slashes estimate for US economic growth in 2014

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch: We Are Literally Filling Up The Pacific Ocean With Plastic

Push for GMO labeling a 'resilient grassroots effort' that cannot be stopped

GMO-labeling law in Vermont draws donations to help fight expected legal battle                  6/17

Australia Seizes 360M From Dormant Bank Accounts And All 50 U.S. States Are Doing This Too

Pentagon spending millions to prepare for mass civil unrest

Secret Service Agent: Obama Is Worse Than You Know

Detroit Reaches Deal With Bondholers in Bankruptcy Talks

Rebels shoot down Ukrainian plane, 49 killed

IRS: So… Our Computer Crashed And Erased All Of Lois Lerner’s Emails

Pharma giant GlaxoSmithKline to pay $120M for fraudulent pill-pushing practices

Self-proclaimed Monsanto employee trolling anti-GMO articles, claiming organic food ‘kills people’                6/14

12 Numbers About The Global Financial Ponzi Scheme That Should Be Burned Into Your Brain

IMF sounds global housing alarm

Russia Is Doing It – Russia Is Actually Abandoning The Dollar

College opens food bank for struggling students  

'None of the Above' Wins Dem Primary for Governor in Nevada

American scientists controversially recreate deadly 1918 virus

Solar Flares Disrupt Communications on Earth                6/12

15 Quotes From Our Founding Fathers About Economics, Capitalism And Banking

Ron Paul: Nothing Orderly About the Currency Collapse

Secret European Cash Limits in Place  

World stock markets near record high

Media Ignores Massive Chicago Gun Violence To Blame Vegas Shooting On Tea Party

Gates: Common Core About Destroying Gap Between Rich and Poor Students   6/10

More Phantom Jobs Created – All In The Wrong Places

92,009,000 Americans Not Working

Half The Country Makes Less Than $27,520 A Year And 15 Other Signs The Middle Class Is Dying

Economist: U.S. Banks Preparing to Charge Customers For Deposits


The Greatest Generation: Sacrificed for the Bankers

Beijing-Based IMF? Lagarde Ponders China Gaining on USA

Dawn of robot revolution as army of machines escape factory

Obamacare: watch out, here comes “predictive modeling”

D'Souza: Americans 'being prepared for political and financial shakedown'        6/7

DOLLAR DECLINE: Renminbi use rising fast in home of greenback

Labor Dept: Americans face higher unemployment

Schlafly: Big business running guest worker racket

POLL: 59% say American Dream dead   6/5

The Velocity Of Money In The U.S. Falls To An All-Time Record Low

Free Energy Secrets Exposed

Gold Price Manipulation Was “Routine”, FT Reports  

For The First Time Ever, More Than Half The Members Of Congress Are Millionaires

Economists See China's Lending Bubble as a Global Threat

U.S. Has Plans for Preemptive Nuclear Attack- Paul Craig Roberts        

Elliot Rodger, like nearly all young killers, was taking psychiatric drugs (Xanax)

EXCLUSIVE: Natural News tests flu vaccine for heavy metals, finds 25,000 times higher mercury level than EPA limit for water    6/4

Media hard-pressed to tell truth on shrinking economy

Economists: The U.S. Economy Shrank In Q1, But Better Days Are Just Around The Corner

Unemployment rising in Germany and France

New federal database will include 227 million Americans' SSNs, entire credit history

1 in 6 Men Between Ages 25-54 Not Working                5/31

Has The Next Recession Already Begun For America’s Middle Class?

ECONOMY SHRINKS           GDP 'grim'


Economy Shrunk 1% In First Quarter

World Bank sounds alarm on rising global food prices     

“Global Warming:” Lake Superior Experiences Record Ice In May

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 search now a total circus as officials say pings actually came from ping detector             5/30                 

Eastern energy pivot threatens the U.S. dollar

Housing 1% soars as 99ers dive

Yellen Has Scant Power to Relieve U.S. Housing Slowdown

China Orders Banks To Remove High-End IBM Servers

Escape From Tiananmen: How Secret Plan Freed Protesters

Big brother: startling developments in private industry

More than $5 billion spent on Obamacare website so far - compare that to just $150 million spent to develop iPhone

White House admits staging fake vaccination operation to gather DNA from the public                5/28

The Size Of The Derivatives Bubble Hanging Over The Global Economy Hits A Record High

Government Plan Would Transform Israel Into The World’s First Cashless Society

19 Statistics About The Drugging Of America That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe

Russia v. Monsanto, The Super Fight of the Century

Who gave the U.S. gov’t permission to control the ionosphere in the first place?

Infowars Investigates The VA’s History Of Neglect

Long appeals leave older vets without benefits for years                   5/27

The Robots Are Coming, And They Are Replacing Warehouse Workers And Fast Food Employees

Federal Reserve Warns Interest Rates Will Rise

China Halts US Dollar Transactions With Afghan Banks

Feds Set To Bailout Insurance Corporations With Taxpayer Money

Who Needs The United States? Not Russia And China                        5/23

27 Huge Red Flags For The U.S. Economy

How Fractional Reserves and Inflation Cause Economic Inequality

Fed Prez: 'Ticking time bomb'

How Central Banks Are Waging War on Your Savings


Who Needs The United States? Not Russia And China


'Homeland Security' proposed headquarters approaches $4.5 billion

CNN Chief: 'Tremendous' Lack of Interest in Our Climate Change Stories

DEM: 'WE'VE PROVED COMMUNISM WORKS'                         5/22

Swiss to vote on $25 an hour minimum wage  

Fed Laundering Treasury Purchases to Disguise What’s Happening-Paul Craig Roberts

At big-ticket dinners, a blunt Bernanke sounds theme of low rates

US Politicians Line Pockets With Funds From Ecuador’s Billionaire Bankers on the Lam in US

Portugal exits bailout poorer and long way from recovery

De-Dollarization: Russia Is On The Verge Of Dealing A Massive Blow To The Petrodollar

Why is polio with 68 cases worldwide a “Global Emergency” but autism with 1 in 25 families affected not?                 5/17

The “Economic Recovery” Continues: Businesses Are Being Destroyed Faster Than They Are Being Created

Even Fed Chair Janet Yellen Admits America Is an Oligarchy

War Cycle-Europe Absolute Disaster Zone-Martin Armstrong

Why Is Polio With 68 Cases Worldwide A “Global Emergency” But Autism With 1 in 25 Families Affected Not?

Link between polio vaccine and rare childhood cancers exposed in 1997 documentary

Proposal to Reopen Railroad to Mexico Gains Steam                     5/12

Fed Chair: 'Deficits Will Rise to Unsustainable Levels'          5/9

JFK Truthers Banned From Daley Plaza for 50th Anniversary: Jim Marrs Reports

Study: Polio vaccine campaign in India has caused 12-fold increase in deadly paralysis condition


Breitbart: “Wait ‘Til They See What Happens March 1st”

Breitbart’s Footage Shows Obama ‘Palling Around’ With Terrorists  

1973 Document Outlines Blueprint for ‘Family Planning’ Propaganda

Financial Bailout Costs May Reach $23.7 Trillion, U.S. TARP Inspector Says       7/21/2009

  • Niece of Martin Luther King Jr.: "The Dream" Is Not Yet Fulfilled  11/12








  • Lenin observed, “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it”

    “This new law [the Federal Reserve Act] will create inflation whenever the trusts want inflation,” noted Congressman Charles Lindberg in 1913 when the act was rushed through Congress in the dead of night. “From now on, depressions will be scientifically created.”

    WW II Supreme Commander and 34th President D. Eisenhower's farewell speech Military-Industrial Complex Speech,  1961

    "Who controls money controls the world." - H. Kissinger Outline of the Federal Reserve

    History of the Federal Reserve   9 min.

    fantastic 12 yr old Victoria Grant explains how banks commit FRAUD   must see !!!!  7 min.

    Industrialist Henry Ford once quipped, "It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and money system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning."

    The History and long Fought After Demise of the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933

    Olafur Ragnar Grimsson President of Iceland  'Let banks go bankrupt' the Simple Answer



    False Flags Are Just a Conspiracy Theor ... Admitted Fact

    Code 291: Swedish Police Cover-Up Thousands of Crimes Involving “Refugees”

    So it begins here: U.S. city 'overrun' with criminal refugees

    Migrant Brutally Rapes 10-Year-Old Boy at Public Pool–Claims ‘Sexual Emergency’

    "High-Skilled Hillbillies" Become Computer Programmers As Coal Dies Slow Death

    ‘Experts’ Warn ‘Global Warming’ Making Pet Dogs Depressed                  2/8

    Closing In: Russia, Iran, Assad "Encircle" Syria's Largest City As Peace Talks Collapse In Geneva

    Welcome To The Recovery: 1 In 7 Americans (45.5 Million) Remain On Food Stamps

    Obama Resumes ‘Catch and Release’ for Illegals

    Sweden: Death By Immigration        

    D.C. City Council Passes Bill to Pay Residents Not to Break the Law         2/5

    Coming Age of Military Micro-Drone

    Los Angeles Police Urge Residents ‘To Protect Themselves’ As Violent Crime Skyrockets

    Why Is Obama Flooding Small Towns In The Most Conservative Parts Of America With Refugees?

