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Former Insider Reveals Big Oil’s End Game         Excerpts from Energy Non-Crisis     6/12/12

Existing Home Sales in U.S. Fall More Than Estimated to 4.57 Million Rate

IMF Says Global Recession Will Be Deeper, Recovery Slower Than Estimated

Merkel Rejects Expanding German Stimulus Program; Economic Data Worsens...  4/23/09

China Slows Purchases of U.S. and Other Bonds  4/13

Geithner, Paulson named in $200 billion lawsuit          --WND Exclusive--

The Great Geithner Coverup

2 more banks fail, lifting this year's tally to 23  4/11

Fed Said to Order Banks to Stay Mum on ‘Stress Test’ Results

Social security's surplus disappearing fast in downturn   4/10

Obama Stakes His Fortunes on Failed Banksters: Jonathan Weil


Larry Summers, Tim Geithner and Wall Street’s ownership of government

Ireland to Take Control of Toxic Property Loans as `Celtic Tiger' Falters


Europe's Recession Deepens More Than Estimated on Investment, Consumption


Mortgage delinquencies soar

BMW March Vehicle Sales Fall 17%, Led by Slide in U.S., Weaker Mini Demand 4/7

Bill Moyers on the Bankster Economic Crisis

Mayo Says Loan Losses at Banks Will Exceed Levels Seen in Great Depression

Americans Feel 15.6% Unemployment as Underemployment Surges   4/6

Obama Maintains Control Over Banks By Refusing To Accept Repayment Of TARP Money

Shrinking airlines park more planes in the desert   4/4

G-20 Shapes New World Order With Lesser Role for U.S., Markets

Bankruptcy Filings by Businesses Increase 78% in First Quarter

Meltdown 101: What G-20 leaders said -- and meant

Jobless rate bolts to 8.5 percent, highest since 1983           4/3

Bank of China drops Rothschild bid

China Boosting Yuan for Swap Lines, Store Payments as Dollar Concern Grows

New jobless claims jump, factory orders up    4/2

U.S. private sector axes 742,000 jobs in March

Bank Loans Fell to Record Low Last Quarter Amid Efforts to Unfreeze Credit

Financial Rescue Nears GDP as Pledges Top $12.8 Trillion (Update1)

U.S. ISM Manufacturing Index Contracts for 14th Month

Construction spending falls for 5th straight month

Manufacturing index shows contraction in March   4/1


`Lehman Shock' Fuels New Homeless Wave in Osaka as Factory Jobs Evaporate

Cities Collapsing throughout the USA

Russia to insist on new global currency   4/1

Boston's tallest skyscraper sells in bargain basement

U.S. home prices drop record 19 percent        3/31

Obama’s Latest No Banker Left Behind Scheme      3/28

Goldman Sachs's Abby Cohen Predicts There Will Be More Bad News From Banks

Obama Seeks Support From JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup on Bank Plan


Two-Faced Geithner Assures CFR Puppet Masters He’s “Open” To Global Currency

Is the Bailout Plan Breeding a Greater Crisis?   Dr. Paul Craig Roberts  3/26

President, Dodd each collected more than $100,000

California Home Prices Sank 41 Percent in February as Foreclosures Surged

Senator Sanders Blocking Another Obama Goldman Sachs Nomination

Schwarzenegger Opens Up Fairgrounds to Residents of Tent City 3/25

Stiglitz: Geithner Plan Will Rob US Taxpayers

Geithner Grilled on Goldman Sachs Connections

“This Country Will Go Bankrupt”

Japan auto sales forecast to hit 32-year low

Follow the Bailout Cash   3/24

Defaulting Skyscrapers Hit U.S. Banks as Disappearing Jobs Boost Vacancies

Existing-Home Sales in U.S. Unexpectedly Rise as Foreclosures Lure Buyers

China Voices Support For New Global Currency To Replace Dollar  3/23

Dollar Posts Largest Weekly Drop Since 1985   3/21

Launching Lifeboats Before the Ship Sinks  by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

World economy to shrink 'for first time in 60 yrs'

US deficit forecast to hit $1.8 trillion this year   3/20

U.N. panel: ditch the dollar

FDIC: we can't run out of money

Dollar Plunges After Fed Announcement    3/19

U.K. Unemployment Rises to 1.39 Million, Rate Jumps at Fastest Since 1971  3/18

Banker Giveaway Goes Global

The Size of Derivatives Bubble = $190K Per Person on Planet

AIG Bailout Went to European Banks

Depression fears rise

Stimulus plan: Spend now, details later (promise)  3/17

Ron Paul: Culprits Of Financial Collapse Should Be Arrested

China urges U.S. to safeguard its assets

Goldman Cuts 2009 Global Economic Growth Forecast, Predicts 1% Contraction   3/13

