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Most recent shows;     (Click on link to watch now, if the show doesn't load try the link again until it does )  length is 58 min.

Beyond the Headlines 06-25-2020

Beyond the Headlines  6_18_2020  After my brief intro it is this interview (- 16 Minutes), full interview here;

                                                      Perspectives on the Pandemic The Undercover Epicenter Nurse Episode Nine 

Beyond the Headlines News Apostasy in the World and a 2 year Undercover Investigation into the MPLS Riots They Were Planned     6/13

Special Report Corbett Report's Meet Bill Gates and Michael Matt on the Church  here on youtube; Meet Bill Gates         38   min.    6/6

Special Report Interviews with Judy Mikovitz and Dr. Rashid Buttar    5/28

Special Report  Irish Professor Dolores Cahill on Covid-19         5/21

Special Report Amazing Polly on the Big Picture on Covid-19 & more       5/14

Beyond the Headlines 04-07-2020 A look into the lies and deceit around the Planned Demic, the cures, ecomonics, Geopolotics and more

Covid-19-info-Interview with Dr. Shiva who has 4 degrees from MIT & a Phd      4_30_2020

Beyond the Headlines: Deeper look into current events with integration into the larger picture  4_24_2020

Beyond the Headlines: Interview with Dr. Zelenko and Fake News Example & Cultural Stories and more 04-16-2020

Beyond the Headlines Special Report The Cure & Geopolitics of covid 19 04-09-2020

Beyond the Headlines Special report on the Covid Bioweapon the Apostasy and the Future 04_02_2020

Beyond the Headlines Special Report Smoking Gun Evidence on Covid Bioweapon Development and more 03_26_2020

Beyond the Headlines 3-19-2020

Beyond the Headlines 3-12-2020 a look at our culture and the covid-19 in Prophecy and more   culture, covid 19  update and more

Beyond the Headlines 2-27-2020

Beyond the Headlines 2-20-2020

Special Report CIA whistleblower discusses impeachment, followed by Climate Change Stats, 2 Vatican money corruption stories 10_17_2019

The show has not archived for some reason but this is the bulk of the show about neural implants, This Will Not Make You a Superhero (or a god)

Beyond the Headlines Special Report on Elpaso and Dayton Shootings 8_8_2019

Beyond_the_Headlines, Apostasy, Undercover Google Exposed 8_1_19                                                                

Borderless (2019) | EMERGENCY BACKUP               5_30_2019                                                                

Beyond the Headlines an Interview with Daniel Estulin 1-31 2019

Special Report- State Secrets: Sibel Edmonds Uncovers ‘The Untouchables’        2017_11_23

New: CIA Agent Whistleblower Risks All To Expose The Shadow Government

Easter 2017 Endtime Prophecy Jesus the Eucharist and Miracles                        

An Unholy Alliance: the UN, Soros, and the Francis Papacy - Elizabeth Yore             


Beyond_the_Headlines, Prophecy , Apostasy, Analysis, NWO, War, Economics, Culture and more 17_03_09

This show is these 2 interviews put together for a special report;  Dr. Jerome Corsi Oct. 2016 Corruption, Politics, World Government and more

James O'Keefe Undercover Election Fraud Sting How They Are Doing It October 2016

9 11 Special Report The Experts and Families Speak Out                            

JFK What Really Happened, Liars, Banksters and Spooks                   actual URL>

Daniel Estulin Reveals the Agenda from his sources for the 2014 Bilderberg Meeting

Joel Skousen Anayizes the Geopolitics of the Revolution in the Ukraine                

Special Report WW III, The Signs, Geopolitics and Warnings by Joel Skousen

            a look at admitted weather modification issue

          "Why in the World are They Spraying?" Full Length Documentary HD  


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