    "They Rape, Kill, Destroy": Montanans Stage "Security Rally" To "Head Off" Refugee "Invasion"

    Why Bill Gates is being blamed for the Zika virus

    Pentagon to Offer Plan to Store Eggs and Sperm to Retain Young Troops          2/4


    Wall Street Expands Role As '16 Campaign Bankroller

    Obama to Speak at Baltimore Mosque Where Imam Condoned Suicide Bombings

    NJ cops bust teenagers shoveling snow without a permit

    Group of scientists gave standing ovation for plan to kill 90 percent of human population with airborne Ebola            2/2

    Zika Outbreak Epicenter In Same Area Genetically-Modified Mosquitoes Released In 2015

    Top Expert: Zika is Biowarfare

    North America being bathed in radiation from Fukushima... alarming levels now 1,000 times above normal for alpha particles

    Paramedics called to secondary school as pupils fall ill and collapse after being given their vaccinations                          1/31

    France Declares Permanent Police State

    Zika Spreads from South America Through World… 220,000 Brazil Soldiers to Fight

    Reality will be virtual for the masses

    Common Core Insider Reveals Info About LA Bid Rigging Scandal

    World's first robot-run farm will harvest 30,000 heads of lettuce daily

    Report: Iran World’s Leading Executioner of Children

    Admiral in charge of Navy intelligence has not been allowed to see military secrets -- for more than 2 years!                                   1/28

    Senate Ready to Give Obama Authority to Declare “International Martial Law”

    Congress Is Writing The President A Blank Check For War

    Who organised the attacks of January and November 2015 in Paris?

    22-Year-Old Swedish Asylum Centre Worker Stabbed to Death By Migrant

    20 Dead, 200 Hospitalized After Reports US Lab "Leaks" Deadly Virus In Ukraine

    Congress is Writing the President a Blank Check for War

    Presidential Crimes Then And Now — Paul Craig Roberts                         1/26

    BREAKING: Military Martial Law Bill Sneaked Through by Senate

    REPORT: Locals Fled Pool After Migrants Masturbated Into Jacuzzi, Defecated Into Kid’s Pool, Invaded Girls Changing Rooms

    Page and McLaughlin: The FBI Will Recommend Prosecution For Hillary

    Odds High Clinton Server Was Hacked By Foreign Intel

    Swedish Sniper Training For Refugees

    France to Maintain ‘State of Emergency’ Until Islamic State Is Destroyed

    GermanY Loses Track of 600,000 Asylum Seekers                        1/24

    The Story You Aren't Being Told About Iran Capturing Two American Vessels

    GMO scientists now developing techniques to intentionally pollute natural organisms' genomes to permanently alter DNA

    Has The Stage Been Set For Authoritarianism?

    New Drone Footage Shows Utter Devastation In Syria's Third Largest City

    Millions of bees turning up dead around GMO corn fields soaked with neonicotinoid pesticides                                1/22

    UK Muslim Rape Gang Charged With Trafficking White Girls

    The Devastating Silence From Labour ‘Feminists’ On Cologne

    The 21st Century: An Era Of Fraud — Paul Craig Roberts

    China's Top Stock Regulator Gives Up On "Immature" Market, Hands In Resgination

    …’13 Hours’ Author Fires Back at CIA: ‘The Movie and Book Got it Right’

    U.S. researchers now growing human organs inside animals to be sacrificed for transplants; Genetically altered chimeras an assault on Mother Nature

    UN Report: Int’l. Migration Can Slow, But Not Reverse Europe’s Demographic Crisis

    Monsanto has terminated 16% of its workforce in recent months, as demand for GMO crops continues to plummet (& organics skyrocket!)

    Clinton Ca$H: ‘I Know How Much Money Influences the Political Decision-Making’   1/20

    Microchip implant to pass through airport security

    Town bars asylum seekers from pool after women sexually harassed

    After Paul Ryan Funds Visas for 300,000 Muslim Migrants, House Republicans Give Him Standing Ovation

    Most Googled during debate: ‘Will Hillary Clinton Get Prosecuted’  

    Obama's appointee to head the FDA is a Big Pharma mega-lobbyist                  1/18

    Financial collapse leads to war

    Former Federal Prosecutor Says Hillary Clinton Could Be Indicted Within 60 Days (Or FBI Will Revolt)

    5 Lies the Obama Administration Told to Defend Iran’s Humiliating Seizure of Navy Sailors

    The US Government Has An Internet Killswitch - And It's None Of Your Business

    Cologne Sexual Assault Victim Called a Racist and Harassed After Identifying Her Attackers

    Rand says GOP 'responsible' for debate exclusion                            1/15

    Massive Coverup Exposed In Sweden As Media, Cops Hid Migrant Sex Attacks

    93% Of American Counties Haven't Recovered From The Recession

    The CIA-backed start-up that's taking over Palo Alto

    Campbell's Soup Co. announces GMO labeling for its food products, supports mandatory GMO labeling and consumers' right to know

    Islamic State Guide for Lone Wolf Jihadis: ‘Act Christian’                              1/13

    Guardian: Poor Migrants Rape Western Women Because They Have Smartphones

    Monsanto to face tribunal at The Hague for 'ecocide' against humanity and the planet

    Caught On Tape: Iran Conducts Live-Fire Rocket Drill Next To US Carrier

    Only Ten Percent of Migrant Influx Has Reached Us So Far, Says German Minister

    Pervasive industrial chemicals are destroying children's brains                      1/11

    Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf… New Year’s Migrant Sex Assault in Every Major German City

    "The Jihadists Will Attack Europe": Leaked Phone Call Shows Gaddafi Warned Tony Blair Of Terror Attacks

    HELSINKI COPS: ‘Widespread’ Sexual Harassment By ‘Asylum Seekers’ on New Year’s Eve

    Monsanto emails reveal coercion of university scientists to advertise harmful GMO products

    Caught on Tape – TSA Gropes 10 Year Old Girl for Two Minutes Due to Capri Sun in Baggage

    Hackers take down the Ukrainian power grid... is USA next?                          1/8

    Swiss General Urges Citizens to Arm Themselves in Response to Social Unrest and Economic Decline

    Cologne Mayor: Women Should Be More Careful After Migrant Mass Rapes, Promises ‘Guidance’ So They Can ‘Prepare’

    German police hunt for 1,000 Muslims who sexually assaulted numerous women and threw fireworks into crowds at Cologne train station on New Year’s Eve - See more at:

    German police hunt for 1,000 Muslims who sexually assaulted numerous women and threw fireworks into crowds at Cologne train station on New Year’s Eve - See more at:

    Norway: Oslo Police — “We Have Lost the City”

    Link emerging between illegal immigration and infectious disease outbreaks across America

    The Rule Of Law No Longer Exists In Western Civilization — Paul Craig Roberts            1/6

    City in Michigan First to Fully Implement Sharia Law - See more at:

    City in Michigan First to Fully Implement Sharia Law - See more at:

    2015 Greatest Hits: Presenting The Most Popular Posts Of The Past Year

    Fukushima radiation causes debilitating deformities in US Navy sailors

    Something Went Wrong In Baltimore

    Robert Kennedy, Jr. is right about vaccines: A medically induced 'holocaust' is now upon us

    Government Considering Banning Donald Trump              1/4

    REPORT: Migrant Crime Up 47 Per Cent This Year

    NYT: ‘Al Qaeda Training Camps Are Sprouting’ in Afghanistan

    America Is Being Destroyed By Problems That Are Unaddressed — Paul Craig Roberts

    New Year’s Surprise: Obama Executive Action to Explode Work Permits to Foreign Aliens

    Another Regime Change "Success": Ukraine President Less Popular Than State Dept-Ousted Predecessor  

    UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon Says He’s Spent Most ‘Time and Energy’ on Climate Change                             12/31

    Why WWIII Is On The Horizon — Paul Craig Roberts

    Tamir Rice Grand Jury: No Indictment for Cleveland Cops

    Obamacare Is Sucking Up To 10% Of Americans' Incomes

    Churchill Warned ‘No Stronger Retrograde Force Exists in the World’ Than Islam

    "It Really Brings It All Out": Seized Documents Detail Depth Of ISIS Bureaucracy

    State Dept. counts 'bringing peace' to Syria as 2015 win   ?                   12/29

    Facebook Censors Story About ‘Refugee’ Raping Swedish Woman

    France Changes Constitution To Protect "Emergency" Police Powers From Court Challenges

    101 Years Ago Today, Christmas Truce Halted World War I                      12/26

    Seymour Hersh Bombshell: US Military Shared Intelligence With Assad In Defiance Of Obama, CIA

    Sy Hersh: ISIS Funded by USA

    America's 'ally' and Human Rights Council member Saudi Arabia to behead teenager for attending protest at 15 years old

    Muslim “Refugee” Says Main Goal is to “Islamize” Europeans             12/23


    Islamic Blitzkrieg Coming To Germany, Arrested Jihadist Warns

    Illegal minors brag about being freed, encourage others to come

    CISA Is Now The Law: How Congress Quietly Passed The Second Patriot Act

    Study: Surface Temps Lower at 410 Weather Stations With ‘Minimal Artificial Impact’

    Massive Fukushima radiation cover-up as government-funded scientists now claim radiation won't hurt you             12/20

    Obama Concedes to Putin After NATO’s Support of ISIS Exposed

    IRRADIATED: The secret, tragic legacy of America's nuclear weapons program

    ISIS Calls on Supporters in France to Kill Teachers

    Massive Fukushima radiation cover-up as government-funded scientists now claim radiation won't hurt you


    NATO nations training, recruiting jihadists

    Did Saudi Arabia Just Clear The Way For An Invasion Of Syria And Iraq?