Nobel-prize winner backs one world currency

Fed reports record fall in household net worth   3/12

Budget deficit reaches record $765B in 5 months

German Manufacturing Orders Collapse as Global Recession Erodes Exports

The Exodus Has Begun on Wall Street

Global Confidence Drops as Economies Contract, More Companies Need Rescue

4 states see double-digit jobless rates in Jan  3/11

Failure of Wall Street Auction-Rate Bonds Means $211 Million Taxpayer Bill   3/10

Depression Dynamic Ensues as Markets Revisit 1930s

SHOCK: World Financial Assets Lost $50 Trillion in 2008

World Bank: economy is worst since Great Depression

Russia backs return to Gold Standard

Buffett Says U.S. Economy Has `Fallen Off a Cliff' as Berkshire Units Hurt   3/9

Obamavilles In America

World's biggest banks to meet in London...  3/8



Senator Bernie Sanders Slams Fed Boss Ben Bernanke

Fed Refuses to Release Bank Lending Data, Insists on Secrecy

FDIC: Insurance Fund Could Be Insolvent This Year

SPIN METER: Both parties deny it's their economy 3/5

Mortgage Delinquencies in U.S. Increase to Record as Homeowners Lose Jobs

Expert expects global currency

Senator to Bernanke: Who got the 2.2 trillion?      3/4
'They took the money but they don't want to be public ... that they received it'

U.S. private sector cuts 697,000 jobs in February

Celente: U.S. Has Entered “The Greatest Depression”

Banks Use Your Bailout Funds As “MOB” Tax Havens

'Get rid of Federal Reserve'

Pending home sales fell 7.7 pct to new low in Jan.

Hidden Pension Fiasco May Foment Another $1 Trillion Bailout by Taxpayers

Madoff seeks to keep NYC penthouse, $62M in assets...

Ford's February U.S. Sales Drop 48%, Nissan Falls 37% as Demand Evaporates  3/3

Gold Industry Officials Warn Of Depression, Expect Major Economies To Boost Reserves

How the crash will reshape U.S.

France hit by new wave of nationwide protests  3/19

IMF poised to print billions of dollars

Russia proposes creation of global super-reserve currency

Cuomo: AIG bonuses spawned 73 millionaires in 2008

Stocks Drop Worldwide, Treasuries Gain on Concern Economies Are Worsening

Manufacturing in U.S. Shrinks for 13th Straight Month on Collapsing Sales

Paper: Army Prepared For Economic Riots On UK Streets

The U.S. Economy: Designed to Fail

GM, Chrysler May Report Sales So Low That Recovery Is 'Difficult to See'   3/2

Kudlow: Obama Declares War on Investors, Entrepreneurs, Businesses, And More

Bankers: Stop trashing us

U.S. consumers' mood sours in February: survey-

CNBC Analyst: Global Bank, Global Currency Within 15 Years

Consumer Sentiment in U.S. Declines as Job Losses Mount, Home Values Fall

Who Really Owns the Federal Reserve Bank anyway?

Merkel, EU reject bailout for eastern Europe   3/1

Berkshire reports a 96 percent drop in 4Q profit   2/28

Europe's Monetary Union Is About to Fall Apart, Subprime Bear Hayman Says

U.S. Economy Shrank 6.2% in Fourth Quarter, Weakest Performance Since 1982  2/27

53% Say It’s Likely the U.S. Will Enter a Depression Similar to 1930’s

Bank of England: ‘Impossible to say’ how much money bankers need


Wall Street Banks Vacate Skyscrapers, Pushing Empty Office Space to Record

Financial crisis sparks unrest in Europe

Outside buyers drawn to Detroit's foreclosed homes   3/9

Food stamp enrollment jumps to record 31.8 million    3/6

JPMorgan Derivatives Group Earned $5 Billion in Wall Street's Worst Year

Depression-era cooking  2/27

Chinese Scoop Up SoCal Foreclosures...

Economy Booms in the District of Criminals

Jobless ex-con asks for more prison time

'Hard choices' budget sees $1.75 trillion deficit

667K new jobless claims; continuing claims top 5M

New-Home Sales Tumble to Record Low Pace 2/26

FACT CHECK: Obama's words on home aid ring hollow

How the Economy was Lost 2/25

Consumer Confidence in U.S. Collapses to Record Low as Job Losses Mount

Bank profits plunge 84 percent in 4Q



Obama: Fed did 'fine job' after crisis started

In America, Speaking the Truth is a Career-Ending Event Paul Craig Roberts

Too many humans?           Bank of China drops Rothschild bid

Social security's surplus disappearing fast in downturn      Rove: Biden a 'blowhard' and 'liar' 

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