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                             FOOD !!!


 With the warnings of the problems coming, by Joe Biden and Colin Powell and others that there will be a major problem,

event, in the first 6 months of the Obama administration and that we will not like the actions that they will have to take.

Remember that there were major events at the beginning of the last several administrations with the events escalating.

Here is the list,    

                                                  Reagan  ---  his assassination attempt

                                                  Clinton  ----  the first WTC bombing

                                                  Bush jr. ----  September  11th

All happened in the first year of their administrations, so what will happen when Obama takes office? There has been

talk of a bankers holiday where they will close the banks and we will not be able to get our money out, remember how

they are comparing him to FDR. There has also been talk by Obama of expanding the war in Afghanistan and then

expanding into Pakistan which could easily expand into a regional war. This could bring in China and Russia and

expand this into a World War. Also remember that Obama supported the Bankster SELL (bail) OUT which is totally

destroying our economy right in front of our eyes. This is what the international bankers have done around the world

and they are now doing it here. They are openly talking about martial law. If they do what they have done in the past

only on an even bigger scale to bring about the Global Bank which will control the Global Government that they want,

it would be wise to be prepared as much as possible.

                                So why food? 

        Because of the manipulation of our food supplies over the years most of our food is shipped in. Here in Montana

for example, 20 years ago 80% was grown locally, now it is only 20%. The cost of food is rising and staying up. So if

you were to purchase rice or beans which keep for years and are relatively inexpensive you would have something to

eat without relying on the Government. After the shakeup it will take sometime, months and probably into the next

growing season for the markets to stabilize. If nothing happens which is very unlikely you can always eat or give your

excess to the food bank. So no matter what happens you will be better off and can not loose. You may want to do

some research on Memorandum 200, written by Henry Kissinger on how they would use food as a weapon back in

the late 70's. You can also look into other historical examples of food being used to control populations.


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