    More than 30 Immigrants Admitted to USA Recently Implicated in Terrorism

    U.S. visas continue to be handled by foreign contractors

    The Unexpected Explanation How "That Ford Truck" Ended Up In ISIS Hands           12/16

    Climate Change Deal Is a Threat to U.S. Sovereignty

    Drugging toddlers becoming big business for Big Pharma with over a million kids under 5 on brain-damaging psych meds

    Centcom Investigation: War On Syria Not the Islamic State

    Terror Groups Hard At Work Manufacturing Rockets To Strike Tel Aviv

    Sweden Is In Shambles, Police Warn "Evil People Know What To Do When They Come Here"                                                     12/14

    War Is On The Horizon: Is It Too Late To Stop It? — Paul Craig Roberts

    The CIA and the Paris Gunmen Weapons reportedly used in terror attack traced to arms dealer linked to agency

    Sheriff: ‘We Are Forced to Accept’ Feds Creating ‘Small City’ of Illegal Aliens in Texas Community

    Le Pen Blasts French Establishment As ‘Intellectual Terrorists’

    FT Bombshell: EU Unveils Standing Border Force That Will Act "Even If A Government Objects"

    IRRADIATED: The secret, tragic legacy of America's nuclear weapons program      12/12

    The Truth About The San Bernardino Terrorist Attack

    Cancer patients begin losing health insurance coverage as Obamacare 'sickcare' system implodes

    Texas Imam Agrees with Trump: Halt Syrian Refugees into America                12/9

    WikiLeaks: Turkey Planned Su-24 Downing Six Weeks Before the Incident?

    Why Have There Been More Mass Shootings Under Obama than the Four Previous Presidents Combined?

    Father To San Bernardino Jihadi: ‘Be Patient… in Two Years Israel Will Not Exist’

    ISIS Czar a Terrorist Sympathizer Once Fired by Obama for Hamas Ties

    Biologically powered 'cyborg' computer can taste, smell                  12/8

    Putin Says Russia Will Be World’s #1 Exporter of Non-GMO Foods

    Seattle bureaucrats seek to ban single-family homes, calling them 'racist'

    Muslim Migrants Display “Open or Die” Banner at Macedonian Border, Attack Police

    Why Did the FBI Give Journalists an Opening to Ruin a Crime Scene?

    Global warming HOAX unravels... globalist science fraud engineered to control humanity, not save it                       12/6

    The Coming Great Recession, Brought To You By The Healthcare Cartel

    Joint Chiefs Chairman Contradicts Obama: Islamic State ‘Not Contained’…

    ISIS Brags About Exploiting Refugee Program to Send “Sleeper Cells” to Europe

    About Washington’s Anti-Terrorism Partner In Riyadh—-Record 151 Beheadings YTD

    Here's Why "Philanthropic" Mark Zuckerberg Will Place Facebook Shares In A For-Profit LLC

    Global warming HOAX unravels... globalist science fraud engineered to control humanity, not save it                                12/3

    Benghazi Commission: Obama Admin Gun-Running Scheme Armed Islamic State

    Turkey Arrests Generals Who Stopped Syria-Bound, Weapons-Laden, Spook Trucks

    World War III Draws Closer As Russia Accuses Turkey Of Being ‘Secret Allies’ With ISIS

    Sweden: "No Apartments, No Jobs, No Shopping Without A Gun"

    While Turkey Sold ISIS’ Oil——White House Environmentalists Protected Their Wells

    German Comedy Sketch Exposes American War Lies for the Last 60 Years in 7 Sad but True Minutes                     12/1

    Elite FBI Surveillance Teams Track 48 High-Risk Islamic State Suspects In U.S.

    GLOBAL COOLING: Decade long ice age predicted as sun 'hibernates'

    Solyndra II: Energy Company Busts on Eve of Climate Summit

    EU Reaches Deal With Turkey, Will Pay €3 Billion To Stem Refugee Outflow But Not Everyone Wants To Pay Up

    1 Journalist Dead, 3 More Arrested After Exposing Turkey Arming Syrian Extremists

    U.S. Congress giving IRS authority to rescind passports to prevent citizens from leaving the country

    While Putin Kills Terrorists, Obama Pays Them $500,000,000                    11/30

    Iran Nuclear Deal Is Not ‘Legally Binding,’ Obama Administration Admits

    Drone Whistleblower: Pilots Often High on Drugs; Refer To Kids As "Fun Size Terrorists"

    Biometric Military Tattoos Explore ‘Human Circuit Board’

    They Sow The Cyclone - We Reap The Blowback

    Islamic State Video Taunts Western ‘Coalition of Devils': ‘Bring It On’

    History proves why FDA's approval of GMO salmon is an environmental disaster in the making

    Gaia Beats Mars: How Our Military Is Being Turned Into Green Eco-Wussies          11/27

    VIDEO: NATO Shoots Down ‘Russian Fighter Jet’ On Syria Border

    Russia Deploys Warship Off Syrian Coast To "Destroy Any Threats To Russian Planes"

    France Responds To Paris Attacks By Rushing Through Internet Censorship Law

    Turkey Has Destroyed Russia’s Hope Of Western Cooperation — Paul Craig Roberts

    Small Village Of 40 To Receive 550 Asylum Seekers

    These 3 judges hold the fate of the Internet in their hands

    China 'cloning factory' to produce 1 million cattle a year                        11/25

    How You Were Tricked Into 'Supporting' The Syrian War

    'GLOBAL WARMING' SUMMIT: Chicago Digging Out From Biggest November Snowstorm Since 1895

    Obama’s Approval Rating on Handling Terrorism TANKS After Paris Attacks (POLL)

    New bug brings 'antibiotic apocalypse' nearer

    Macri topples Argentina's Peronists, tough reforms ahead                         11/23

    1st city in the U.S. to implement Sharia Law

    In a surprise weekend vote, the city council of Dearborn, Michigan voted 4-3 to became the first US city to officially implement all aspects of Sharia Law - See more at:

    In a surprise weekend vote, the city council of Dearborn, Michigan voted 4-3 to became the first US city to officially implement all aspects of Sharia Law - See more at:

    Largest Immigration Wave In Modern History Ends: More Mexicans Are Leaving The US Than Entering


    'Nearly impossible' to find jihadists among migrants, Greeks warn

    POLL: 40% Of Millennials Want Speech Censored

    US Congresswoman Introduces Bill To Stop "Illegal" War On Assad; Says CIA Ops Must Stop                    11/22

    Rand Paul: Cut Off Arms Sales To Saudis Until They Take In Refugees

    Dozens Of Jihadists Arrested In America And Growing

    Feds Approve Genetically Engineered Salmon for Human Consumption

    One Week Later: What We Know About Paris Attacks

    'Frankenfish' coming soon

    Lord Monckton to Invade Climate Conference

    CLAIM: Fraud From NOAANASA Ahead Of Climate Talks

    MIT Scientist: 'Warmest temperature on record? Just nonsense'               11/21

    Hours After Obama Taunts GOP With ‘Widows’ Female Suicide Bomber Explodes In Paris

    Leftist Media: You’re Racist If You Support Paris Victims

    Exclusive–REPORT: 8 Syrians Caught at Texas Border in Laredo


    Paul Ryan, House GOP Leaders Set Stage For Cave To Obama’s Syrian Refugee Resettlement Program

    Trace levels of radioactive cesium-137 from Fukushima now being detected in Florida citrus fruits

    War Is Good? Weapons Manufacturers Stocks Soar After Paris Attacks                    11/19

    Paris Terror Mastermind Mocked Western Intelligence

    Russia’s New ‘Nuclear Torpedo’ Can Create Giant Tsunamis And Wipe Out Entire Coastal Cities

    Since 9/11 U.S. Has Accepted Over 2 Million Migrants from Majority Muslim Nations

    U.S. firefighter gets world's most extensive face transplant                         11/17

    The Inconvenient Truth About the Paris Attacks

    The astonishing amount of information being collectd on our children

    VA Death Panel Wardens Given Bonuses For A Job Well Done

    Obama to Allow 10,000 Migrants Into U.S. Despite Paris Attacks

    Meet The Family That Just Spent Half Its Annual Income Paying For Obamacare     11/16

    BREAKING! Paris Attack Was Western-Backed

    The Matrix Extends Its Reach — Paul Craig Roberts


    POLL: 27% of Dems favor prosecuting 'global warming' foes

    SMACK: Rouhani demands USA apologize to Iran

    Veterans Affairs Paid Out $142 Million In Cash Bonuses Immediately Following Deadly Scandal

    ISIS video threatens to attack Russia 'very soon'                          11/14

    Snowden Vindicated As Judge Slams "Unconstitutional, Orwellian" NSA Bulk Spying

    70 years after providing key technology to Adolf Hitler's Third Reich, IBM is now lending computing power to U.S. drone strikes that kill civilians

    Big Solar Fight Breaks Out Between Utilities, Homeowners

    Democrats launch McCarthyist witchhunt against researchers questioning climate change agenda                       11/12

    The Re-Enserfment Of Western Peoples

    Climate scientists to urge government to blast Earth's atmosphere with microwave radiation at upcoming geoengineering conference

    Federal 'welcome' guide for new immigrants touts welfare in 14 languages.

    Facebook told by Belgian court to stop tracking non-users

    Video: U.S. Apache Attack Helicopter Follows Behind ISIS Convoy … Doesn’t Fire a Single Shot

    Violent Shaking Along The Ring Of Fire Continues A Progression Of Disasters That Began In September               11/10

    PICTURES: Anti-Migrant Protests Explode in Europe, Call for Merkel to Resign

    House Moves to Authorize Invasion of Syria and Iraq

    Absurd double standard for Carson, Obama

    Obama held hostage: How Iran’s using the nuke deal as license to go wild

    ‘Sound Of Explosion’ On Russian Jet’s Black Box

    Depopulation-advocating globalist Bill Gates comes out in full push for totalitarian socialism, says 'democracy is a problem'

    'Unvetted foreigners' working as U.S. baggage handlers

    Muslim Man Warns Germans: "We Will Marry Your Daughters And Conquer You With Births"

    ISIS Hands Out Candy to Celebrate Civilian Deaths Aboard Russian Plane

    The “War On Terror” Is The Hoax Foundation Of The Police/Spy State — Paul Craig Roberts

    THE COOLING: Decade long ice age predicted as sun 'hibernates'            11/6

    EXCLUSIVE: Footage of Unimpeded ISIS Expansion in Iraq

    The European Refugee "Invasion" In One Stunning Infographic

    Global Governance Plan Exposed

    Another Inconvenient Truth? New NASA Study Finds Antarctica Is Gaining Ice

    Suppressed Memo: Eli Lilly Hid Increase in Suicidal Thoughts and Aggression with Prozac for Years

    More Emails Contradict Hillary’s Benghazi Testimony                  11/4

    The UN Plans To Implement Universal Biometric Identification For All Of Humanity By 2030

    US On Road To Third World — Paul Craig Roberts

    Backlash: Students Back Fired Deputy with #BringBackFields School Walkout         11/2

    German Village of 102 -- Braces for 750 Refugees!

    Migrants Sing Jihadist Songs at Refugee Center – Ignorant German Volunteers Applaud (VIDEO)

    Nine Migrants for Every Baby Born in Scotland

    EXCLUSIVE – Sheriff David Clarke: Obama Is on a ‘Gun Confiscation Mission’

    The Senate’s New ‘Give the NSA All Your Private Info’ Bill Would Make George Orwell Blush

    ISIS Claims It Brought Down Russian Passenger Jet


    Leaked TAFTA/TTIP Chapter Shows EU Breaking Its Promises On The Environment

    Senate passes controversial cybersecurity bill

    Internet Freedom Falls for Fifth Year in a Row

    The U.S. Government Is Spending 400,000 Dollars On A Single Helmet


    SPLC Attacks First Amendment, Says Alternative Media is “Destructive to Democracy”

    CDC issues flu vaccine apology: this year's vaccine doesn't work!    

    Al Gore: CO2 Makes You Stupid

    Detroit Public Schools: 93% Not Proficient in Reading; 96% Not Proficient in Math

    5+5+5=15 is Wrong, According to Common Core                     10/29

    DARPA now creating manufacturing platform for synthetic living organisms as government weaponizes the seeds of life

    UN agency armed with 'drones and bombs' to enforce 'climate' compliance?

    DOCTOR: Refugees pushing German hospitals to 'breaking point' 

    Congress works to implement Orwellian biometric ID system to constantly monitor citizens' daily lives                      10/27

    UN climate text adds ‘An International Tribunal of Climate Justice’


    Einsteinian Insanity: US, Saudi Arabia Pledge To Provide More Guns, Ammo To Syrian Proxy Armies

    …Former Interior Minister Warns Merkel: Germany Is Importing ‘Islamist Extremism, Anti-Semitism, And Conflicts Of Other Nations’

    3 Questions They Should Have Asked Hillary About Benghazi, But Didn't (And Never Will)

    NYC to let the UN run its police force    10/26

    Hillary Clinton’s 5 Biggest Lies in Her Benghazi Testimony

    Putin: US Using Terrorists as ‘Battering Ram to Overthrow Disliked Regimes’

    No Western-Backed Government in Libya 4 Years After Fall of Gaddafi

    The Fate of Children in the Amerian Police State

    Feds Spent More on Origami Condoms, Fat Lesbian Studies Than Benghazi Committee               10/ 23

    Benghazi Mom: 'Hillary's Lying!'

    Total blackout of Fukushima truth by U.S. media; sailors suffer and die while denial continues

    Mystery deaths in Sierra Leone spread fear of Ebola relapses

    America Looks A Lot Like Nazi Germany Did Just Prior To World War II

    France Prosecutes Political Leader for Criticizing Muslims                      10/22

    Obama just signed another executive order, this time declaring government control over the entire Internet

    New MIT algorithm rubs shoulders with human intuition in big data analysis

    If the citizens of 1930s Germany could not see the evil government growing around them... what makes you think modern Americans can see it now?

    Syrian Showdown: Russia, Iran Rally Forces, US Rearms Rebels As "Promised" Battle For Aleppo Begins                 10/20

    The Sad Fate Of America's Whistleblowers

    Caught On Tape: Inside Iran's Secret Underground Missile Tunnels

    ISIS Jihadists Shave Beards, Dress as Women to Flee to West

    Hillary Clinton: Nationwide Gun Ban, Repeal of Second Amendment “Worth Considering”

    UK government admits swine flu vaccine causes brain damage, awards compensation to 60 families                              10/19

    Small German town of 100 must take 1,000 Muslim migrants

    US Aircraft Carriers Withdrawn From Persian Gulf

    Apple now running cover for Pentagon; tech company censors drone strike information on its devices built with slave labor

    Top French Weatherman Philippe Verdier Fired for Not Pretending to Believe in Global Warming Hoax                10/17

    The MH-17 ‘Report’ — Paul Craig Roberts

    New Airline to Fly ‘Migrants’ Directly Into Sweden

    Criminal Migrants Taunt Powerless German Police by Posting Stolen Goods Pics Online

    The Fukushima Wasteland: "Terrifying" Drone Footage Of Japan's Abandoned Nuclear Exclusion Zone

    EPA Spends $75 Million to Equip 200 Special Agents With Drones, Night Vision Goggles, Guns and Assault Ships

    Act of Love–Chicago Police: Illegal Alien Rapes Sleeping Woman

    Biggest Lies of the Democratic Debate Revealed                            10/15

    What Eisenhower REALLY Said About the “Military Industrial Complex”

    Obama Drops 50 Tons of Ammo to Jihadists Fighting Russia and Syrian Army

    From DC, Xi Announces Next Steps on Climate Change

    UN Special Rep: EU/U.S. Must Take More Refugees, End Sovereignty

    Seattle liberals reinstate segregation, beginning with yoga classes that refuse to serve whites

    Medical madness: CDC names 271 new vaccinations - how many will be mandated at gunpoint?                 10/13

    A Decisive Shift In The Power Balance Has Occurred — Paul Craig Roberts

    China Asks World To Impose ‘Code Of Conduct’ On Internet

    Report: No Treaty Change, No Border Control In Government’s Demands For EU

    Viral Video Claims To Prove US Support Of ISIS In Iraq

    STUDY: Number of natural disasters hits 10-year low

    Pessimistic 'climate change' scientist has sudden change of heart                10/12

    Doctors Without Borders Bombing: U.S. Changes Story Four Times in Four Days

    How The TPP Could Lead To Worldwide Internet Censorship

    How MKUltra Used Subliminals to Control the Minds of America

    Mainstream media covers up prescription drug link, while giving mass shooter the glory he sought

    Researcher: Children’s Cancer Linked to Fukushima Radiation

    Zuckerberg Confirms Facebook Is Working On Augmented Reality                           10/10

    Supreme Court Says Mandatory Vaccinations Don’t Violate Children’s Constitutional Rights

    Obama Administration plotting adult vaccination mandates

    St. Louis Prepares For "Catastrophic Event" As Underground Fire Nears Nuclear Waste Cache

    Unbelievable scam of cancer industry blown wide open: $100 billion a year spent on toxic chemotherapy for many FAKE diagnoses... National Cancer Institute's shocking admission affects millions of patients

    Someone In Chicago Is Shot Every 2.8 Hours (Despite Major Gun Control)               10/8

    Majority of EU nations seek opt-out from growing GM crops

    Eyewitness: U.S. Army Encouraged Soldiers to Ignore Afghan Child Rape

    Doctors Without Borders gets bombed by the USA: Civilian hospital targeted to kill terrorists... 12 medics and 9 patients blown to bits while war racket rages on            10/6

    Obama Administration and UN Announce Global Police Force to Fight ‘Extremism’ In America


    Russia Claims ISIS Now On The Ropes As Fighters Desert After 60 Airstrikes In 72 Hours

    U.S. Kurdish allies welcome Russian airstrikes in Syria

    Climate Alarmist Caught in ‘Largest Science Scandal in U.S. History’               10/4


    This Is How Russia Handles Terrorists: Moscow Releases Video Of Syria Strikes

    Obama’s EPA Warns Sunlight Dangerous to Plants

    80% Of All New Home Buyers In Irvine Are Chinese                         10/1

    This Happened In September: The UN Launched ‘The Global Goals’ – A Blueprint For A United World

    Pentagon implanting chips in soldier brains

    Taliban Captures Half of Afghan Provincial Capital, Frees 500 Inmates

    Kabul’s Mood Turns Toward Despair

    Obamacare’s Largest Co-Op Collapses, Marking 4th Failure of the Year

    Plan to 'internationalize' Internet sparks constitutional concerns                9/29

    Confirmed: U.S.-Backed Syrian Rebels Surrendered Weapons to Al-Qaeda

    US On The Ropes: China To Join Russian Military In Syria While Iraq Strikes Intel Deal With Moscow, Tehran

    No Brains In Washington — Paul Craig Roberts

    Over Half Million Illegal Aliens Get CA Driver’s Licenses in 2015

    Occupy Hong Kong: One Year After Protesters Took the Streets

    The UN Unveils Plan Pushing For Worldwide Internet Censorship

    Carson Doubles Down: One Must Reject Sharia to Be President                       9/28

  • Documents: British Government Spied On EVERYONE’S Web Activity, Targeted Internet Radio Listeners

    Lead Developer of HPV Vaccines Comes Clean, Warns Parents & Young Girls It's All A Giant Deadly Scam

    $2B Military Blimps Floating Over Baltimore Since December Deemed 'Total Failure'                9/25

    GOP Rep: DOD Using ‘Doublespeak’ on Afghan Child Rape Policy

    Report: German Media Covering Up Rapes Committed by Muslim Migrants

    EU chief fears union will collapse

    Migrant stream shows no sign of slowdown


    Fears mount that the USDA's organic certification process is being hijacked by corporate interests                          9/24

    All Republican Presidential Candidates Stand For War

    Putin's Plan: Moscow Handles Syria, U.S. Looks After Iraq

    Fukushima's radiation has finally arrived: U.S. mainland now covered with 'invisible blanket of death'

    GMO crops totally banned in Russia... powerful nation blocks Monsanto's agricultural imperialism and mass poisoning of the population

    First Driverless Pods to Travel Public Roads Arrive in the Netherlands                     9/22

    Obama spends $500 million to train 5 anti-ISIS fighters

    U.S. training helped mold top Islamic State military commander

    Michael Flynn, former director of Obama’s Defence Intelligence Agency, said he warned the Obama administration three years ago that the groups they were funding in Syria were actually Islamic jihadists.


    Monsanto teams up with World Wildlife Fund to convert Amazon into giant GMO plantation

    Chaos in Europe: Migrant-On-Migrant Violence Breaks Out

    Crash: Public Support for Obama’s Refugee Plan Hits 22 Percent                  9/18

    Obama Issues Executive Order for Use of Behavioral Data

    Texas Upgrades MS-13 to ‘Tier One’ Level Threat

    L.A. Calls Itself ‘Northern Capital Of Latin America’ In Effort To Win Olympics Bid

    Major science journal retracts 64 papers after publishing them with fake peer reviews

    Federal Data: U.S. Annually Admits Quarter Of A Million Muslim Migrants

    Rare film clip shows George H. W. Bush plotting with Monsanto to use US government to spread GMO imperialism            9/16

    Iraq War Veteran Blows Whistle On Shameless Propaganda Being Taught At Police Academies

    Russian Foreign Minister: U.S. Knows ISIS Positions in Syria, Refuses to Bomb

    USA Lets In 280,000 Muslim Migrants --a year

    Arabic most common language among all refugees

    Egyptian Military "Accidentally" Kills 12 Mexicans Having A Barbecue After Mistaking Them For ISIS

    Bubonic plague case confirmed in Michigan                        9/15

    "Psychopaths Are Running The World" Former US Marine Blows Whistle On Syrian False Flag, Exposes Real Agenda

    Shock Report: U.S. Military Misplaced Samples of Black Plague and Other Deadly Pathogens

    How big corporations form front groups to manipulate the American public and government

    Monsanto Stunned - California Confirms 'Roundup' Will Be Labeled "Cancer Causing"

    50 Defense Dept. Whistleblowers Slam "Stalinist" Pentagon Officials For Lying About ISIS                      9/14

    The Elite Have Prepared For The Coming Collapse – Have You?

    French Security Detects ISIS Terrorist in Refugee Camp

    US regulators accept ‘chip in a pill’ application

    San Francisco's Newest Rentals: Bunkbeds For $1,800 A Month

    French court confirms MONSANTO guilty of chemical poisoning

    Academic GMO shills exposed: Once-secret emails reveal gross collusion with Monsanto, academic fraud at the highest levels inside U.S. universities 

    Latest military lab concerns involve plague, deadly viruses

    The UN's 'Sustainable Development Agenda' is Basically a Giant Corporatist Fraud          9/10  

    Navy Charging Sailor Who Shot at Chattanooga Terrorist

    'Gene drive': Scientists sound alarm over supercharged GM organisms which could spread in the wild and cause environmental disasters

    Who wins and loses under Obama's stricter power plant limits

    Obama Authorizes "Defensive" Airstrikes Against Assad Regime In Syria          8/4

    Emails Reveal Hillary Clinton Fed ‘Meet the Press’ Questions In Advance

    Corker: IAEA Head Declined to Appear Before Committee to Discuss Secret Side Deals

    Forced vaccinations part of HHS's Healthy People 2020 'Decade of Vaccines' agenda

    Over 2,000 march in Berlin to support journalists accused of ‘treason’ for leak

    CONFIRMED: Garland Terrorist Bought Gun From Operation Fast And Furious Dealer At Height Of Scandal                   8/3

    California legislators who passed SB 277 to force vaccines on children now want to do the same for adults with SB 792


    China Wants to Set the Rules for the Global Internet

    China, Russia to hold military drills

    64 Nations Say No to GMO, Yet US Govt Nears Illegal GMO Labeling

    Surprise! Iran to Build Two New Nuclear Facilities                      7/31

    It’s On: Rep. Mark Meadows Makes Move To Unseat Boehner As Speaker Immediately

    Toxic Vaccine Adjuvants: The Top 10

    INVESTIGATION: Three days before Dr. Bradstreet was found dead in a river, U.S. govt. agents raided his research facility to seize a breakthrough cancer treatment called GcMAF

    State Dept. Inspector General Contradicts Clinton: Emails ‘Contained Classified Information When They Were Generated’

    First fatality of the robot apocalypse? Robot grabs factory worker and crushes him to death

    BRICS Countries Call for ‘Evolution’, Greater Int'l. Governance of Internet              7/29

    BRICS Bank, AIIB Pledge Partnership, Loans To Be Issued In Yuan

    INVESTIGATION: Three days before Dr. Bradstreet was found dead in a river, U.S. govt. agents raided his research facility to seize a breakthrough cancer treatment called GcMAF

    It Cost The Koch Brothers Only $299,000 To Block Labeling Of Genetically Modified Foods

    Senators given under 60 minutes to read 1000+ page bill before vote

    Forget Banks - GMOs Are The New "Too Big To Fail' System

    Seattle Sees Unexpected Fallout from $15 Per Hour Min. Wage                      7/27

    U.S. Military Conducted 239 DOCUMENTED Germ Warfare Experiments on Unwitting Citizens in Just 20 Years

    US and NATO Engage in Unprecedented Military Exercises in Europe

    Bill Gates to roll out remote control microchip-based sterilization of women

    Soon you can take selfies from the world’s most expensive satellite — for free     7/25

    John Kerry "Very Disturbed" By Iran Vow To Defy American Policies

    Watch: Former U.S. General Calls For Rounding Up and Interning "Radicalized" and "Disloyal" Americans

    “Global Warming” Expedition Foiled by Record Ice

    DARKer Act Blocks State and Local GMO Safety Rules

    Islamic militants training children as terrorists in Democratic Republic of Congo

    Americans Are Fleeing These US Cities In Droves                          7/23

    UN backs Iran deal, infuriating lawmakers from both parties

    The Greek Economy Is Finished! A Quarter Of Firms Shifting Abroad

    Anti-Migrant Sentiment on the Rise Across Europe

    Vaccines: An Ideal Covert Op to Genetically Re-Engineer Humans

    The President Of France Wants Eurozone Members To Transfer Their Sovereignty To A United States Of Europe                   7/21

    New brain implants are so microscopic, you won't even know that you've been implanted

    Facebook Censors Post Revealing Secret Bill to Ban GMO Labeling

    Martin Armstrong: "Those In Power Will Risk War And Civil Unrest To Preserve It"

    STACKING THE DECK: Monsanto to summon its own panel of corrupt scientists to counter the WHO's decision on glyphosate and cancer

    Nobel Prize-Winning Physicist: Obama is ‘Dead Wrong’ on Global Warming

    Does Seattle’s Trash Monitoring Violate Privacy Rights?               7/18

    Rice: We ‘Expect’ Iran Will Spend Some Money from Nuke Deal on Military… Maybe on Terror

    Russia says NO to GMO seeds; aims for food supply that's 'cleanest in the world'

    Gov’t Predicts 1.24M More Immigrants to Enter USA in 2015

    NOAA: Record 117-Month Major Hurricane Drought Continues

    Senator Pan caught lying about vaccine ingredients after taking bribes to push mandatory vaccination bill          7/16

    Pentagon Concludes America Not Safe Unless It Conquers The World - Paul Craig Roberts

    Top 5 Chemical Weapon Tests The British Conducted On Their Own People

    Dangerous new vaccine legislation pushed by the United States federal government

    Parents of Children Murdered by Illegal Immigrants: Gov’t ‘Abhorrent,’ Softer on Illegals Than Citizens                        7/11

    Is This What The First World Cyber War Looks Like: Global Real Time Cyber Attack Map

    Farage Rocks EU Parliament: Tells Tsipras – ‘Leave the Euro, Reclaim Your Democracy’

    The Gun Used in SF Shooting by Illegal Immigrant Belonged to a Federal Agent

    Holder Triumphantly Returns To Law Firm That Lobbies For Banks                    7/9

    US Preparing Coup to Prevent Greece from Falling Under Russian Influence

    London is now the global money-laundering centre for the drug trade, says crime expert

    Murderer Says He Chose San Francisco Because It Is A ‘Sanctuary City’

    STATS: Mainstream Media Devotes FIVE TIMES More Time To Confederate Flag Flap Than To ISIS Threat

    SOPA takes new form: Say NO to ICANN proposal that threatens to eliminate online privacy rights

    EU Security Head: “Political Islam” is the Future of Europe                         7/7

    Truth is a Crime Against The State - Paul Craig Roberts

    Economist: Troika Planning to Rig Greek Referendum

    New paper shows N. Greenland was warmer during early 20th century (1920-1940) & during Medieval Warm Period

    General Secretary of Communist Vietnam Invited to White House

    VA Still “Dysfunctional” with “Unaccountability at Every Level” Say Insiders Caught on Hidden Cam                      7/4

    US blocks attempts by Arab allies to fly heavy weapons directly to Kurds to fight Islamic State

    DOJ: Students' Gender Identity Determines Restroom Use

    Musk-Backed Group Probes Risks Behind Artificial Intelligence

    Disabled Vet Faces Life In Prison for Treating PTSD with Pot                   7/2

    ISIS Burns CIA Opium Fields in Afghanistan

    USA admits 100,000 Muslim immigrants every year

    Obama Removes TPP’s Anti-Slavery Clause, Then Attacks Confederate Flag as “Symbol of Slavery”

    FCC Commissioner: Internet Access Is Not a ‘Basic Human Right’

    MAG: This Is What WWIII Will Look Like       7/1

    The NATO Buildup On Russia's Border - Groundless Pretext For Cold War Revival

    The Coming Muslim Conquest of Italy

    White Americans bigger terror threat than Islamic extremists – study  ??

    Fraudulent Big Pharma science leads to half a million psych drug deaths every year 

    Iraq Residents: ‘We Know America is Providing ISIS with Weapons & Food’

    NOAA Says It’s a Record: No Major Hurricane Has Struck U.S. Mainland in 10 Years

    The Secret Meeting to Destroy America

    Newspaper editorial page bans op-eds opposing gay marriage

    White House Tells Doctors To Warn About 'Global Warming'

    What's Really Going On At Fukushima?      6/27

    ISIS Crucifies Two Boys for Not Fasting on Ramadan

    US Will Permanently Position Heavy Weapons On Russian Border

    Eavesdropping tool installed on computers without permission

    Khamenei rules out freezing Iran's sensitive nuclear work

    New Pentagon Manual Declares Journalists Can be Enemy Combatants

    PAPER: WHOLE FOODS under investigation in NYC for 'worst case of overcharges'          6/24

    NATO Heavy Weapons Fueling World War III

    FINAL WARNING: Sessions Pens Obamatrade Letter To All Senate Republicans...

    Ukraine’s President Poroshenko Admits Overthrow Of Yanukovych Was A Coup     6/23

    Former covert officer for the CIA, Sterling told the Truth and Lost Everything

    ICE Director says no one fired for releasing 65,000 criminal aliens onto streets

    Illegal Alien Rapists, Child Molesters Freed in U.S. Instead of Deported

    Mexico Deports More Immigrants Back to Central America than the U.S. Does

    28 Pages That Will Change the World

    Disgraced, Demoted Pathological Liar To Collect $10 Million At MSNBC

    Every Mass Shooting Shares One Thing In Common & It’s NOT Weapons

    The Last Rebels: 25 Things We Did As Kids That Would Get Someone Arrested Today

    Biohackers: “Future generations are going to grow up tinkering not with computers, but with life itself”                         6/20

    Obamatrade resurrected by Republicans

    UN peacekeepers exploit women and children for sex

    House panel advances rider to block Internet rules

    Global Peace Index: ‘World Less Peaceful Than in 2008′                        6/18

    Magna Carta Turns 800 Years Old

    The Telegraph: Perhaps the world's conspiracy theorists have been right all along ... today's conspiracy theories are tomorrow's headlines!

    TPP ... Deal Enters USA into ‘New Trans-National Union’

    Organic industry in shock as Whole Foods pushes new rating system that promotes chemical agriculture as better than organic

    Hillary Hides Behind Obamatrade Secrecy  6/16

    Bilderberg in Austria: The True Epicenter of Globalist Power


    House Kills Fast-Track Of Obamatrade After Pelosi-Led Democrat Rebellion

    U.S., Russian aircraft came within 10 feet over Black Sea

    US Government Admits 2nd "Chinese" Cyberhack Exposed Military Intel

    The State of Solar Power

    African-American community rages against SB277 and the Tuskegee-like crimes of mandatory vaccines that destroy black babies' lives                               6/13

    World Bank Whistleblower Writes to Bilderberg Steering Committee

    Exclusive — Obamatrade Support Falling Apart In House Despite Leadership Push; 123 Against, and Counting

    TPP: The Unraveling Begins

    Conventional doctors push trackable microchip implants to avoid having to provide manual health care

    Hospitals Are Blatantly Ripping Us Off

    ‘Syrian rebels’ seize largest army base in Deraa

    Republicans Laugh Off Obama’s Push for International Authority                 6/10

    Bilderberg 2015: The True Monsters Revealed

    Trade agreements like TiSA, TPP and TTIP will sideline national laws, Wikileaks says

    Similarities with European Union

    The Slide Toward “Velvet Glove” Fascism Continues

    GM salmon susceptible to disease, slow growth, GMO scientists alarmed that biotech is unpredictable

    China builds database on Americans

    95% of bombs, guns and knives get past airport security while TSA agents grope Americans

    Inside secret world of Russian internet propaganda                   6/7

    Bilderberg 2015 Agenda Revealed

    Report: DHS Released 3,700 ‘Threat Level 1’ Criminal Immigrants Last Year

    Obama administration criticized for delay in filling watchdog jobs in government

    Harvard, Syracuse Researchers Caught Lying to Boost Obama Climate Rules

    UN Climate Regime Must Bypass U.S. Congress, French Govt Says

    NOAA Fiddles With Climate Data To Erase 15-Year Global Warming 'Hiatus'             6/5

    USA plan to cede Internet control on track

    FBI Spying Program Uncovered By 23-Year-Old Independent Journalist

    UK media suddenly covering all the vaccine injury stories the U.S. pharma-corrupted media pretends never happened

    Systemic Corruption Has Destroyed America

    NUKE DUPE: Iran continuing work on missiles

    Military 'urban' training startles MI residents

    Open Our Border, Then Collect Everyone’s Phone Records?

    Science Org with 51,000+ Members No Longer Calls Climate Change ‘Incontrovertible’      6/4

    ‘Ferguson Effect': New Crime Wave Hits Democrat-Run Cities

    America's Biggest Secret: Wikileaks Is Raising A $100,000 Reward For Leaks Of The TPP

    Feds Lost Track of Foreign Nationals Released into U.S. on Intensive Supervision Program

    Terrible News For Climate Catastrophists: The Sahara is Getting Greener

    SENATOR: Prosecute 'Global Warming' Skeptics

    Govt Wipes Recent Vaccine Injury Data from Website           6/3

    NSA Loses Authority to Collect Phone Records as Senate Adjourns

    This Is How Little It Cost Goldman To Bribe America's Senators To Fast Track Obama's TPP Bill

    ‘The Ferguson Effect': America’s New Crime Wave Is All Part of the Plan

    Massive Dirty Bomb Exercise Set For June: “We Are Clearly Seeing An Undeniable Buildup To A So Far Unknown Event”

    Obama’s DOJ To Circumvent Congress With ‘More Than A Dozen’ New Gun Controls     6/1

    Senior NATO Official: “We’ll Probably be at War This Summer”

    UK: Elderly face medical discrimination under new UN death targets

    Emergency Powers Give Barack Obama Authority Over Just About Everything During A Major National Crisis

    China tells workplaces they must have Communist Party units                   5/31

    Why the Elite Wants to Create More Social Disorder

    State Dept. 92 Days Past Legal Deadline for Releasing Human Rights Reports on Iran/TPP Nations

    UK Government Goes Full Orwell: Snooper’s Charter, Encryption Backdoors, Free Speech Suppression

    Rand Paul: ‘Hawks’ in GOP Created ISIS      5/29

    President Obama’s legacy is increasingly in legal jeopardy

    World Trade Organization to force Taiwanese citizens to eat radioactive food from Fukushima


    Hillary Clinton's State Department Approved $165 Billion In Arms Deals To Clinton Foundation Donors

    Public university paid Clinton Foundation $500,000 to host event

    Self-parking car ploughs into journalists

    3.2 Billion Internet Users                    5/27

    “War is just a Racket”: Memorial Day Is A Hoax. “Our Soldiers Died for the Profits of the Bankers”    
    By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

    Special Report: TPP Gives Obama Power To Destroy America

    Matt Drudge Slams Boehner for Promising to Pass Obamatrade: ‘Clearly Treason’

    Secret Pentagon Report Reveals US "Created" ISIS As A "Tool" To Overthrow Syria's President Assad

    Defense chief: Iraqis showed no will to fight at Ramadi

    Green Activists Explain How To Brainwash Children With Climate Pornography       5/25

    George Soros: “We are on the Threshold of a Third World War”

    Top Aide’s Pre-Benghazi Email: Hillary Clinton Had ‘Leadership/Ownership/Stewardship of This Country’s Libya Policy From Start to Finish’

    Vaccines suppress your brain! Vaccine-Induced Brain Damage Syndrome (VIBDS) mirrors cognitive impairment caused by chemotherapy (Chemo Brain)

    In reversal, U.S. official admits Iraq troops reeling from Islamic State offensive

    Democracy Under Fire: Troika Looks To Force Greek Political "Reshuffle"

    Portugal's "Left-Wing" Forces Threaten Troika Revolt

    WIFI 'MAKING PEOPLE SICK'             5/22

    Bride of Frankenfood: Hillary Clinton pushes GMO agenda... hires Monsanto lobbyist... takes huge dollars from Monsanto

    DISNEY Worker Details Humiliation of Training His Foreign Replacement

    1,773,000: Homeschooled Children Up 61.8% in 10 Years

    Five pieces of evidence suggesting that California drought may be a HAARP-manufactured event

    Oregon to test pay-per-mile tax               5/21

    Report: Jeb’s Education Company Paid Hillary $225K for Speech

    Pentagon Admits Preparing for Mass Civil Breakdown, Joint Drills Raise Concern

    Bee colony die-off - 40 percent fewer honeybee colonies in U.S. than last year


    Bride of Frankenfood: Hillary Clinton pushes GMO agenda... hires Monsanto lobbyist... takes huge dollars from Monsanto           5/19

    UK PM David Cameron Proclaims: It’s Not Enough To Follow The Law, You Must Love Big Brother

    40 Volcanoes Are Erupting Right Now, And 34 Of Them Are Along The Ring Of Fire

    Central Planning Goes Global As UN Unveils Major Sustainable Development Agenda "For The Good Of The Planet"

    How Far Will The Establishment Go To Prop Up Support For Its Many Wars And Make Average Americans Believe We Are Overseas Fighting For ‘Freedom’?

    Inside the Homeland Security crackdown on deluxe services helping Chinese women have American babies

    We present to you the likely winner of the next election

    Obama Rips Fox: ‘We’re Going to Have to Change How the Media Reports’          5/17

    Republicans go full Pelosi in shameless push to pass ultra-secret TPP trade deal so we can all find out what's in it

    Exclusive — Sen. Rand Paul Visits Secret Room To Read Obamatrade, Calls For Public Release Of Deal Text

    Google lets you download your entire search history - So yes, they're monitoring and archiving our data                    5/14

    Whistleblowers Soar To Record Levels Under Obama; Being Punished For Speaking Out

    DOE Secretary Backs Public Boarding Schools: 'Certain Kids We Should Have 24/7'

    Demographic Devastation: Italy's Birth Rate Drops To 150 Year Low

    The Pentagon paid 14 NFL teams $5.4 million to 'salute troops'

    Depopulation test run? 75% of children who received vaccines in Mexican town now dead or hospitalized

    Musk fears GOOGLE robot army could destroy humanity                                 5/13

    A Multinational Trojan Horse: The Trans-Pacific Partnership

    Master the Human Domain: The Domestic Plan Behind Jade Helm

    Isolated? China & Russia Celebrate Victory Day Together, Obama Absent

    Monsanto has 'an entire department' to discredit scientists who disagree with industry propaganda, insider reveals

    Free Trade Is Plutocratic Propaganda       5/11

    Microchip implants tracked by GPS 'not far off'

    Confirmed: Jade Helm Is For The American People

    This Boy Wonder Is Building the Conservative in an Illinois Garage   

    Trust in mainstream media plummets: Only 2% of young adults trust the media           5/9

    GOP Rallying to Save Obama’s Secret Trade Deal

    Meet The Patriot Act 2.0


    Appeals court rules NSA's collection of phone records not authorized by 'Patriot Act'

    Google's military robot army soon ready for Terminator assault on humanity

    Chinese Company Moves To Replace 90% Of Its Workforce With Robots

    UN Bans Press from Panel -- on Press Freedom

    Judge: Administration Argued for ‘An Unprecedented Contraction of the Privacy Expectations of All Americans

    MAG: POWERFUL COMPUTERS RESHAPING HUMANITY                          5/8

    Shocking: Martial Law Preparations Confirmed

    US-Dominated NATO Readying for War on Russia?

    FAIL: Only 18% of 8th-Graders Proficient in US History

    Bird Flu Outbreak Worst in U.S. History


    Special Ops Officer Blows Whistle on CIA Funded ISIS Through Swiss Bank Accounts


    Scientist: Humans Are Helping the Planet’s Ecology – Carbon Dioxide Is ‘Very Good’ for Plants, Animals

    TEPCO Admits Fukushima Is Leaking Again – Over 600x ‘Safe’ Radiation Levels

    Clinton Foundation a cesspool of corporate poisoners, junk food companies, and pushers of vaccines and GMOs                    5/5

    NORAD Returns to Cheyenne, Warns of EMP Attack

    Brutal Honesty: This Is The Video About Racism They Don't Want You To See

    Pilots brace for 5-day solar-powered flight from China to Hawaii

    Medical Tyranny: First They Came For The Nurses

    Rural Hospitals Struggle to Stay Open, Adapt to Changes

    Half of Obamacare exchanges financially strapped                  5/2

    Gattaca Is Here: the World’s First Recorded Genetic Modification of a Human Embryo

    Citizens March Against Monsanto

    Citizens March Against Monsanto

    Americans plan huge march against Monsanto even as Congress kowtows to hated corporate leviathan - See more at:

    Americans plan huge march against Monsanto even as Congress kowtows to hated corporate leviathan - See more at:

    A March Against Monsanto on May 23rd

    The Flawed F-35: Why the Pentagon Will Never Shoot It Down

    Funds in Africa, and A Chinese Color War

    The FBI Sent Innocent People To Their Deaths For Decades                     4/30

    Report: Mayor Ordered Police to Stand Down During Baltimore Riots

    CNN Anchor Brooke Baldwin Blames Military Veterans for Baltimore Riots

    Starving sea lions now fight U.S. fishermen for food as West Coast ecosystem collapses

    Marshall Islands Ship Seized by Iranian Navy: USA Receives Distress Call

    Robert Kennedy, Jr. is right about vaccines: A medically induced 'holocaust' is now upon us

    REVEALED: Washington Post Uncovers 1,100 Hidden Foreign ‘Clinton Cash’ Donations   4/29

    Hoax Slayers: Top Scientists to Scrutinise Dodgy Global Warming Data

    Un-Pax Americana: Where One Can Find US Special Ops Around The Globe

    ACLU Fights Democrat Vaccine Mandate Bill in California

    DHS Opening Office In Silicon Valley To More Efficiently Complain To Tech Companies About Encryption

    The Clinton Global 'Graft' Initiative (Summarized In 1 Chart)

    11 Explosive Clinton Cash Facts That The Mainstream Media Confirm are Accurate  4/27

    The Footwear Cadets Were Allegedly Forced to Wear During Political Event March Has Sparked an Uproar

    Paypal Head Wants Brain Chips to Replace Passwords

    FBI admits using faked forensic science to put hundreds of innocent people behind bars (and have some sentenced to death)

    Miami Police to Launch Pre-Crime System

    Pacific Ocean life devastated by Fukushima radiation: Fisheries populations have crashed 91 percent

    Clinton Foundation Spending: ONLY 15% ON CHARITY?

    Clinton Foundation filings INCOMPLETE, LATE, and RIDDLED WITH IMPROPRIETIES      4/24

    Paypal Head Wants Brain Chips to Replace Passwords

    Global Shakedown: ISIS, Ukraine and the 'New Cold War'

    U.S. Blocked Supercomputer Exports in China Tech Feud

    Video: Armed National Guard Troops Conduct Exercise Near Children’s Playground

    American Justice? FBI Lab Overstated 95% Of Forensic Hair Matches (Including 32 Death Sentences)

    Rural counties are fastest growing in USA  4/21

    Global Government Treaty TPP Coming in Days

    Iran marks Army Day with cries of 'Death to Israel, US'

    SHOWDOWN: Iran sending armada of ships towards Yemen

    VANISHING: Japanese population falls to 15-year low

    MIT Doctor Links Glyphosate to Autism Spike - Dr. Stephanie Seneff         

    Former TSA Screener: Groping Was 'Just A Game'

    Congress Is Trying To Reauthorize Key Patriot Act Provisions by Sneaking it Into 'USA Freedom Act'

    Brain-Damaged Victims of Swine Flu Vaccine Win $63 Million Lawsuit                    4/19

    Mosque Found Near Reported ISIS Base

    Conspiracy Theorists, Bloggers Compared To ISIS During Congressional Hearing

    Holder’s Gun Ban List Targets Veterans

    Groping Scandal is Business as Usual

    Military Bulletin Labels Patriot Groups, Militia ‘Domestic Terrorists’

    Saudi-Iran Rivalry Deepens in Battle for Middle East

    FBI Holds 'Special' Meeting In Juárez To Address ISIS On Border

    Total abandonment of medical ethics: Vaccine-pushing doctors announce they will refuse to treat anti-vaccine parents

    ISIS Has Camps On The U.S. Border, But Obama Says ‘Right-Wing Extremists’ Are The Greatest Terror Threat

    DHS to Purchase 62 Million More Rounds of AR-15 Ammo

    74,608 pages in federal tax code

    French government begins shutting down websites with unpopular political views; Net Neutrality widens door to censorship in US

    Egypt is accusing Turkey of providing more than 10,000 Turkish passports to members of ISIS, the Islamic State, to facilitate travel of fighters across the region

    Google Slapped With Antitrust Charges in EU

    EXCLUSIVE: Campaign staff recruited and DROVE 'everyday' Iowans to Hillary's first campaign stop

    ISIS Camp a Few Miles from Texas, Mexican Authorities Confirm

    VIDEO: Obama Admits Noted Communist “Schooled” Him on White Racism

    Wristbands for mentally ill: Tory candidate sparks fury from disability campaigners

    Patriot Groups to Launch ‘Counter Jade Helm’ Operation

    Large scale WMD drills hosted throughout Iowa

    U.K. paratroopers, U.S. Marines in huge jump over NC                      4/15

    IBM teams with APPLE on artificial intelligence health program

    Crime drops 61 percent after town switches to private policing; free market law enforcement rising in US

    The Power of Lies — Paul Craig Roberts

    Global nuclear industry experiencing a "renaissance" as radioactive waste fills the Pacific Ocean

    The FBI Is Using "Aggressive Deception" To Cover Up Saudi Links To 9/11 Attack     4/14

    The Truth Behind the Boston Marathon Bombing Trial

    Website chronicles China's massive effort to control online content

    America's Intervention Legacy: "Iraq Is Finished"

    GMO Lies: Study Shows How Pesticide Use Soars with more GMO Crops And it is killing the pollinators

    CDC: U.S. Heroin Deaths Nearly Tripled in 3 Years; WH: Mexico ‘Primary Supplier’ 

    Afghan opium crop set for record high - The Guardian

    Kremlin Spokesman: Russia Didn’t Carry Out White House Computer Hack

    Vaccine Culture War Myths Dismantled

    Big Pharma's exorbitant cancer drug prices are due to corrupt monopolies, not development costs, study shows

    How plumbing (not vaccines) eradicated disease

    China's nuclear missile subs 'threaten USA'

    USA Today: U.S. Government Tracked Billions of American Phone Calls BEFORE 9/11

    USA aerospace command moving comms gear back to Cold War bunker

    Video: UN Climate Change Official Says “We Should Make Every Effort” To Depopulate The Planet

    Iran Enters Hornets Nest: Parks Two Warships Off Yemen Coast Immediately Next To Two US Aircraft Carriers                             4/8

    Iran Framework Deal: Greatest Political Hoax Ever?

    Ron Paul explains CFR – North American Union – Threat to US Constitution

    FBI halts terror plot dreamed up by the FBI, then claims victory against terrorism

    No One Fired After Rolling Stone’s Colossal Rape Debacle

    Reporter Apologizes to Everyone — Except the Falsely Accused!

    Google Patents Directed Energy Nanoparticle Wearable Device                        4/6

    U.S. General Proves We’re Running The Ukranian Army

    'It doesn't appear as if Iran agreed to do anything specific'

    HIDDEN CAM: Gay Wedding Cakes at Muslim Bakeries?

    Johns Hopkins Univ. Faces $1 Billion Lawsuit Over STD Study

    Chaos In Yemen: Chinese Troops Arrive As US-Armed Rebels Set Sights On Central Bank

    Victim of Castro Round-ups ‘Worried Immensely’ About Jade Helm         4/3

    Russian Analyst Calls For Nuclear Attack on Yellowstone National Park

    More Tough Times For the Church of Global Warming

    New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez indicted on corruption charges

    3 in 4 Refugees On Food Stamps, Many Using Other Forms Of Public Assistance

    Military Historian on Iran Deal: ‘Would Be Seen as Stunning Capitulation'

    How Big Business Is Helping Expand NSA Surveillance, Snowden Be Damned       4/2

    Floridians Speak Out Against Video Showing Practicing Internment of Citizens

    Half of students in some CO schools from non-English speaking homes

    Google’s War Against Alternative Media

    Government directly admits vaccines cause injury and death in table published by HHS    

    Vaccines ... Cancer in a Syringe!

    Big Brother Is Here: Facebook Reveals Its Master Plan - Control All News Flow      3/31

    Beyond Denial: Preparations for Martial Law in America

    Another Iran Concession: White House to Allow Nuclear Centrifuges In Fortified Underground Bunkers

    Russia Has Constructed Massive Underground Shelters In Anticipation Of Nuclear War

    The Wahhabis’ War On Yemen

    10 Countries Unite to Fight Iran-Backed Rebels in Yemen

    New GMO vaccines alter human DNA to produce artificial immunity

    Where Are They Now? The Fate of Bowe Bergdahl’s Taliban Five                 3/28


    Entire Federal Martial Law Plan Exposed

    U.S., Chinese governments fight to take over internet, stepping up censorship and government control

    Government Report Finds DEA Agents Had "Sex Parties" With Prostitutes Hired By Drug Cartels

    Corporations Have Us Under Mass Surveillance

    Globalist Wars Killed Over 2 Million People in Last Decade

    Why more Universities could close in the coming years                3/27

    ARMY and MSM Launch DisInfo Psyop Against American People

    US House Votes 348-48 To Arm Ukraine, Russia Warns Lethal Aid Will "Explode The Whole Situation"

    33 Strange Facts About America That Most Americans Would Be Shocked To Learn

    FEMA To Withhold Disaster Aid To “Climate Denying” States

    FORD's new car will 'force you to obey speed limit'

    reporters reportedly gave Hillary Clinton a standing ovation after she joked about her private email scandal and took no questions from the press–at an event honoring excellence in journalism                          3/25

    Fighting The “War on Terror” By Banning Cash

    IBM to share technology with China in strategy shift: CEO

    Boeing patents 'Star Wars'-style force fields

    Congress is considering new immigration laws that would flood the U.S. with “guest workers” from the Middle East and Asia

    Are smartphones making our children mentally ill?                    3/24

    Obama Missing Nuke Now Part of Election Debate

    Small-town America 'struggling to cope' with wave of new immigrants

    Illegals skipping deportation hearings spikes 153%

    Illegal With Drug Charges Got DACA Amnesty Before Allegedly Murdering Three

    How Much Time Do Americans Spend Plugged Into The Matrix Every Day?

    Genome-Altering Scientific Breakthrough Ignites Ethics Debate

    CONFUSION: 80,000 ObamaCare tax forms on hold

    5th anniversary of law              3/23

    SOCOM Plan to Invade ‘Hostile’ Texas Revealed

    ICE: 167,527 Criminal Aliens Loose in U.S.A.

    GREENPEACE Co-Founder: 'Why I'm a Climate Skeptic'

    New Climate Paper Gives Global Warming Alarmists ‘One Helluva Beating’

    Soros-funded Media Matters Attacks O’Reilly for Exposing “Puppet Master” George Soros

    Judge orders release of detainee abuse photos

    Abu Ghraib horrors

    MIT doctor reveals link between glyphosate, GMOs and the autism epidemic

    NY School Says Pledge in Arabic          3/21

    Robert Reich: In our horrifying future, very few people will have work or make money

    Improper Medicare-Medicaid Payments Up 20%; $77.4B in FY14

    Landslide: With 99% of Ballots Counted, Netanyahu Will Coast to Victory

    313 Page FCC Internet Confiscation Released. Soros mentioned 46 times!

    Is Geo-Engineering transforming Earth and killing its inhabitants?

    Afghan Villagers: US-Trained Militias Far More Terrifying than Taliban

    Apple Is Out to Blow Up the Cable TV Model

    Professors: Proposed Guest Worker Bills Would Surrender sovereignty unto Foreigners, Colleges                       3/19

    FCC watchdog investigating Internet rules

    U.S. Weapons Worth $500 Million Vanish in Yemen

    GMO imperialism: Bill Gates and biotech industry are forcing unwilling African countries to accept costly, untested GMOs

    State Dept. Finally Admits: No Record Hillary Clinton Signed Standard Exit Form!

    The Wolf Is Guarding the Hen House: The Government’s War on Cyberterrorism

    Why is Oprah's magazine running Monsanto ads?

    It’s Official: Americans R Stupid

    Vladimir Putin says Russia was preparing to use nuclear weapons ‘if necessary’

    Democrats Side with Tom Cotton on Iran Nuclear Deal While Trash-Talking His Letter

    Race And The American Millennial’s Brain Rot

    Ex-US General Defends His “Sanctions Don’t Work, Start Killing Russians” Comment

    ‘Free’ Health Care for Illegal Aliens… If You Give Handouts, The Third World Will Come!

    LT GOVERNOR: HOLDER INCITED MOB MANY TIMES                    3/16

    FCC to Seize Entire Internet, Cable Spectrum Under 400-Page “Rules”

    Sharyl Atkisson Slams Obama’s Media Gatekeepers

    The Orwellian Re-Branding of ‘Mass Surveillance’ as Merely ‘Bulk Collection’

    Iraqi Forces Have ISIS on the Run in Tikrit

    'Formula E' electric car race makes a quiet buzz

    Missing Hillary Clinton Form Could Lead to Second Clinton Perjury Scandal  

    Former President Bill Clinton has received nearly $16 million in taxpayer funds since leaving the White House

    Russia & China Ramp Up Global Currency War

    IMF approves $17.5 billion loan for Ukraine

    COVER-UP: US Navy sailors disappear as government, doctors bury truth about Fukushima radiation

    Syrian rights group says U.S., allies have ‘killed more than 100’ civilians in airstrikes

    Food Stamp Beneficiaries Exceed 46,000,000 for 40 Straight Months

    Chemtrail Crimes: Human Hybridization and Aerial Vaccinations

    FDA refuses to label GMOs despite Americans' overwhelming support for labeling         3/12

    Corporate Media Ignores Report of U.S. and Israeli Operatives Arrested Aiding ISIS     3/10

    "There Are Huge Gaps" In Clinton's Email Release, Benghazi Probe Chief Blasts

    Same delusional people who say vaccines are safe also insist GMOs, glyphosate, aspartame, mercury and radiation are safe, too       3/10

    Companies begin planting microchips under employees' skin

    Fresh call for creation of EU army

    Congress Stands Up to FCC Power Grab With Bill

    ISIS Hangs Eight in Gruesome Display Before Entrance to Iraqi City               

    Inuit Elders tell NASA Earth Axis Shifted


    NJ cops bust teenagers shoveling snow without a permit

    Fox News host calls for 'Big Brother' to enforce vaccination schedules 

    GMOs impact health of consumers, short-term trial shows; industry attempts to spin results, silence debate

    Benjamin Netanyahu in 2002 – “If You Take Out Saddam, I Guarantee, It Will Have Enormous Positive Reverberations on the Region”

    CNN now pushing the very same North American union it once decried as a conspiracy theory